Monday, 9 October 2017

Bruce D Hales The Great Extortionist

The self styled Man of God ought to be exposed as one of the worlds greatest extortionists! 

A certain Gentleman annexed the Sudetenland a while back, now before our very eyes another chap is following suit by annexing Plymouth Brethren Christian Church owned businesses in his own dubiously ‘Godly’ way.

Caveat Emptor...

Universal Biscuit Tin’s Johnny surveillance Rotten Rich, Phil the Pill McNaughton alongside Dick the Prick Blackledge ought to know better than to plunder at the MoG’s behest oughtn't they?


  1. The giveaway in the UBT logo is the teeth. Think about it.

    1. The giveaway in the UBT logo is the teeth.

      Depending how you look at it could be the key.The poor people.So few can dare to question.At least not openly.Making a frightening example of the second picture choice.Then the third picture could relate to people who remain far too drunk to bother.All in all it's a dangerous mixture

  2. Hey Bruce, you're the great extortionist
    Pretending that you're doing well
    Your need is such, you extort too much
    From comp'nies within UBT

    Oh yes, you're the great extortionist
    A thief in a world of your own
    You're playing a game, but to your real shame
    Your just like a dog with a bone

    So real is your living in make believe
    Changing the history of peebs, you deceive

    Ooh yes, you're the great extortionist
    Just grinning and fat as a clown
    You seem to be just not what we see
    You're flaunting your dad like a crown
    Pretending that he's still around.

    Sorry Mr Mercury!