Monday, 16 October 2017

The Eating Matter

Here’s a very recent photo of Gloucestershire Hales Exclusive Brethren celebrating victory over a ‘Nandos’.

Until recently this was  considered an excommunicable offence by the Cult.


  1. I'm tempted to ask, "why did they celebrate victory over Nandos?" Why were they at war with fried chicken? What had a chicken done to them?

  2. I notice beer seems to the principal liquid refreshment. Who was driving???

  3. I'd hate to be sitting behind them in the prayer meeting.

  4. Regarding alcohol - also red and white wine going down, and just for lunch, I assume.

    My long departed EB granny, who would not even touch a glass of seasonal, non-alcoholic ginger wine would spin in a confined space if she knew the current condition of "the saints".

    Simon Templar

  5. I notice the "worldies" are not getting so much to eat this year!!
    RRT activity - 2014 51 events recorded on PBCC website
    2015 77 events
    2016 51 events
    2017 6 events (to date)
    Is the lord not stressing RRT activity currently?

  6. This is a very deep matter, see, it was thought the Charity Commission exercise required the saints to show compassion and openess to their suburban neighbours and local Pipeline of Filth Weekly reporter (plus MP, if you were really blessed) but, see, exposure to the world followed and lots of awkward questions had to be batted into the long grass, as it were. Also, once taxpayers' money was more securely in the bag, it was felt the Lord was not stressing this kind of greeting meeting which left a contamination hanging in the air. So much, on occasions, that it took quite a few glasses of whisky to wash it away.

    This comment is solely for the purusal of the saints and if opposer Laurie Moffitt publishes it we will chop off his right hand.

    Plymouth Brethren Commercial Church - "Made in China" importers /land developers

  7. What has happened to "our Beloved's" holy hands ministry?
    Have those particular words very conveniently fallen to the ground?