Thursday, 30 November 2017

We (The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church) are Above The Law and furthermore are The Highest Court in The Land

Rather an ambitious statement don’t you think?

OK, here are nine quotations from EB ministry, all saying that the EB assembly is the highest court in the land (or the universe).

J. Taylor Sr. New Series Vol. 6 page 378

J.T. His body is brought in because Christ is to be expressed, but I think we ought to note the word "assembly". It is a company capable of intelligently giving the mind of God on any question that may arise in the universe. It will be the highest court of appeal in the coming age.

J. Taylor Sr. New Series Vol. 8 page 229

A.N.W. I suppose the assembly is the highest court of appeal in the universe.

J.T. It is morally, the spiritual man knows no other really.

J. Taylor Sr. New Series Vol. 76 page 289

J.McK. The assembly is like the highest court. It is the final matter.

Letters of J. Taylor Sr. Vol. 2 page 234

The judgment of a secular court is not enough to establish righteousness or unrighteousness. The assembly is the highest court morally and the facts of a case should be adjudicated by it and its judgment of a matter within its locality should be accepted by all others unless there is the clearest evidence of wickedness in the proceedings.

J. H. Symington Vol. 104 page 188 (Westfield, March 1982)

I thought these scriptures might afford help to understand assembly administration. The highest court at the present time, I think, is the assembly. As assembly persons, if we are that, matters ought to be resolved in the assembly. We have, of necessity, been brought before judges in other connections. We’ve found the unjust judge. It’s clearly beneath the dignity of brethren to pursue their matters before the unjust judge and not before the assembly. It would be in the area of God’s indirect government, whereas in the assembly it’s the area of His direct government.

B. D. Hales Vol. 6 page 297 (Sydney, 26 June 2002)

But the assembly is the highest court, the assembly has really got the right to pronounce on any matter.

B. D. Hales Vol. 10 page 85 (Melbourne, 13 October 2002)

we don’t need crown prosecutors in the assembly, this is the highest court, this is the highest court. See, that’s what our beloved brother used to labour at

B. D. Hales Vol. 16 page 35 (Sydney, 12 April 2003)

The devil is at our households, trying to get in, he is at us all the time. Whether we can see that if I take measures, whether young persons can see the advantage of taking measures ahead of something disastrous happening. See, some terrible things have happened in these motor vehicle accidents, young brothers getting jail sentences, it's a frightening matter. Our beloved brother [John S Hales] used to tell us, didn't he, he said when you're caught out, he said ignorance is no plea. Can't exactly expect to get mercy in the judicial system. Of course, the assembly is the highest court, so that's a matter that we can take comfort in. It's a very great matter, I think, to know that this place, the assembly, is the highest court. It's the area of God's direct dealings, and it's got the power to overrule other judgements if there's a righteous basis for it. 

B. D. Hales Vol. 32 page 12 (Sydney, 5 September 2004)

Any poor fellow in the dock could appeal to God to come in for him, take up his case. But it’s not a very pleasant experience to appear in the courts of this world, we wouldn’t want any young people to get there. We’ve been enough times there. But to come into the assembly, and get your matters settled here, this is the highest court.


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  1. The fact that they (the PBCC) have had to reverse 100s if not 1000s of assembly judgements the world over is proof that these statements are wrong, and proof too that they know they are wrong.