Monday, 23 October 2017

Dean Hales [Bully & Enforcer of Bruce D Hales Master Plan]

If you were to read The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich you will understand how these Hales Muppetts work...

Boggis, Bunce & Bean, one fat, one thin, and one lean.

Daniel, Bruce, Stephen & Dean are on a perilous hellbound train which is about to hit the jolly old buffers.


  1. His choice of gym is only matched by his choice of optician! If only he'd gone to Specsavers lol

  2. The article heading is, “Dean Hales: Bully & Enforcer of Bruce D Hales’ Master Plan”. But, does Bruce D Hales actually have a ‘Master Plan’? I, personally, think that it’s unlikely. He probably likes to feel good, live well, and suffer little. At least the evidence points that way. He is quite obviously egotistical and materialistic. And this has probably also allowed him to be (or become) insensitive, inconsiderate, unscrupulous, arrogant, dishonest, belligerent, and possibly criminal. It must be difficult to effectively exist in an environment where there are thousands of people who treat you as if you are infallible, to be revered, ‘the’ servant of God, or Man of God. It must evoke all the worst elements of human nature. It is what often drives humans to commit the vilest of acts.

    I would suggest that BDH is probably a regular guy who has seen the potential to be admired, be rich, and have all the trimmings. His father may also have played a part. Sadly, he has fallen for it – many of us would. He has global admirers, money, power, and a private jet. But most decent folk would either decline such a life as it would bring with it responsibilities that they would find difficult to accept. Or they’d accept the life and the duties that come with it and give it a go. It is not easy though. Thankfully, I have never been placed in such a position.

    So where from here? I don't know. But I expect that BDH will try and paint the picture that the press is being dishonest, the evidence is fabricated, they are being attacked by the Devil, it’s an ambush, and the Lord will pull us through. He most likely would like it to return to the norm - keep the money rolling in, keep loving me, keep admiring me, don’t attach me to anything that might incriminate me, and make former members and the press go away. That won’t happen. But Bruce does have the option to come clean. It will not be easy for him. He is deep in this stuff, very deep. For Bruce to come clean now would require a massive climb-down, a huge admission, and a very big apology – VERY big. And I don’t mean one like The Review. He will need to let the whole cult (current and past) know that he has misled them, accepted their gifts, ill-advised them, used them for personal gain, and much more. I would love it if he did. It would demonstrate his courage, character, and good intentions. Excuse my pessimism, but I don’t think he has it in him. (Bruce, if you are reading this, please consider DOING THE RIGHT THING.) Most folk in his situation (that I have witnessed or studied) have not found it in them. From Koresh to Hitler, it has been too much of an ask.

    I believe that the Exclusive Brethren cult (PBCC, Bruce D Hales division, PB No. 4) will implode within about twenty years. They could reform, but I would be surprised. But the advent of the internet has allowed many more to see them for what they are. The levels of arrogance, and the duration for which it has continued, is just too high. There may be another Aberdeen style split, or it may just collapse. Who knows? But if BDH and three or four of his gang were to be jailed for fraud, theft, deception, perverting justice, and more, it might change things a bit. A few followers would stick. But a quick visit to the local library would shine the light on this evil cult.

    I wish nobody harm, but if this cult were to collapse, I would crack open a bottle of vintage red.

    Take care.


  3. Anyone else see the similarity with Kim Jong-un?