Friday, 14 October 2016

Underground Church Interview

A couple turn up unannounced at the Bristol PBCC meeting room:

(Listen from 25 minutes onwards)


  1. Pity her facts are not correct at the beginning. Who is this person? Great interview otherwise! Brilliant! Love the way she described everything!

  2. No mention of the division of families - pity

  3. It seems fairly obvious that the EB congregation were briefed beforehand that "outsiders" would be coming to "the meeting". As a result everything seems to have been stage managed to create the impression of a normal evangelical church.
    Why could the visitors not enter at the same time as EB members?
    Why are public expected to prove they are favourably disposed before admission? I am unaware of any other mainstream church (which the EB claim to be) having such restrictions.
    The Underground church visitors were very gracious and understanding at being asked to remain outside for around three quarters of an hour before being allowed in?

  4. I feel Simon & Bridget have been a little naive. The very fact they were made to wait for sometime before being able to enter, is most unusual for a 'public place of worship'. Every church I have passed have always had their doors open to the public, they have always been so welcoming.
    Not sure what she means about them 'looking so pure'. How deceiving an outward appearance can be?!
    Interesting too they were invited back to one of their smaller halls next time; of course it's only the large halls where all the important stiff gets discussed, as everyone is gathered.

  5. How dare the PBCC deny the directives about separate drains in this interview? The deceitfulness defies belief.