Saturday, 2 September 2017

Deprox FraudExposing corruption in the healthcare industry.


Victory! Judge dismisses Fentiman’s gagging order.

The Honourable Mr. Justice B.A. Barrington-Foote has dismissed Hygiene Solutions’ application to register a gagging order against Richard Marsh, and awarded costs to the applicant.

Canadian justice has thus defended the right of a whistleblower to speak out in defence of the life and health of hospital patients worldwide. The deproxfraud.info website will continue its exposure of the fraudulent and astonishingly ineffective Deprox and Ultra-V hospital decontamination systems and the criminal activities of Hygiene Solutions’ directors.

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  1. What is it that the PBCC are so afraid of?

    Easy answer. The truth. The truth about anything and everything. They just cannot admit to being merely human and making the same mistakes as the man they won't drink a cup of tea with. Except many now do.

    I'm just waiting for Daniel to stab Bruce in the back. He's just waiting for the right opportunity. 'Let brotherly love abide'? Not a chance! Let the mayhem begin.