Tuesday, 17 January 2017

PBCC Beware

Pastor Danny Nalliah's church faces tax bill after charity status revoked

The church headed by controversial Victorian pastor Daniel "Danny" Nalliah has been stripped of its charity status, and could face a retrospective tax bill, after its congregation was asked to make election donations to an anti-Islamic political party he also leads.
Catch The Fire Ministries had its registration revoked by the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission, with acting commissioner David Locke declaring such an action was "reserved for the most serious of cases".
The decision has been backdated to January 2014, which means the church could have to repay three years of Commonwealth charity tax concessions.
In 2014 and 2015 it received more than $500,000 in donations, tithes and offerings.
While the commission says it is prevented from disclosing further details of the case "due to secrecy provisions" it is understood the deregistration is related to the church's outspoken support of Rise Up Australia, the political party of which Mr Nalliah is also the leader. 
In a post in the lead-up to the 2013 Federal election, Mr Nalliah asked his congregation to donate to Rise Up Australia and oppose multiculturalism, gay marriage, "Islamic Sharia law" and abortion.
"God has given us a great product in Rise Up Australia Party to Keep Australia Australian (a vehicle to see our Government, Society and Nation turn around) with a great brand name and great consumer demand for our product," the post said.
He also asked for "tax deductable" donations for the party before last year's federal election, and called for volunteers to hand out brochures and campaign at polling booths. 
Under the Charities Act 2013, charities cannot promote or oppose a political party or candidate for political office.
On Tuesday, Mr Nalliah said he was told that the "main offence" of the church were the political articles posted to its website, many of which highlight crimes allegedly committed by Muslims.
"It's my argument that we have a right to political speech and it's really unfair [for that to be taken away]," Mr Nalliah said.
"That's discrimination."
Catch The Fire Ministries has 60 days to object to the charity commission's decision, which sees it stripped of its charities registration and associated GST concession, income tax exemption and fringe benefits tax rebate.
Mr Nalliah branded the decision an injustice and said he was consulting his lawyers about possible next steps.
Among the services operated by the Catch The Fire Ministries out of its church in Hallam is a pregnancy counselling centre.
The centre was donated an ultrasound machine in 2008. At the time Mr Nalliah said that the equipment would help the church prevent abortions.
"Can we all say 'Thank You Jesus' for the many babies who will be saved now and given the opportunity to live out their God-given destinies!" he wrote on the church's website.
Though this week Mr Nalliah said the centre offered "neutral advice" to women, he once famously said the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria were God's revenge for the state's "incendiary abortion laws which decimate life in the womb".
The incident is one of a number of times he has made headlines.
In 2004 he was kicked out of the Family First party for "making demeaning comments about a minority group" and in 2014 he described Islam he described Islam as a "terrorist group" and "death cult".
Catch The Fire Ministries says it gives food to 100 families a week, supports two orphanages in Sri Lanka (where Mr Nalliah was born) and holds more than 80 prayer meetings around Australia each week.
The church has six part-time paid staff and casual employers but Mr Nalliah said he and his wife did not draw salaries from the church.
"We are voluntarily serving the community," he said.
According to the charities commission, charities in Australia can advocate for change to a government policy, but should not support (or oppose) a specific political party, or ask their members to direct their vote to a candidate.
About 14,500 religious charities are registered in Australia.


  1. "About 14,500 religious charities are registered in Australia."

    More than likely a number of whom will also have head honcho's siphoning off cash into their own pockets

  2. According to the Australian Charities Commission, charities in Australia can advocate for change to a government policy, but should not support (or oppose) a specific political party, or ask their members to direct their vote to a candidate.

    FER, CAC, JT, JTJr, JHS and JSH all opposed communism, which comes rather close to opposing the communist party. For instance, BDH in Vol. 63 page 143 says, “One thing is for sure is we don’t want communists running this country. The brethren should be alerted.” (Hamilton, Australia, 16 May 2007).

    At Ealing on 15th July 1970 JTJr said, “This is a Heath government. You sisters, did you vote the right way? Did you sisters vote the right way? I prayed that you would, but anyway he's in, and thank God he's in.” That sounded to me a lot like support for a specific party and a specific Prime Minister.

    The large cash donations and other support that brethren have given to various political parties often appeared to be centrally coordinated. For instance, read this extract of Michael Bachelard’s book, Behind the Exclusive Brethren.

    [Start of quotation] ‘Beloved Brethren,’ the letter opened, ‘The current situation regarding Government in Australia has never been more critical.’ It was September 2004, a month before the election in which John Howard faced Mark Latham in the fight of his political life to that point. And, with this hyperbolic flourish, Bruce D. Hales, the Exclusive Brethren’s Elect Vessel, was firing the starter’s gun on his church’s first official foray into electoral politics.

    What Hales did was momentous in the history of his sect. He broke 175 years of tradition by officially endorsing the involvement of its members in election campaigning for the first time. It was a move that had startling consequences – not only for the Brethren, but for John Howard himself. ‘Never has such a letter ever been amongst the Brethren, never,’ said Ron Fawkes, a former Australian leader of the sect, who has been ‘out’ since he was withdrawn from in 1984.

    ‘At the very highest level, it’s giving a direction for the Brethren to get involved in the political sphere.’

    The letter was signed by Hales and seven other prominent Australian Brethren leaders, and it propelled the faithful around the country, and around the world, into immediate political action. In Australia, they set up a holding company; raised hundreds of thousands of dollars; designed, printed, and distributed leaflets; bought newspaper advertisements; made phone calls to lobby and canvass; organised people to attend and disrupt a public meeting; and ordered their young men onto the streets to drop leaflets in letterboxes, all in support of John Howard, and in full-blooded opposition to the Left, particularly the Greens. Just what a departure this is for the Brethren is illustrated by the beliefs of their first leader, John Nelson Darby, who laid out the rules for interacting with government.
    [End of quotation]

  3. One strong indication that the Exclusive Brethren’s political donations are centrally coordinated, not just independent individual decisions, is that dozens of Exclusive Brethren members donated more than $67,000 to the Liberal Party on the same day in December 2010.

    See http://www.theherald.com.au/story/3976534/revealed-how-exclusive-brethren-members-secretly-donate-to-the-liberal-party/?cs=4173

  4. Ian, may we ask you a few basic questions?

    1: Whose side are you on and why be a snake in the grass?
    2: Why don't you support Christian vales in government?
    3: Do you agree, we should protect the unborn and promote traditional family values?
    4: Do you not know, there are evil people out there who want to destroy Christian values and introduce Radical Islam? God is speaking to you right now, so think hard about who and what you are supporting.
    God will not allow the destruction of Christianity, but
    it's absolutely horrifying when someone like you ends up as a complete traitor. If you have any shred of decency and fear God, you should retract your statements.
    So remember, we all have all fallen short of the Grace of God and that includes you. God will judge us by what we say and write. Write good and truthful comments in future and leave the brethren well alone.


    1. Mr Concerned,

      I will happily answer your list of questions, and I hope you will return the courtesy. So far, you have not answered any of mine. In fact, no EB supporter on this forum has ever answered any of my questions. Do they have something to hide?

      I have numbered my answers to correspond with your numbered questions.
      1. I am on the side of truth, justice, compassion and love, and the other principles and values portrayed and taught by Jesus Christ and others like him. I often wish the Exclusive Brethren were on the same side.

      2. I support the recognition and practice of these principles in government.

      3. I agree with protection of unborn babies. My own inclination is also to protect the microscopic, shapeless bundles of human cells that have the potential to become babies, but I don’t suggest everyone has to share these preferences.

      You also ask about “traditional family values”. If you mean loving, supportive, committed, protective relationships, then I greatly value them and do what I can to support them. It grieves me that the Brethren’s extreme sectarianism has torn thousands of these precious relationships apart.

      On the other hand, if you mean family values of the Old Testament sort, then I strongly oppose them. For instance, I would not want to force a rape victim to marry her rapist, and I would not want to promote polygamy. Nor would I want to force a childless wife to have sex with her brother-in-law. Nor would I give a slave owner the right to decide which of his slaves is to marry which.

      4. I am well aware of evil people who want to destroy Christian values and introduce radical Islam. They are gradually being defeated, and so are the evil extremists who stir up religious hatred and commit wicked deeds under the banner of Christianity.

      Does that answer your questions?

  5. Thanks Mr 'Concerned'
    I support this group of Christians.
    Freedom to worship is under attack.
    Good for them for staying true. Sadly, we are now in an age of relativism, rather than right and wrong. This is what happens when the hearts grow cold and rejects God's commandments. Political correctness is being used to weaken governments, silence Christian conscience and with the resulting vacuum, Atheism and lslam has made considerable in-roads into Western countries and governments.
    Our way of life is under threat and partly thanks to traitors who misrepresent good people who wish
    to stand against the tide of evil.
    Good point right Ian? Better decide whose side you are going to be on.
    Christ's return is near as evidenced by these terrible events taking place in the world.

    1. Anonymous of 5 February 2017 at 11:26,

      I believe someone has misinformed you on a number of points, perhaps deliberately in order to deceive and control you and others.

      Who told you that freedom to worship is under attack? It was under attack in the past, but progressively less so as time has gone on. In the UK, Australia and the USA, freedom to worship has never been as well protected as it is now. The principles of freedom of worship and freedom of belief have been written into our laws and have been accepted very widely among modern societies, with only a few small exceptions such as extremist religious sects. It was not so in the past.

      I expect it is Brethren leaders that have told you Christ's return is near as evidenced by these terrible events taking place in the world. Nearly every EB leader since JND has said so. However, they have all been wrong about the supposed increase in terrible events. In fact there are fewer terrible events taking place in the world right now that at almost any time in our past. If you don’t believe me, read up on the statistics of crimes, wars, genocides, sectarian conflicts, famines, plagues and natural disasters.

      I don’t know what you include in your term “political correctness” but if you include the principle of equality then please bear in mind that it has a sound basis in the teachings of Jesus and Paul.

    2. Anonymous5 February 2017 at 11:26 Christian conscience has always remained weak.This helps explain why these cults have been able to remain in existence, for as long as they have done

      Times are changing.Worldwide humanism is now helping to strengthen all our community conscience.And thank goodness for that

    3. Anon 5 February 11:26

      You say
      “I support this group of Christians”

      If by “this group of Christians” you are referring to the Exclusive Brethren, renamed in 2012 as Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, then your support is very misguided and ill informed.

      The PBCC separate from all other Christians, under the doctrine of ‘Separation from Evil’, which means the PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren are taught -

      -Not to Eat or drink with any other Christians from any other Christian Church
      -Not to have fellowship, communion or worship with any other Christians
      -Not allowed to visit other Christian Churches to hear the Word of God preached
      -To ‘Separate from Evil’ from any family who leave, even if they are Christian
      -To treat any not in the group as ‘worldly’, ‘evil’ and ‘iniquitous’
      -The leader BD Hales says that contact with outsiders brings ‘defilement’
      -That only their group has the ‘truth’
      -The leader BD Hales recommends suicide and being shot for those who leave
      -That those who leave cant claim to be Christians

      No genuine Christian who has a faith rooted in Christ and who follows Gods Word the Bible, could possibly support such a group, unless of course they are misinformed or unaware of the factual detailed beliefs and practices. Which is of course why the Exclusive Brethren aka Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, are so keen to spread their half truths, obfuscations, falsehoods, lies and deceit, in order to try to con and hoodwink the public.

      You say
      “Freedom to worship is under attack”

      Please give reference to justify such a claim ?. What is under threat is the freedom to cause detriment and harm from extremist separatist beliefs and practices, such as those detailed above. Such harmful practices and indoctrination, causes generations of divided families and psychological, emotional and physical detriment.

      You say
      “Good for them for staying true”

      ‘Staying true’ to what ?
      The PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren are not staying true to Gods Word the Bible, because Gods Word the Bible teaches the very ‘Opposite’ to what the group practice !

    4. Just one error in Brother Rev's comment - that is the repeated use of "other", as in the PBCC separate from all other Christians. Rather, it is correct to say the PBCC separate from Christians and do not fellowship with Christians, and so on.

    5. Hello Rev
      Response - Line 5,8 & 9 are false charges by you.
      The others are not your concern, as you turned
      your back on the Truth many years ago and still continue in sin and self will today.

      Concerned Christian

    6. Dear Concerned,
      I also support this group of Christians, so
      don't take any notice of Rev. Sadly he is one of those eternally embittered types who went out
      from us because they were not of us.
      Sadly the devil is using these types to serve
      his own purpose. That is to destroy the Great Recovery of the Truth put in motion by John Nelson Darby the Lord's servant. Well, we have news for
      the likes of Rev. The Truth is not going to change
      and the Recovery cannot fail. Staying true simply means staying true to The Great Recovery and God's Word and authority of the Holy scriptures.

    7. Anonymous of 15 February 2017 at 12:17,

      You mention “the Recovery” three times, so is must be important to you. I know the word has often been used to denote the particular train of doctrine developed among the Exclusive Brethren mainly during the 19th and 20th Centuries, and the choice of that particular word for it seems to imply truths that were known in the past, then lost, and then recovered.

      But what evidence is there to show that the teachings peculiar to the Exclusive Brethren ever existed in the past? To me they do not look the least bit like a recovery. They look much more like a modern invention. Many of them have never existed before the 19th Century, as far as we can judge from ancient writings.

    8. Anon 15 Feb at 12:00

      I will repeat with number references so readers are clear which points you mean

      1 Not to Eat or drink with any other Christians from any other Christian Church
      2 Not to have fellowship, communion or worship with any other Christians
      3 Not allowed to visit other Christian Churches to hear the Word of God preached
      4 To ‘Separate from Evil’ from any family who leave, even if they are Christian
      5 To treat any not in the group as ‘worldly’, ‘evil’ and ‘iniquitous’
      6 The leader BD Hales says that contact with outsiders brings ‘defilement’
      7 That only their group has the ‘truth’
      8 The leader BD Hales recommends suicide and being shot for those who leave
      9 That those who leave cant claim to be Christians

      To claim “Line 5,8 & 9 are false charges” is utter nonsense and you are either misinformed or being deliberately deceitful

      Re Point 5, your leader B D Hales says

      See, it's whether I can pour scorn on the world, look at the world as an utter object of contempt as I go through the streets and the book-stalls and anywhere I go, and through the crowds, and I look at the world as an utter and absolute object of contempt .. BDH vol 113 p49/50, 2005

      S.J.C—n. I'd like to ask, Mr. Hales, if you would help us in relation to employing worldly persons in our businesses? We are very few where we come from, and the vast majority would be worldly employees. Would like your help.
      B.D.H. …. We would think first of brethren for employment, of course, because they're our family, closest ones. But then you often can't get through without employing non-brethren. BDH Vol. 79 p366 19 Sept 2008

      Worldly places – hotel cinema restaurant football stadium swimming pool skating rink; direct involvement with the world. BDH, Subject Index p.438-451

      Anon 15 Feb at 12:00, Persons who leave are withdrawn from/separated from, under the doctrine of ‘Separation from Evil’ even if they leave to go to a Christian Church. This happens at an ‘Assembly Meeting’, the event where final judgment is made against persons who leave. All present agree that ‘we must withdraw from iniquity’

      Re Point 8, B D Hales says

      BDH. Well, if its current, those persons don’t belong to us. The best thing is if there is anyone here in this room that’s betraying the position, and communicating to persons that are no longer with us, what’s on the inside position, they should declare themselves, get free by confession, and we’ll forgive you, we’ll forgive you. If you go on with it, we’ll withdraw from you. So take your pick. Only two choices for traitors, confess, declare, get forgiven, or go, go. We don’t need traitors, that’s one thing we don’t need, is traitors…Why be in a camp, one camp allegedly supporting the position, and betraying it to another camp ?. What future is in that ? Get shot in the army wouldn’t you ? Shot, just shot. Or shoot yourself, is the best thing…You’d be really putting your head in the noose, wouldn’t you ?. I don’t mind if you do, we don’t have to hang the noose up, we’ll just let you...” “BD Hales July 27 2012

      I have ministry by BD Hales speaking about using ‘rat poison and arsenic’ and of advocating ‘suicide’, for those thinking about leaving, or trying to leave, or speaking to outsiders

      Re Point 9, B D Hales says

      BDH Vol 1, p74 1 Feb 02
      See, you get persons going out from amongst us and say they're linking on with true believers. They've got no link with them at all, it's just folly…But someone that goes out of fellowship and deliberately despises the light of the assembly, they've cut themselves off from the truth, they can't claim to be believers, they can't claim to be real believers, they can't claim to have a real link with Christianity. It's the spirit of apostasy

      Anon 15 Feb at 12:00
      I have plenty of documents from your group, the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren, to prove its damaging separatist sectarian unchristian doctrines. Attempting to say comments are false charges (which you know is a lie), only results in more exposure

    9. Anon 15 Feb at 12.00

      Game set and match to Brother Rev.

    10. Anon 15 Feb at 12:00

      Your make the comment in your post that –

      “The others are not your concern, as you turned your back on the Truth many years ago and still continue in sin and self will today”

      Response –
      You have already failed to dismiss points 5, 8 & 9 by saying they are “false charges”, an accusation you know is a lie, as your leader BD Hales confirms these points in your own ministry books, as evidenced in my post of 16 Feb at 00:32

      These remaining points which you try to dismiss are -

      1 Not to Eat or drink with any other Christians from any other Christian Church
      2 Not to have fellowship, communion or worship with any other Christians
      3 Not allowed to visit other Christian Churches to hear the Word of God preached
      4 To ‘Separate from Evil’ from any family who leave, even if they are Christian
      6 The leader BD Hales says that contact with outsiders brings ‘defilement’
      7 That only their group has the ‘truth’

      Anon 15 Feb at 12:00

      First and foremost, I have not turned my back on the ‘truth’, as I am still a Christian and still follow the Word of God, which is the Bible. I am also in fellowship because I am ‘in Christ’ and believe in His shed blood.

      However, I did turn my back on the Exclusive Brethren aka Plymouth Brethren Christian Church as it does not follow the ‘truth’ despite what you have been indoctrinated to believe. The PBCC aka EB follows the ‘words of men’ which conflict with and contradict Gods Word the Bible. That is why any Christian who really knows what the PBCC EB practices and believes turns away in disgust.

      No Christian reading those extracts from your leader BD Hales in the post above could ever support such separatist sectarian heresy and blasphemy.

      Those remaining points Are my concern and Are the concern of every Blood bought Christian of which there are millions and millions going to genuine Christian Churches, outside the sectarian separatist walls of the PBCC aka EB, who will be with Christ when he returns. They Are also the concerns of all others of faith, or no faith, because they create Detriment & Harm, something which all humans should be opposed to regardless of religion

      Those remaining points Are the concern of every Christian because they contradict, ignore, twist and confuse Gods Word the Bible. In short, those remaining points are diametrically opposed to Biblical Christianity, they are the ‘false teaching’ we are warned as Christians to stay away from !

      Of each of those remaining points 1,2,3,4,6,7 it can be said they are –

      Practicing Sin & Self Will, because they are pure sectarianism & against Biblical truth. They sow division amongst Christians & denigrate the saving work of Christ in every other Christian outside the PBCC aka EB. They are deluded nonsense. In fact to be a genuine Biblical Christian who follows the Word of God and not ‘men’, you will need to leave the PBCC aka EB to find the ‘truth’ of Christianity.

    11. Rev, We note you often refer to the expression "Half Truths" in your rants when in fact something is either truth or not truth. There is darkness and there is light. There is also good and evil. In other words, it's either one or the other. Thus, you are not permitted to impose your distorted views on other Christians, including the most blessed PBCC. What wonderful people they are and worthy of our respect.

    12. It is rather ironic that EB members/supporters should be so blind as to accuse a person who is a believer in the Lord Jesus of having "distorted views".
      The Exclusive Brethren have made distortion of the scriptures into an "art form" and there are many examples I could mention. Perhaps the most blatant is the distortion of their mantra 2 Timothy 2 verse 21 where JND for reasons best known to himself in his translation added certain words in brackets. My understanding is that the current bible used by members of the Exclusive Brethren has omitted the brackets. If that is not distortion or half truth I do not know what is.
      So please do not attempt to impose your distorted views on those who may not agree with you.
      By the way I have no animosity towards the Exclusive Brethren and am very sorry for those who feel trapped within the cult because of family, business and financial ties and fear of leaving.

    13. And you, Anonymous 18 February 2017 at 07:37, are a half-wit, a typical, uneducated baboon Peeb. A “half truth” does not mean something is half true, you idiot; a half truth is a deceptive statement that contains some element of truth (very little in the case of you lot).

    14. Does this mean Bruce D Hales is therefore head baboon? I'm getting confused. What is he then? A fat little porker or head baboon? Tch tch tch - never has such a great conman been shown so little respect!


    15. Thank you 14.48

      An example for our contentious and benighted EB(PBCC) members.

      Anyone is free to leave us if they wish (half truth).

      You try it and you will lose family, brethren job, home, we will try to separate you if married, you will lose inheritance entitlement and we will make life as difficult for you as we are able (full truth).

      Hope this helps


  6. Dear Anon 5th Feb 11:26. Thanks for your contribution.

    I don't believe that freedom to worship is under attack. In fact your observation of the "inroads" of Islam and Atheism may be a result of a growing respect and tolerance of a variety of beliefs and a freedom to worship whatever diety or otherwise one wishes.

    Also, there are many who have predicted the "end times", none have yet been correct. In fact JHS and JSH had a stab at it, as have numerous other cult leaders. Many, perhaps you included, look to scriptures to prove the end is near citing terrible events and war. But a brief look at history will show that we are at one of the most peaceful times in many centuries. Oddly, scripture also indicates that no-one knows when the end will be.

    Take care.

    Dave P

    1. Tolerance to what? Evil?
      Anything goes does it? Your standard is no standard. Respect?
      What about God's rights over his creation and over us? Do you think your views and opinions matter? No, not a bit.
      There is one God, Lord and Saviour and thus one Truth.
      So if you have turned your back on the light, it will be how great the darkness.
      Jesus said " l am the way, the truth and the life. There is no other way to salvation other than Christ.Having heard this,you are held responsible.
      God will have his bride. Are you going to be included?

    2. To 6.10

      According to the evidence, the separatist Exclusive Brethren, renamed The Plymouth Brethren "Christian" Church, may not be part of "the bride of Christ"; this error might leave you in deep water, as if were.

      What will you do? Having another drink, isn't the solution is it?

      Will Self

    3. 6.10

      "How great the darkness". Do you see a link with Hygiene Solutions Ltd £50,000 fluorescent tube that kills bugs in "shadowed areas"?

      Warick Moneymaker MA

  7. "Christ's return is near as evidenced by these terrible events taking place in the world."

    I assume this is a direct reference to brethren serving donated out-of-date sausages to well-fed firefighters?


    1. Anonymous 5 February at 11.26.
      I am not sure which group of "Christians" you are referring to.
      Is it Catch the fire ministries or the Exclusive Brethren?
      Do you vote for the Rise Up Australia party to "stand against the tide of evil"?
      It is also not clear what terrible events taking place in the world you are referring to.
      Is it appropriate for a so called Christian church to post political messages on its website?
      Some clarification needed as well as straight answers to a few questions.

  8. "Christ's return is near as evidenced by these terrible events taking place....."

    That's what they thought when the Saxons and Vikings landed, then there was the Norman conquest, in Europe the 30 years war and the 100 years war, the plague, the fire of London, the Napoleonic wars, Crimean conflict, WW1, WW2, dropping the atom bomb, Korean war, the Cold War, Vietnam war, conflict in the Middle East, all the bits in between and still not shown up. How near is near?

  9. Just go chase ya own dreams ya cowboys. PBCC is going through to the end. If you left, dont like us, got it in for us then take your anger out elsewhere ya miserable wretches. We are happy and moving onwards and upwards. All the best in your endeavors lol......oh and btw, have a nice day!

    1. Hello Cowboy

      Where is onwards and upwards exactly? What are PBCC defined goals? (apart from making a lot money in a short time, even if it is dodgy)

      You have yourself a good day, and remember - don't drink and drive, y'all, what with Lord's Day comin' up an' all!

      Donald Chump

  10. Anonymous 17 February at 11.43
    I take it from the tenor of your writing you are a young person.
    Young persons in the Exclusive brethren are not permitted "to chase ya own dreams". Third level education is very limited and with a meeting to attend every night time for studying and pursuing a worthwhile career is almost non-existent. I was only able to develop my career after leaving the Exclusive Brethren.

  11. Is this blog dead??? Have the brethren silenced you???

  12. Ivor Beegun
    Do you miss being told how wrong and evil the Exclusive Brethren are in so many ways?

    1. Yes, the more people know about them the better. Reading this blog has opened my eyes to a world I couldn't possibly imagine.