Monday, 4 December 2017

Why Do People Fight Back Against The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church?

Today we see another court case where a man has been wronged by a group of people who profess to be a church. A man who has been driven slowly mad by the injustice of their so called justice. He has lost his job, his home, his wife and his children. It is not the first time it has happened. There are sad men like this all over this planet who slowly gave up the will to fight when the last of their resources were exhausted. They then grew old, never seeing their loved ones again, never knowing about, let alone seeing their grandchildren and great grandchildren and the belief systems that put them in this place go on to destroy yet more lives and families with seeming impunity. There are women in the same position too. 

To understand the cruelty of these actions you need to understand the financial might and power of these organisations and the lengths they will go to, to achieve their aims.

"Find out what they value and protect the most - and then threaten them with losing it." 

You may wonder where such an effective strategy might come from, to protect an organisation from losing its adherents, and while it was the Church of Scientology it may as well be the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church or its predecessor the Exclusive Brethren. Because both use exactly the same methodology to keep people in line and subject to their cause. Let doubt or questioning creep into your thinking - dare to doubt the word of our leader and you will lose everything you have and love. Strangely in Australia at very least, they also share the same enablers, the PR spin doctors who seek to sanitize their beliefs and manufacture reasons for their rights to do what they do. It is why you see the glittering websites with happy smiling faces and tales of the sheer happiness and completeness of their Christian or Science-fiction based lives. Two groups of 40-50,000 people who have been allowed to get what they want in life without a Judge standing up and saying NO! Or ENOUGH! 

It is why today my friends, the Brethren and the Scientologists are allowed to destroy families and it is also why they both enjoy the massive benefits of Tax Exemption because they call themselves 'A CHURCH'. Their sense of entitlement and contempt for human rights is simply breathtaking. 

If you want to keep people in a bubble - you must limit their exposure and contact with 'outsiders'. 

In these two racially opposed organisations, we see the identical strict policies and systems of shutting their followers off from the world and from free thinking. Indeed, free thinking is a sin in the Brethren. They don't like people who think too much. They love people who do as they are told. If you let them mix freely with worldly people, other ideas may be absorbed. Special friendships may ensue. Which is why in 1959, the Brethren introduced a new policy of complete separation from the World. No contact meant no influences that might be contrary to their tightening belief system. It is why they don't go to universities anymore. Hot beds of free thought. Cesspools of social engineering. 

This also highlights the dual strategy of a continuous monthly diet of 'ministry', which is designed to keep people's minds on track and in line. Bruce Hales is no different from L. Ron Hubbard, the most prolific of authors, in metering out his pay-as-you-go belief (rules) system and stressing people's adherence to it. 

They love to emphasize the consequences of your non compliance if you dare to try it out- the loveless, homeless, family-less, job-less, asset-less wilderness you will enter. A cold dark place of nothing. And to legitimise it, they also tell you that you are now evil and God-less. An 'Opposer'. A 'Suppresive'. An 'Apostate.'

Christianity in the Brethren involves the constant threat of hell. The constant references to the penalties of non-compliance. Threaten people and they will comply. They then add to this by being made to believe that they are in the only right 'spiritual' or 'aware' place on earth and that all others are in whirlpool of darkness. Which is silly on several levels. 

Which raises the question as to why some choose to fight them. Both of these so called 'churches' are either instigating law suits or responding to them because they like to hurt people. 

They destroy people. When someone is in the midst of having their lives destroyed they want to fight back. They have nothing to lose. They are out of options.

Forget the genuinely evil buggers that inhabit these sorts of cults - indeed who inhabit any walk of life. The rapists. The child molesters. The embezzlers. The wife beaters. The murderers. Both of these organisations, if not all cults, have a small percentage of these creeps as every societal demographic does. 

But they also have their spies and the lovers of disunity, the lovers of finding things out that will hurt people and throw doubt on their existence. They love to periodically delve into people's lives to find something. Anything that will bring them undone. In the Brethren they call these instances 'purges'. In the Church of Scientology they call it an 'audit'. The only people that do not purge are those leaders that are inherently dishonest or the leaders themselves. Their leaders in both instances are bulletproof. Incapable of wrong doing or sin. They even say so. But the rest of them are fair game. And that means they can be undone for a wayward comment or a thought in a heartbeat.

So there you are with your young family, trying to be a good 'Christian' in the remarkably competitive world of the Brethren, when someone decides that you should be taken down. They go after you in a one sided explosion of vindictiveness and anti-Christian activity that results in you being thrown out before you can even utter a squeak in your defense. Your wife has been distanced from you and your kids shuttled to relatives or friends. You are told that if you want to come back you need to 'get right'. While you endeavour to make out the formula of this prescribed 'getting right' procedure, you have also lost your job because they have been clever. You are only allowed to work for 'them' which means they can get rid of you real fast when they no longer want you. 

So now you are living in 'digs' for the first time in your life, with no wife, no kids and no job. At this point they also emphasize that if you do not support your wife and kids, they will hound you through the courts until you do. This generally means that any funds you do have available are handed over as well. 

Then comes the total shutdown. Phone calls are not answered or returned. Visits will see the door shut in your face. Pleas for a reasonable discussion are rejected. You are out. And they have everything that was yours. Your kids are now being told that you are wicked and very probably the devil himself. In more extreme cases they even put private detectives on your tail hoping to find you out with anything they can call a sin. Be seen talking to another woman and you are an adulterer. Be seen in an hotel and you are a drunkard. Be seen at a tourist attraction and you have 'embraced the world'. All of which justifies their 'withdrawal' action in the first place. 

If you find yourself in this 'dark' place, as indeed most of us have, a few things happen to you. There are phases to this type of cruelty. First off you just try to regroup and to survive. It's not an easy process. You are on your own for the first time in your life. Your family wants nothing to do with you. You know very little about the real world which you are now up to your armpits in and you have no friends. You are alone. Which is why many simply commit suicide. Others become severely depressed at the loss of their marriages and their children. Indeed, this is the most impactful of all of the consequences you will endure. It is the cruellest of all punishments. It goes against the most powerful attractions in your life. 

Yet the Brethren metre this sort of treatment out to people and have done so for over 58 years. Fight them and they will roll out a procession of Queen's Counsellors that will make your head spin. They will spend millions through their fighting funds to grind you down to nothing. (Another similarity between the two cults.) And all you will be left with is a legal bill you cannot afford. Many of these men have spent their entire life savings trying to win some sort of custody of their kids. They have won in the past, but by now the children are brainwashed to hate them. So it never happens. 

Then there are those who were thrown out for nothing. They had actually done nothing wrong. They have been placed in this situation by an over-zealous power seeker or someone who is suspicious to their core. If you are a 'Scientologist' or a 'Brethren' this simply does not matter. You are the enemy and they will fight you to the death to prove it. They will destroy you. And yet some still try to win against them. And the courts try to get their head around what it all means. 

And when these sorts 'Churches' win they shout their victories from the rooftops and praise God for his support of their causes. But what they do breaks every rule in the book. Every Christian rule and every human decency. And judges still wrestle with the concept of real truth and justice.

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