Saturday, 3 December 2016

PBCC leader Hales & Messers Fentiman Sanction Poisoning Equipment

Both the notorious Hales family and the lesser known ex-East end Fentimans market a ropey piece of equipment which could easily hasten their demise.


  1. People often market ropey bits of equipment, which is not in itself a crime, but the Web site referred to above makes far more serious accusations than that. It relates to equipment designed to disinfect hospital wards after they have been contaminated by dangerous bacteria such as Clostridium difficile. The Web site alleges that the disinfection equipment was marketed to hospitals by members of the Exclusive Brethren using information about its effectiveness that was grossly misleading, along with false information about its safety.

    The first question I asked myself was whether the damning evidence presented on the Web site was convincing. After examining it critically, I found it convincing on most counts, the only exception being the bit about lead poisoning, which I think is probably only a minor problem compared with the greater risk of the harmful effects of silver nitrate and the gross overstatement of the effectiveness of the disinfection. If the users of the equipment believe the sales literature they might well think a contaminated hospital ward is safe to re-open when it is not.

    Fabricating or misrepresenting scientific evidence is disgraceful in any circumstances, whether or not it is done for financial gain, but when the health and safety of hospital patients and staff depend on it, then the word immoral does not begin to describe it.

    I can only hope that these grave allegations are not true, but possibly the fastest way to find out would be to refer the question to the Health and Safety Executive, and perhaps an authoritative opinion on biocidal effectiveness might be sought from the Biocidal Products Committee of the European Union.

    On a matter of accuracy, I have not seen any evidence of the involvement of B. D. Hales, though some of his family appear to be directors of Australian companies associated with the questionable equipment.

  2. LOL Pure Fiction :)

  3. Yup more fictious news to make us chuckle. The Stay site went out like a damp squib and so will this one.

    Greetings from us

    1. I have no knowledge of the above so am unable to comment. However the article below on events in Sydney in 1965 is certainly not fictitious (I think this is the word you are struggling to spell) and its accuracy has not been challenged.
      However if as you allege the above article on Poisoning Equipment has been fabricated perhaps you could provide us with evidence that would assure us of that.
      And a very happy Christmas to you (now that Christmas is again being acknowledged by the Exclusive Brethren after a gap of over 50 years)>

    2. Ha ha chuckle .... the Stay site did NOT go out like a damp squib .....Big Brucie arranged a 'settlement' with Richard Stay ..... Brucie told me HIMSELF , in the presence of an independent witness!! hahahaha. Btw I don't blame RS , the pressure on him and his family was immense.. but Brucie's turn is coming .....

    3. Shame the bastards won't settle with me.........yet

  4. Sorry to dampen your Christmas spirit, but Christmas has always been respected and acknowledged by us. We have a turkey every year, celebrate Christ's birth and remember him at The Lord's Supper.Fact is, Christianity is now under attack in countries which once had regard for matters of conscience.

    1. Anon 6 December 2016 at 18:29

      I haven’t commented on this forum for a while, however, your comment above prompted me to write because your comment is such a fabricated confused mix of half truth and no truth

      In the Exclusive Brethren now renamed the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) members are NOT allowed –

      A. to have a Christmas tree in their houses or meeting rooms (Worship Halls)

      B. to sing carols in the meeting rooms (there are no Christmas Carols in your hymn book)

      C. to hold special Christmas services where the congregation sing carols and celebrate the birth of Christ.

      D. to hold nativity plays or allow their children to attend one or act in one

      E. to attend any Christmas Carol concerts or services from other Churches

      F. to engage in any Christmas religious activity

      However, in the Exclusive Brethren now renamed the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) members ARE allowed –

      A. anything secular to do with Christmas !. (How sad and dark for a sect which proclaims it is Christian and believes in Christ Jesus, the Baby born in a Stable)

      B. Eating and Drinking copious amounts

      C. The giving and receiving of presents (although some may not even allow this)

      Anon 6 December 2016 at 18:29

      You say “Christmas has always been respected and acknowledged by us”, is NOT the same as saying we “celebrate” Christmas.

      You say “celebrate Christ's birth”, No, that is not factually accurate at all. Your “fathers of the recovery” of the Exclusive Brethren (now PBCC) such as James Taylor etc, taught that you only remember the “death of Christ” ! and if you really did “celebrate Christ’s birth” why then ban all the things mentioned above ?

      You say “and remember him at The Lord's Supper”, just because you do this every week is NOT the same as saying we “celebrate” Christmas !

      Anon 6 December 2016 at 18:29

      You see Anon, your tactic is all about spin, misdirection, misinformation, obfuscation, half truths, inaccuracies, and attempting to hoodwink the public and those in authority.

      Yet when the facts are examined, you, the Exclusive Brethren aka Plymouth Brethren Christian Church are exposed as nothing but deceivers.

      If you read your Bible, you will find that the Biblical Apostle Paul warned against those practicing such deception

      Anon 6 December 2016 at 18:29

      You also say “Christianity is now under attack in countries which once had regard for matters of conscience.”

      Christmas and the birth of Christ is now celebrated more widely than ever, except you the PBCC wouldn’t know that because you keep “Separate” from celebrating Christmas.

      As a reminder, just because you have been taught that something is a “Matter of Conscience” does NOT mean that what you practice is actually Christian or even of the Holy Bible.

  5. Sorry Anonymous 6 December at 18.29 but Christmas has not always been respected and acknowledged by the Exclusive Brethren. Volume 32 page 552 of James Taylor's ministry indicated that "we do not celebrate Christ's birth but his death." But perhaps like many of the edicts of a drunk who was found in bed with a woman who was not his wife the EB have decided to quietly forget about them or say that the Lord has turned a corner.
    By the way I don't think matters of conscience feature highly in the considerations of the Exclusive Brethren. Over the years persons have been summarily excommunicated without proper enquiry and their individual consciences ignored.

  6. In their efforts to convince the public that they are a normal mainstream church the Exclusive Brethren resort to the re-writing of history.
    "Christmas has always been respected and acknowledged by us. We have turkey every year, celebrate Christ's birth......."
    I would like to know what stuffing one's face with turkey has to do with celebrating Christ's birth? You might also have said that you drink to celebrate Christmas but then alcoholic drink is an everyday pastime for the Exclusive Brethren.
    I can remember when James Taylor junior banned the celebration of Christmas - no presents at Christmas for children, no Christmas cards. Some even told their friends and business acquaintances from outside the EB not to send them cards. I am not sure if those same people refused a bottle of whisky!
    So Anonymous 6 December at 18.29 I suggest you do a little more research into your cult's history before rushing to tell us how "normal" you are. Sadly there are people today that you have "kicked out" who will not be able to celebrate Christmas with their families because they are no longer welcome to even visit them never mind sit down to have Christmas dinner with them.
    HYPOCRITES is a word that readily comes to mind when talking about the Exclusive Brethren.

  7. Lol love it when Rev does these little rants's amazing what a wooden spoon can do. A very useful Christmas present from last year has come in handy. Back to copious cups of tea in the Vicarage garden eh Rev?

  8. Whenever there's any sign of me getting in trouble, I just run away. I have no conscience, I am a fully indoctrinated member of the PBCC and saving my own skin at everyone else's expense is what I'm best at, just like my leader beloved BDH, a man of a different spirit and a very fat tummy.

    Gosh, just had another corporeal appearing in my whisky glass, I think I'm a MOG in the making.

    R. Slicker

  9. That was a great way to divert the point of the original post about Deprox fraud. Very clever Anonymous6 December 2016 at 18:29
    Clever but you see Brother Rev is always there lurking to put you right on whatever you divert us with.

  10. Jill, you are 100% right for a change.
    Rev has been diverted from the straight and narrow way. He stumbleth into the night like a fool whose feet hasteneth after the harlot down to the depths of sheol....

  11. Jill - You are digging a nice deep hole for yourself - "Lurking" has far more to do with evil than good. Ahh you see -Satan has led you away from the truth and your light has become darkness.

  12. Jill is right anonymous at 17.30.You will say anything to stop persons
    researching the multi million deprox fraud

  13. Apologies anonymous at 17.30,my comment was a reply to anonymous at 17.39. A senior moment!
    This deprox fraud is huge.Hence the distraction politics.

  14. am often right Anonymous 17:30 But I cannot dig holes - too physically hard. You however seem to love digging holes - you are so familiar with digging holes that all you can do is repeat the same refrain over and over. Facts will one day have an impact as will exposure of the cruelty perpetrated against brethren members. Oh and take note of that comment - maybe the brethren lawyers will be able to use next time they write to me. I will take great pleasure in proving that my comments are true.

  15. Here are more allegations of scientific fraud perpetrated by an Exclusive Brethren member. The allegations are supported by credible evidence of the sort that could be checked experimentally. See

  16. Regardless of any connection between Hales and Fentiman, any user of NHS services should be aware that the issue exposed on the deproxfraud website is potentially putting them at risk. As someone working in the industry, I am confident of the scientific and engineering basis of the argument put forward, as it effectively explains the Deprox system's ability to succeed under test conditions in contradiction of common-sense, accepted medical wisdom and previous rigorously-researched biological data. Think VW diesels, only with shorter-term and potentially more immediately devastating health risk implications.