Sunday, 3 December 2017

Monday 4th December 2017 in The High Court at The Royal Courts of Justice

I’m to be sentenced tomorrow in Court 8 of the High Court at The Royal Courts of Justice ‪at 1030GMT‬ it’s a public Court and all are welcome.

It’s likely if the applicants Universal Business Team aka The Plymouth Brethren Christian Cult have their way I will be sentenced to 24 months in HMP Pentonville-this will allow me some needed time to finish my book(s)😊

Any small contribution towards my ongoing collossal personal costs (which so far have all been footed by me) would be gratefully received these can be paid directly to my Paypal account which is😊

Here’s a link to costs for Friday


  1. Worry not, Brother. As we speak a 'special'fruit cake is being assembled which will be delivered by drone to said penitentiary and we will have you out before you can say 'John Rich'. :-)

    Keep smiling, it could have been the Tower and a beheading.

  2. All the best Lozzer.
    enjoy the porridge and cold turkey!!!

    1. Who is losing?.Michael Bachelard will now have even more hard evidence of Exclusive Brethren cult atrocity.Hard evidence which also wont ever be able to be suppressed through Brethren cash contracts

      Bumbling Brethren wouldn't have considered that aspect

  3. Christians huh. Having caused the man so much anguish they then go through with this. No one has ever done anything to the Peebs regarding where they live or through contacting them. So vengeance is there's. This alters the game quite a bit. You want to treat people badly while pretending to be Christians - then we shall have to see what people in positions of authority think about this latest action. For a 'christian' outfit they sure like doling out the retribution and the punishment.

  4. 'We are expected to care for those who are receptive to such care in our own
    community, but then also in the wider community (including former Brethren), to the
    best of our abilities and within our resources.' (Gal 6:10, 2 Cor 1:3).

    'No action should be taken in any way to treat vindictively, maliciously or unfairly
    persons whether within or outside the community, including those who were within
    the community and who are leaving or have left the community.'

    'Reasonable steps should also be taken in these
    cases (consistent with and subject to any legal requirements applying to the persons
    involved and the human rights of the persons involved) to allow the continuation of
    family relationships where a family member has left the community, including
    providing access to family members, in particular children'

    'Where persons seek to leave the community,
    reasonable assistance should be afforded to them in terms of support and/or financial
    assistance relating to employment or other matters, where they have been dependent
    on the community for that support.'

    Can you believe Brethren signed this document just three years ago? Clear evidence continues to emerge that they neither had, nor have any intention of abiding by it. The Charity Commission were hoodwinked. We aren't.

  5. Maybe Farrers who assisted the PBCC in drawing up the 2014 Deed of Variation, should be reminded of it's contents?