Sunday, 3 September 2017

Bruce D Hales Megalomaniacal Paranoia Reaches Heady Heights

The poor simpering sot has added a new clause to his lovely little publications that are forwarded direct from the Trustees of the Bible & Gospel Trust faster than he can speak....


  1. Great way for simpleton sot to let the government's know how he's trying to silence whistle blowers

  2. The page that Laurie has displayed is cleverly composed and it contains elements of truth, but its net effect is misleading. I believe it is intended to conceal the real reason for the Brethren’s secrecy.

    It is true that the brethren use a lot of words with a meaning different from and sometimes almost the opposite of their normal meaning, but in most instances the Brethren’s meaning is very far from being “rooted in scripture” as the page alleges.

    For instance, to most people and to the authors of the New Testament, “testimony” implies something outgoing, so “the testimony” is a misleading choice of name for the Brethren’s own little secret society, the main public effect of which has been to discredit Christianity by pretending to represent it. “The recovery” is an equally misleading name for a line of religious development that is largely a modern invention. It is not a recovery of anything that existed in the past. The word “recovery” does not occur in the Darby bible, and does not occur with that meaning in any of Darby’s writings. Even that usage of the word is a modern invention, like the religion it refers to.

    In Brethren parlance, “The Truth” refers to the Brethren’s copyrighted secret brand of falsehood and fantasy; “separation from evil” often means separation from goodness; “ministering” often means demanding; “priest” means policeman; “loving your enemies” sometimes equates to “suing the bastards;” “a pure man” means someone who sleeps with someone else’s wife, lies about it, uses abusive, sexist and racist language in church accompanied by lavatorial humour, consumes large volumes of whisky, brags about the brethren’s wives he has “had,” demands money from his followers and claims the right to beat their wives.

    Most of these terms with Orwellian meanings are loaded words with usages that appear designed to deceive readers into thinking Exclusive Brethrenism is a respectable system of teachings and practices. “The world” means any human institution or activity outside of Brethrenism, a usage that glosses over the fact that Exclusive Brethrenism is in every sense part of the world, and its values are more worldly than those of any mainstream church I know of.

    Half-way down the page there is a valid point about respecting personal privacy. It is true that sometimes the printed ministry refers to personal details that people would prefer to keep private, such as crises of faith, sexual indiscretions, illegal or unjust deeds, deliberate deceit, abuses of power, financial affairs or mental illness, and it is usually best not to reveal the identities of such people when we quote passages of ministry, especially if the person involved is young and vulnerable.

    However, the paragraph about personal privacy reeks of hypocrisy. If the Brethren’s concern were genuinely about personal privacy, they would not have printed the details in the first place and distributed them to tens of thousands of readers. Let me ask those who remember life among the Brethren: if you had some personal events or facts that you would rather keep private, what kind of exposure would embarrass you the most, having them revealed to tens of thousands of religiously judgmental readers, many of whom know you personally, or to a few non-Brethren who have probably never heard of you? Which is the greater invasion of privacy?

  3. So what is the real reason for the Brethren’s culture of secrecy? Why do they warn their members not to let outsiders see their printed ministry? Why do they make it difficult for non-members to attend most of their meetings? Why do they brand as traitors those who reveal to outsiders the proceedings of their meetings?

    These questions are easy to answer. You only need to read a representative sample of Brethren ministry of the last 50 years, and ask yourself: If I had produced stuff as bad as this, would I want the public to know about it?

    These books are crammed with ridiculous interpretations of scripture, extravagant adulation of “these great men,” sweeping denigration of all other cultures, pompous self-aggrandisement, pretentious empty claims, extreme sectarianism, opaque, incomprehensible prose, woolly waffle, mindless, worn-out slogans, and relentless repetition of the need for strict separation and total unconditional obedience to the current leadership. A few volumes of the Taylor and Symington eras are also replete with mindless, drunken babbling and profane buffoonery.

    It all leaves a sad impression of a private club marked by base values, spiritual darkness, intellectual poverty, oppressive control and monumental arrogance. No wonder they want to keep it secret.

  4. Worth noting that the client base in their charity is "The general public and mankind."

  5. As with most subjects he dabbles in, BDH displays an utter ignorance and misunderstanding of copyright law. To go to him with your health issues is verging on the insane. I simply don't understand why PBCC women in general drool over the overweight time and motion study bloke, it certainly doesn't say much for their husbands!

    As Ian says 'It all leaves a sad impression of a private club marked by base values, spiritual darkness, intellectual poverty, oppressive control and monumental arrogance.' I would also add deceitfulness and dishonesty to their attributes.

  6. When the Exclusive Brethren Stow Hill Publishing Depot was operational 50 + years ago ministry could be purchased from the Depot by anyone wishing to do so. Sadly the quality of "ministry" that has been published by the Exclusive Brethren since the James Taylor Junior era is unfit for general consumption.
    If EB ministry was not capable of misinterpretation prior in the 1950s why can it be misinterpreted today? I would suggest that there are a number of reasons:-
    1.In the last 48 years the Exclusive Brethren have developed into an inward looking cult with no message nor indeed interest for the world outside their members.(how can the word "testimony" be applied to such an organisation?)

    2. They are clearly concerned about any criticism of their cult that may emerge from an examination of their publications.(any right thinking person would not find it difficult to identify evidence to justify such criticism.)

    3. They also may realise the spiritual poverty that characterises their ministry. There is more adulation of leaders past and present than there is of the One who Christianity is meant to focus upon.

  7. 'Spiritual poverty'- the most perfect cobbling of two words I have ever heard to describe the Peebs output of religious doctrine. We should have a competition to find the perfect passage of 'ministry' to illustrate this total departure from bible/faith discussion. What am I saying! Surely Taylor's drunken rants eclipse all other examples.

  8. How about this little comparison?

    John: For God so loved the world that he gave his only son...

    Bruce: See. We need to develop a hatred, an utter hatred for the world...

    Perhaps they are both right and the Lord has done another u-turn.


    1. See saw see see see please try to avoid misinterpretation of brethren ministry.Ok?

    2. Hahaha- This is great... perfect simple example!
      made me giggle!

    3. That's about all its good for Anonymous15 September 2017 at 00:40.A giggle

  9. BDH Ministry : "Arsenic. How do you get arsenic into you? ... He'd be better to take arsenic, or go and get some rat poison or something, take a bottle of it."

    I am assuming that if Hales ever says 'Love Jesus' he actually means you've got to have an utter hatred of the bastard, but I doubt He ever gets a look in as His turnover and net profits are not so promising.

    I am deeply, deeply shocked by reports of back stabbing, in- fighting and deep unhappiness in what purports to be a 'Christian Charity'.

    Wozin Notnow