Thursday, 2 November 2017

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Oxygen & Gentleman’s Shirt Thieves [Shirtlifters]

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church members not only rob the universe of much needed oxygen, but furthermore a certain member namely David James Stacey (of Enfield Safety Supplies) stole shirts from Harrods (a little store in Knightsbridge whilst in their employ) does Mister Bruce David Hales know the sordid details?

If not he might care to question Mister John Terrence Hayes on the said subject.


  1. Were they white ones? If not - he clearly was creating an ambush!Are you suggesting that he stole from the middle eastern gentleman - Mr Al Fayed? In which case - why was he working for a worldly business?

  2. I think you'll find Mr Bruce and Mr Gareth know all about shirtlifters.

    Bend Sherman