Tuesday, 19 September 2017


You know- we have tried to point out the rivers of bulldust that now flow freely out of the Peeb world and it’s become such a torrent of PR –fed misinformation and outright crap, that it’s becoming hard to differentiate between falsehood and truth. It seems that if you tell lies often enough – sooner or later people will believe them. I have long held the view that the Brethren these days cannot tell the difference anymore. They now use the web to disseminate their garbage, largely pure tripe, in much the same way as the Scientologists spout their undeliverable promises of eternal life on other planets. And funnily enough as usual, money is the bottom line.

Let’s take the good old Bible Gospel Trust, a mysterious commercial enterprise these days used for all sorts of purposes. Once it was the Stow Hill Bible Trust,which printed the Brethren bibles and hymn books and ministry.  But today, it is based on a lie. And they don’t even try to cover up that lie. Take notice of the bold tag line – the advertising epithet under the BGT brand:

“Advancing the whole of Christianity for ALL mankind.”

Let’s put that in perspective. This PBCC mob advance Christianity in their own words -by ‘hating the world’, but not allowing the general public into their windowless churches (you cannot take communion with them under any circumstances), they split up families treating ex-members as dead, (even if they were wrong for getting rid of them in the first place), and they stand on a street corner once in a blue moon, and in a tone that cannot be heard by anyone more than 5 feet away – talk about Jesus and the imminence of hellfire. The last time I saw them do this, they were talking to three parked cars and a Labrador tied to a post. The Labrador’s eyes had glazed over.

Let’s also not forget that there are dozens of countries where there are in fact – no Brethren at all, so ‘Christianity’ in these places is all the poorer for their inability to advance anything. So the ALL mankind bit is garbage. So is the ‘Advancing’ bit. And if we are being honest – even the ‘Christianity’ bit is a bit of a stretch. This means as usual, they are making it up again.  



  1. Of all the bullshit I've ever seen from these bullshitters, this is the bullshittiest. What a complete and utter joke. I feel soooooo sorry for the poor folks caught up in this unholy mess.

  2. "The Labrador’s eyes had glazed over."
    And paint on the three cars was curling and peeling off due to alcohol spit

  3. For all mankind - except that only members can read their stuff. Thus protecting mankind, I guess.

  4. Plus Hales himself says that people outside would not understand what is said in the ministry. So what's the point of this magnanimous and grossly untrue appellation?

  5. Smoke and Mirrors. All it ever was. All it ever will be. Bible and Gospel Trust need hauling up before the Charity Commission. I detect a distinct lack of public benefit.

  6. To be fair, the Divinely Accredited Minister of the Lord in the Recovery aka The Elect Vessel has a point, the "ministry" is incomprehensible, esoteric nonsense - would that link?

  7. It would be very helpful if a member of the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) could tell us in what way they are "advancing the whole of Christianity for all mankind"