Sunday, 22 October 2017

Wow! The lid has completely blown off the PBCC Limited!

I'm sitting here with my head spinning wondering what exactly to say first. This was a story that I had followed and commented on frequently - including the gyrations of the superlatively effective shyster McCorkell and the way he ended up with the PBCC eating out of his hand. He had them just where he needed them - and with his own business in ruins - he knew where he could get the cash to bail himself out. 

Michael Bachelard said he had uncovered something that was potentially explosive. And he did not disappoint. His expose today on the recent court case and its aftermath is probably the most explosive thing ever written about the Hales Brethren. The Brethren are fast running out of options on keeping people quiet about their appalling behaviour. And dare I say it - their evil, cold, callous disregard for victims of crime in their midst. They just wanted it all to go away and they would use any means to do so. 

I'm not going to go into a full strength diatribe at this moment in time - suffice it to say - from day one of the Hales /McCorkell alliance, I knew it was a rotten coalition by two people trying to keep their respective ships afloat. Hales - his global business goals and the somewhat dodgy PBCC Limited leadership and McCorkell - his constant need for cash to maintain his flash lifestyle. A 27 year old advising (as a right hand man) - someone who called himself the Man Of God. 

Many doubted Hales' wisdom in this glaring step. We knew about Tony's many business incidents and his rather dodgy track record- it's all in print - but the big thing here was how Hales could be so bloody silly and naive. 

We then pressured Hales to see the error of his ways - he had McCorkell at the front gates of his churches telling the media and anyone else - they could not get in unless they were 'one of them'. (A Brethren member.) Only trouble with that was that McCorkell was 'not one of them'. Predictably - having been prodded from the sidelines, Hales made him join the church again. And that ended in tears as we also predicted. 

Tony's sad end at a very premature age was unfair - but it had nothing to do with God answering the Brethren's prayers. He had diabetes - again because of his lavish lifestyle, the poor fellow and certainly no one would have wished that on him. Well - apart from the PBCC Limited that is. 

But the trail of dishonest dealings and illegal actions of the PBCC Limited is utterly gobsmacking for its audacity and total lack of ethics, morality and wisdom. These Brethren are not very smart people. Cashed up certainly - but not at all clever. I have to get my head around this and its ramifications. It shows patently how corrupt the Brethren really are - and the depths they will stoop to achieve their end aims. 

In closing for now - I want to register a vote of thanks to Michael Bachelard for his tenacity in exposing this - despite the anguish the Brethren have put him through - but the truth always wins and it does not care who it hurts. Even if it's an organisation that has forgotten its true reason to be. A small Christian cult. This business which now masquerades as a church is rotten to its head and if Hales retains his position -along with his inner circle of yes-men after this - then they have no moral or religious integrity or compass whatsoever. 

Stand by for more while I process this evil episode in their history.

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  1. I second your thanks to Michael Bachelard, for his tenacity and strength of character over a period of years. It is so very much appreciated, with tears.

    Have been reflecting this morning on the EB inability to tolerate dissent - which I think may well be a sort of surreptitious legacy from JND? - and the punitive nature they now instinctively project toward dissenters, so much ramped-up over the past 60 years or so. To the point where any perceived criticism or threat to the HEB position now seems to send them into a sort of frenzy, which on most occasions includes outright lying, in some cases perjury, and illegality almost as a matter of course in most of their lives. (With regard to the latter, I am thinking particularly of drink-driving and speeding type offences, tax/charitable relief under false pretences... but also of the willful flouting by many HEB of employment and H&S legislation, globally, for decades; most of us can remember some horrendous incidents of workplace and meeting-hall construction bodges and dodges or even deaths.) In my humble observation this is EXACTLY what goes on, but the EB do not like to face the truth of it.

    The hatred and fear and nastiness the EB demonstrate to those who cross them, reminds me of the behaviour of the chief priests and those of the sandhedrin (assembly or council in each Hebrew city) who persecuted Christ - and stirred up the crowd to do so - before His crucifixion.

    It's a very odd juxtaposition, when one considers how many hours per week, year after year, all EB have spent studying the Bible and talking or hearing about biblical concepts (now interspersed with Hales business concepts and personal aggrandising, of course). Somehow over the years since JND split them off from the PB in the 1840s they have turned into the very nasty unloving persons who spat upon and reviled the Christ whom they allegedly revere.

    It must be very painful to them when truth is brought to light, such as the M.Bachelard examples. But we must persevere - people's lives depend upon it. Many hundreds of exEB have died while under the ongoing torture of EB disciplinary action, excluded from friends and family life, unless one stops disagreeing (or sometimes just excluded full stop despite agreement and full capitulation to EB principles). Never forget.