Friday, 14 July 2017

Hales v McCorkell



  1. I just knew the little opportunistic Peebs would be crowing over this. People do die from disease you know. Why Tony got liver disease is not some divine intervention - it came about from lifestyle, genetics maybe and booze. How Hales is still there is anyone's business given the amount of scotch he consumes. Some people have tougher livers I suppose. But to suggest Tony is in hell highlights the stupidity and shallowness of the Peebs. I'd be worrying about your own souls if I were you.

  2. Sorry Me, you have made a couple of mistakes I need to correct. First, the only glad tidings Hales knows about are his bank statements. I doubt he knows where traitors and sinners go, in fact no-one has ever seen any evidence of whether he actually believes in God. But he does believe in fleecing his followers, and you, along with 43,999 colleagues, have fallen for it. As for Tony, at least he is free now from stressing over the appalling behaviour he saw in the EB and was asked to cover up.


  3. The issue here is not Tony! The issue is Bruce Hales. Bruce effectively turned his back on every Peeb in his flock and said - and I'm paraphrasing here- to an outsider who was just 26 years old "Come and be my right hand man - my counsel - my friend and put some positive spin on the Brethren and their activities for me.I have no one who can do this for me in the Church nor do I trust any of them to do so. I will reward you with friendship, my personal fellowship, a company car, a fat salary and my confidence."

    There should have been a raft of so called leading brothers at the time who stood up and said - 'this is grotesquely unwise, contradictory to our beliefs and downright unrighteous. We have dealt with people for lesser things.'

    But you didn't! You sat there and watched as this big worldly man fronted your organisation at the main gates of your churches pretending to be a Peeb.And not one of you now has taken issue with it either. It was wrong on every front.

    We knew Tony would be pressured to join. We knew he would not last. And we knew he would leave a trail of damage after the dust had settled - which he did including taking a young sister with him.

    Now- let's have your take on this then.