Saturday, 28 October 2017

Open Letter to Hales Exclusive Brethren Cult Leader Bruce D Hales

Hello Bruce, 

You won't remember me so I won't bore you with the introductions, but what on earth have you done? You are a man with an uncharacteristically litigious nature, so I will remain anonymous. But I did know you Bruce and I shudder when I witness what you have become. A cold, calculating, vindictive, lying, deceitful, malicious man. 

You had a simple mission in life and you have screwed it up royally. All you had to do was be a good and diligent 'Man of God' and lead the Brethren to the promised land, if indeed this occurs in your lifetime. All you had to do was take a few meetings every year, counsel the odd errant soul and spread the gospel honestly to your flock, with large dollops of humility and magnanimousness. Not hard for an MOG to do. 

But not you Bruce. You have decided to go down the less travelled path. The one filled with obstacles of your own making. The one with very curious excursions to the other side. The dark side Bruce. You decided to make decisions that would offend everyone your church had 'dealt with' over the past three decades or more. Even from a Brethren standpoint, this was an atrocious error of judgement. 

This is going to be a long epistle Bruce, so you had better pour yourself a scotch. 

This latest debacle, along with all the others, is entirely your own doing. You chose to get embroiled with a young fellow to continue this campaign of seeking acceptance and money from the world. You sought audiences with Liberal Prime Ministers and inclusion from Charity Commissioners. From the world that you hate. Remember Bruce, you yourself said that 'you need to develop a hatred for the world'. You cannot play both sides of the fence. Either you are separate from this world or a part of it. And lately you are up to your armpits in it. At your own doing. 

Trouble is, you have forced the Brethren to interact with the world way more emphatically than any of your forebears, through your UBT empire, which has gained so much impetus as a Hales led major Brethren thrust, that you may have lost sight of what you were supposed to be doing in the first place. Being good Christians. 

The day you sat there with Tony McCorkell drinking scotch whiskey and pouring your heart out to him, was there no point where you, a man in his 50's, thought, what the hell am I doing seeking counsel from a 27 year old? 

Now I'm the first to admit that Tony was one out of the box and that he could charm the birds from the trees, but you engaged him - a worldly young man at the time- to be your right hand man and to counsel you on matters pertaining to mitigating the many disasters that you had embroiled the saints in. An appalling miscalculation in judgment on your part. I won't bore you with the detail of what followed, except to say that blind Freddie could see where it was all going to end, (you might recall we called the shots before they actually happened,) but it was always going to end in tears Bruce. Tears before bedtime. 

Actually - I have to take you to task on a couple of things here. Firstly, where did you get off putting Tony out the front of your churches as the main go-to man? The Brethren 'spokesman.' When he wasn't a 'Brethren.' Was there no brother, not one among you who could deliver the same message, but honestly? Tony told the media that they could not come in because 'they were not one of them'. And then when we said "just a cotton picking minute there Bruce- Tony is not one of you either', you forced him to join the church. It didn't matter that you had been eating and drinking with him for months. This was something you threw hundreds, if not thousands of people out for Bruce. 

Now I'm going to go out of a limb here Bruce and tell you that Tony's likelihood of buckling down and becoming a good little third row Peeb was as likely as you doing something with real honesty. Buckley's and none. He had tasted the good life - indeed more of the good life than most people and Tony liked shiny things and no boundaries. He was never going to make it in the Peebs. He loved his family and that was another reason why it would never work. Remember- his family Bruce? The Brethren threw them out some years earlier for some concocted non-conformance but I realise that does not matter to the Brethren. You guys don't forgive remember. 

The wickedest thing you did Bruce was to deputize Tony to be your representative in New Zealand, to hose down the child molestation cases over there. What an astonishing miscalculation on your part. What an offensive thing to do. It was not Tony's fault. Not for a second. It was yours. You sent an unqualified PR man to do your own dirty work because you could not be bothered. It was not important enough to warrant your own involvement. It's easy to see that you have not been one of these victims Bruce. Maybe if you had, you would see these matters in a different and more appropriate light. I heard the tapes of these interactions and I was appalled at your decision making at the time. 

And then, when you have gotten out of Tony what you wanted and he was desperately unhappy in the Brethren, he left and you lot, at your insistence, starting praying for his demise. And calling him 'wicked.' How dare you! Trust me Bruce, diabetes killed poor Tony, not God and not you. And your prayers went unanswered. It was a sad end to a wicked episode in your tenure Bruce. 

And when the media picks up on this and a hundred other sorry tales of Brethren cruelty, you decide that you must sue. You have money to burn when it comes to court cases. Especially now when you can call your cashed up UBT partners and demand their fiscal contributions. This is unwise on a number of levels. As you have just seen. You cannot sue people for telling the truth. Michael Bachelard has probably shed more tears over the tales he has heard Bruce than you have. Anyone reading his book would be astonished at the Brethren's vile treatment of so many people. It is nothing to do with separating from evil Bruce. Unless you consider that the Brethren are the evil ones. What you did to people like dear Dr. Vernon Sealey and a thousand others was reprehensible. It was evil. And you say you are a religious organisation? You say you care? One day Bruce I may get the chance to sit down and tell you about the good that this one man did for so many Brethren without any recognition. And there were dozens more just like him who saw the rough end of the Brethren boot for some silly reason. The trouble with the Brethren 'court' Bruce is there is no come back. No alternative view. It's sudden death. Remember Bruce- by your own admission, you have withdrawn from an awful lot of people wrongly. Some church!

But back to Tony. When he had seen the 'light' and departed the scene, you were worried about what he knew and what he might say. Why Bruce? You are a church and you are its religious leader. What on earth could he know that would damage you? Surely there is nothing untoward in a church. Surely a church leader is pure? 

But you in one of your most profound miscalculations, decided to pay him off to secure his silence. $920,000! His word on what he heard and witnessed might damage you in the eyes of the law or in a court of law where your latest litigation is being determined. So you offered him almost a million bucks to shut up. Well you didn't- you got your family members to do it for you. 

Here's a thought Bruce. As a benevolent religious leader, why would you not sit down with the victims of crimes in the PBCC/EB church and say how sorry you are that these things have happened. It doesn't matter if you were not directly involved. You lead the organisation. That might be the right thing for a religious leader to do. And if there is a million bucks on offer, why would you not distribute this among those that have lived with this evil in their stomachs their whole lives? I know why. You didn't want to open any flood gates. Well, that and the fact that you don't really care about people. You only care about the name of your church and the retention of its tax free status. And its worldly taxpayer contributions for your schools. And rates. 

Regarding Michael Bachelard Bruce- why did you not sit down with him and show some generosity of spirit. Maybe he would have told your side of the story and shown you to be a half decent man. I would have gone that path Bruce. But you did not because it is not in your nature to be decent or kind or honest. You prefer to fight people and to make legal threats. 

While we are on the 'world' issue Bruce, you really have a strangely mixed up set of rules now don't you? And this is because someone has made some rotten decisions. Some people can have contact - while others cannot. Your ridiculous period of grace was mind-bendingly stupid in context. You turn up on people's doorsteps 35 years after the fact and say "We were wrong- come back now!"

This highlights your total lack of empathy for people and their feelings and mindset Bruce. When you get thrown out of the Brethren as indeed I was for no real sin - something your deputies attested to at the time, you really don't know what happens do you Bruce? Let me enlighten you. First off, there is the shock of the eviction. Then there is the shock of losing your family forever. (And just in case you are thinking of your usual line that sin puts people there, not us, many, myself included had not committed any sin.) In my day Bruce, they gave you nothing. A change of clothes. No money. Nothing. A small suitcase and you are shown the door. 'You would be better off dead'. A line that will live with me forever. 

So you battle to come to grips with what has just happened to you and to trying to survive. And gradually you make a path for yourself. You get a job and try to make sense of it all. Your family are gone. They will die and you may or may not be told. And then the Brethren come back after the fact decades later and say 'Come back - trust us!" "We were wrong - but you need to be back with us." Well I don't know about you Bruce, but the last people on earth I trusted at that point were the Brethren. They are guaranteed to do the wrong thing by you. So I didn't come back. I took an interest in what they were doing these days though and I have to say I am appalled at what I see. 

You're biggest threat Bruce is not us - the people you have 'dealt with'. But it might be one of your main UBT heavies in Australia. I'd watch my back if I were you because I think he might want your job. How you are going to explain the outcome of this latest court case to the assembly when they find out what has happened. On one hand a stupid oversight which I note you are going to contest such is your pride, and the other a tale of woe which you could never win. Because you have been glaringly stupid giving away yet more Brethren money. 

I think that is enough for you to think on. But look up forgiveness Bruce. And generosity of spirit. And a few other things that should underscore your position as the head of your little church. There comes a time when a man should do his own dirty work and not hide behind others too. 

Now I'm not a gambling man Bruce- But I'm betting that you will not do what other religious leaders would do in taking some of this on board. You will just be morally outraged that anyone has dared to speak to you in this tone. Which means, sadly you cannot be saved. Not for the next life Bruce, but this one. You Bruce cannot be saved from yourself. God knows I've tried to tell you.

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  1. It appears that the PBCC have done what comes naturally when caught cold and shut up shop. No rebuttals, people obviously banned from reading the truth in here and other places. Trying ti ride out the storm. Where are the ordinary members consciences ( if they have any). We're talking about the concealment of sexual offences against children here. Does it get any worse?