Saturday, 4 November 2017

Bruce & Dean Hales [Exclusive Brethren Leaders] Continue to Hide Sexual Abuse within the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

Poor Hales & Co. still brush it under the carpet and hide the facts from their cranky congregation....the HellBoundTrain continues apace with the Devil himself as the engineer...

Revoke Charitable Status Globally [or certainly within Commonwealth Countries] ought to be the order of the day for The Prime Minister Theresa May  as this family breaking cult continue to hoodwink society-oh and cost the UK Treasury C.£100million/annum

As a result of their policies I have not seen my own son for 10 years!


A drunkard lay on th bar-room floor

He drank an' dranked till he couldn't drink no more

He went to sleep with a troublin' brain

An' dreamed he was on th hellbound train


The fireman was a crazy tramp

On th headlight was a brimstone lamp

The tank was full of lager beer

An' th Devil, himself, was th engineer


He blowed th whistle an' he rung th bell

The Devil said, boys, the next stop is Hell

All the passengers yelled with pain

And begged th Devil to stop th train


But th Devil laughed at his mission

He hollered an' hollered an' yelled with glee

You have paid your fare, with th rest of th load

Now, you will ride to the end of th road


You have robbed th weak an' wronged th poor

You have turned hungry fellers from your door

You have laid up gold till your purse will burst

You have hurt young girls with your beauty lust


You have mocked at God with your stupid pride

You have wounded an' killed this an' died

You have double crossed an' you state, you belong to me

Now, body an' soul


You have paid your fare at th Shamrock bar

I knew you we'll ride in th Devil's car

An' here one time when you know, lame

I'll carry you all, to th land of fame


Your brains will burn in th flames that burn

You will scream an' scream an' mourn

Then th bar-room door rang with its scream fits

An' th drunkard woke from his fallen dream


Down on his knees on th bar-room floor

He prayed as he never prayed before

An' his prayer was not in vain

An' he rode no more on th hellbound train

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