Saturday, 10 September 2016

Prayer Agenda 29/8/16

Prayer Agenda – September 13th 2016 


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Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the World.

We are to pray:



• That Mister Hales garners some God given strength if he is to do what he should and must do if he is to maintain any credibility as a religious captain.



• That Mister Hales try and assume a new mantle of kindness and contrition normally required of a religious leader for the evil done to so many Brethren - by his Brethren. 



• That Mister Hales look to the scriptures for guidance on the true spirit of Christianity and the example of Christ. 



• That Mister Hales shows leadership by looking at what his assembly has done to so many people - destroying their families and decimating their lives. It is man that has created this division - not God. 



• That Mister Hales look outside of his own family and its wellbeing - at those who were less fortunate - with many being the victims of crimes committed by Brethren members and now glossed over by the Brethren as being inconsequentially complicit



• We should pray that Mister Hales instigate a new regime where he instructs that some people already proven to be grossly wronged and abused, are to be compensated by the Brethren for these crimes. 



• We pray that Mister Hales will stop this quest for personal riches among his flock and success in business to fix old business that was not fixed.



• We are to pray that the Brethren will stop this silly charade of street preaching which results in nothing - and perhaps open their church doors to all - just like they used to when ours- and Mister Hales' family joinedall those years ago. This is called Christianity.



• We pray that Mister Hales and the Brethren will stop their hypocrisy and put right the matters that saw thousands of people thrown out for things that are now practically mandatory. Like mobile phones and computers. Even TV - given that many Brethren now watch it on their iPhones and computers. Help Mister Hales to see what is right here. 



• We pray that the Brethren will stop pestering Governments with their silly self-absorbed lobbying and start doing what the rest of mankind does. Just Vote! Part of living in a democracy is having your legal say. If God really chooses leaders - explain Donald Trump and Kevin Rudd to us!  



• We pray that the Brethren will stop referring to those it has wronged as 'opposers'. We pray they will become more honest about people they have hurt as a result.



• We pray that they stop the wicked closeting of their young through the banning of normal further education opportunities - and subscribe to a new Brethren generation with knowledge on things like education and medicine and science - just like they used to years ago. Brethren in the 1940's, 50's and 60's did not become socialists because they went to universities. If their conviction is strong so will they be! 



• We pray that those that still have families alive- can see them and enjoy a normal family fellowship.



• We pray that Mister Hales will see what alcohol is doing to his saints and perhaps start a new trend with fruit juice and energy drinks.



• We pray that the Brethren will stop regarding themselves as superior to mankind and realise that they are members of the same human race the rest of us are. There is no reason to lose your values as a result.



• We also pray that Mister Trump will not be successful in his quest lest he nuke the Brethren and the rest of us - with them. We pray that Mister Trump does not find out about the PBCC's expertise at buildings walls - around their churches and the MOG's manor house.



(We are puzzled as to the Brethren praying for America to maintain its weapons of mass destruction superiority. Surely Lord - no wars are better? So we don't support this prayer they list.)



  1. UK
    Urgent and fervent prayer needed against unprincipled brethren who have broken families, wrecked lives, created alcoholism (leading to death and destruction) committed abuse and continue to misinform and lie.

  2. I think I see a protest from the Eb in Australia that they may be protected against the likes of US!!The opposers. Can we get a copy of this so we can read it? One likes to know the nature of these PBCC opposers who are opposing US!The enemy is within.

  3. I notice a few prayer items that indicate tax concessions are still under threat in some places.

    In the UK the agenda calls for prayers that “Revenue authorities may continue to co-operate regarding the Halls so that a full and final resolution is achieved,” which perhaps indicates that the problems over tax concessions are not quite settled.

    In France there are prayers “That tax concessions on school donations be allowed”.

    In Italy one item reads, “Rome - need for removal of tax claim on new hall site”.

    Some items also indicate that the Brethren are being exposed to public criticism in several places, including Australia, the UK and Sweden, and are sensitive to it.

    I notice an item, “US Presidential Election 8th Nov 2016 - that the office of the presidency will be protected from being usurped by an unqualified person.” Presumably this is a reference to Donald Trump.

  4. How does this “Prayer Agenda” fit with the robotically repeated doctrine about freedom of the Holy Spirit, such as -

    - only in the assembly is the Holy Spirit free
    - only in the brethren is the Holy Spirit free
    - other Churches don’t allow freedom of the Holy Spirit
    etc etc

    I thought one of the key mantras was that there were no set prayers or “agendas” within Exclusive Brethren services/meetings, that was left to the Churches in Christendom, ie every other place outside the EB’s

    It is one of the scaremongering tactics used to persuade persons not to leave – “O but the Holy Spirit is not free in Christendom”,

    Yet, here we have a written “prayer agenda” which goes against all that the brethren have historically taught !

  5. As I remember it, the Brethren had a rigid worship agenda too for the morning meeting, and anyone who strayed outside it was criticised and gossiped about. I don’t mean there was anything wrong with the order of service, but there was nothing uniquely right about it either, so the criticism was just a bit of ill-informed bigotry.

    I remember Brethren children sometimes played at having meetings. They pretended they were at the breaking of bread or a reading meeting or a prayer meeting, and they talked a lot of gibberish and gobbledegook. It was mostly quite harmless make-believe.

    Now that they are grown up they still talk a lot of gibberish and gobbledegook, and still play at make-believe. In their heart of hearts, they must suspect that when they claim unique ecclesiastical validity and uniquely privileged insight into divine truth, it is nothing more than childish bragging. They no more uniquely represent the church now than they did when playing at it as children.

    The main thing that worries me is that nowadays some of the adult meetings are far from harmless. In that respect, the children’s version was better.

  6. Although I was quite young at the time I recall when it was decided that worship to the Holy spirit was moved from immediately after the bread and wine went round to just before we spoke to "the Father".
    I can recall listening to a conversation in the home when this was being discussed and someone dared to suggest that we might as well write out the order of service like they do in the churches.
    I also remember a young brother giving out a hymn that was considered "not to be in line" and this was the subject of conversation over the Sunday dinner table. I was around the same age as he was and it discouraged me from taking part for quite a while!!

    1. Gal 5.1
      The EB seem unaware of the hurt that they cause

      I sometimes come across them and know they are aware of me, yet they look straight ahead
      I've had a mother see I am in a supermarket, bend down to tell her child and then hurry off another way

      I wonder what causes this behaviour. Is it pride? or is it satan?


  7. I remember a young brother giving out a wrong hymn at the Supper (eg a God hymn in a Father spot). The Brethren dutifully sang it but before the last strains had died away his father gave out a proper one and started it straight away. He later got a bollicking in the Reading for 'covering up' his son's misdemeanour. Oh how glad I am I got put through all this BS yet grew up to be the fine (but seriously warped) individual I am today!