Sunday, 19 November 2017

Did or Do the Divinely and Oracularly Inspired Great Leaders of the Hales Exclusive Brethren ever Masturbate or did/do they remain Celebate?



  1. That's the sort of question they ask their own parishioners. How dare you ask these 'pure' men?!

    I don't know if it links in any way, but Darby is apparently the only one without eyesight issues.

    You can bash the congregation, but please refrain from bashing the bishop.

  2. Is there a dietician in the house?

  3. When I was a teenager I was askedIduring a priestly if I had masturbated. I told them that I hadn't.

    I can think of much better answers now, but why on earth would they want to know anyway?

    1. They didn’t want to know. They just wanted to make you feel guilty.

  4. I found it interesting that it was only ever boys and men who were asked by Brethren 'priests' if they had ever masturbated. Do we gather from that that girls/women never do? That it is OK for them to do so? or that most of the Brethren 'priesthood' were homosexual? I certainly knew a few who were. When my 17 year old mate was having a 'priestly', the priest got very emotional and attempted to kiss him! Yes Mr David Woolgar, I'm talking about you.

  5. You may always expect the most virulent homophobes to be repressed homosexuals. Is it not the case that male brethren were all required to greet each other with a kiss? Was this abandoned when it was discovered greetings were taking rather a long time? Perhaps we should be told.

  6. Wouldn't asking a young brother this question be classed as harassment ? Imagine the embarrassment, consternation and possible fear that the young person would experience if questioned in this way. The Hales Exclusives have been asking this since the 1960s and they have shut brothers up for it. An appropriate reply to this impertinence would be a few sharp four letter words. It is all about power, someone extracting information which could be used against you sometime in the future.

  7. I have been told that it's one of the standard questions faced by young men on approaching Hales when seeking his permission to marry. Maybe that's why there are many older single guys in the PBCC who never do? Or are they simply closet homosexuals unable to 'come out'?

  8. Just thinking about any of those gentlemen wanking makes me feel ill!