Saturday, 16 September 2017

Most PBCC members would have misgivings about the leadership of Bruce D Hales or those set up by him to lead



  1. Well his 'election' to the role was dodgy. Maybe even 'Trumpesque'. Sheesh - don't tell me the Russians had a hand in it! BDH had only taken two meetings in his life when he assumed the mantle. Not really serious credentials are they? But with his father's iron fist still uppermost in their minds- I daresay few would have been game enough to challenge him. Word I got - was that the power brokers/kingmakers were Kiwis.

  2. Is this a quotation from a PBCC member?

  3. 'the power brokers/kingmakers were Kiwis.'

    Fathers who leave their own kids dying by the roadside, 9 year old girl mysteriously drowning in the bath, PBCC members imprisoned for the sexual abuse of children, woman with 'white-outs' getting off driving charges?

    Some things speak so loud they almost deafen you.

    Maybe it's the reason stuff is so out of control in NZ.

    One rule for the hierarchy, another for the rank and file.

    Apparently all top members enjoy the 'filthy internet connection' denied the UBT arse lickers.

    A religion about to implode.

  4. There seem to be so many horror stories, coming out of a numerically small cult, such as the tragic bath fatality of the 9 year old who had no known medical conditions; was there an autopsy?

    It has come to the point that if you read a local report of drunken driving or runaway driver in NZ or Ausralia, there is a 50/50 chance the PBCC might be involved.

    Their dilemma is whether to keep quiet on membership, or subsequently boast of their normal "Christian" behaviour and charitable good works such as an occasional PR Rapid Relief Team BBQ.

    A rotten organisation allowed to function at public expense by tolerant, liberal and "worldly" authorities.

  5. Yuck! Do we have to have that picture of that vile individual at the top of every posting?