Saturday, 11 November 2017

Bruce David Hales-Evil Cult Leader and FamilyWrecker

The Hales Exclusive Brethren continue today to wreck families with their cruel policy of ‘separation’

I’ve not seen my youngest son Freddie for nearly 10 years!

This is Hales driven evil, implemented by Garth Anton Christie and Hales merry team of enforcers.

This wicked Cult can be and will be legislated out of existence by Commonwealth Law-Justice will prevail.

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  1. The wheels of justice turn slow,as there is so much backward stagnation that needs to be broken through first.Even so in time justice of law will prevail.The UK has a strong humanist group who are growing in membership.They are fairly well supported financially too and are professional and very active in their lobbying efforts.Within media they are recognized worldwide.Focus of their action is global.I recommend you might consider some contact with them Laurie.Their membership number is made up of believer and non believer.The beauty of this group is that unlike politician's they can actually afford to stick their neck out