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His Master's Voice.


Every time someone writes an honest expose on the Brethren (PBCC) in an effort to expose their inhumanity and evil practices and thought trails - they are howled down by one of the Brethren trolls canvassing the World Wide Web looking for somewhere to vent their spleens in a closeted world where they normally cannot. This is entirely understandable as most sit there like stunned mullets when their Lord and Master is around - almost comatose with fear that he will pick them out. Which is also understandable. 


True to form, when the article immediately below this was published - and it is as accurate as any that could be penned about this strange mob of evil-haters, some clown from their midst comes on here and rejects the lot out of hand. 


The current World leader has a genetic lineage that shows being cruel to people runs in his family. His own father was very cruel to people in the church, calling them out and belittling them in front of a thousand people or more. What gave them the right to do this is anyone's guess - because they just took it on themselves to do so. Bruce Hales father was thrown out for it and apologised in writing. He had also developed a desire to get his fingers into other people's business affairs. And yet the Brethren and Bruce deny it ever took place today and that the Brethren who threw his father out were wrong.  Indeed, many got the bullet as well. You can rest assured that if you played a part in withdrawing from John Hales and his brother in 1965, you are either out, dead or so far down the pecking order today, that nobody has heard a word from you in decades. 


That's the funny thing about conflicts INSIDE the Brethren. They don't have to venture into the world looking for their imagined evils and devils. They abound WITHIN!  There is nearly always a purge on or a 'matter' as they love to call them. Purging after 'matters' is a nasty business. It always results in the loss of Brethren and the wrecking of families. And accusations of conspiracy and ambush. Then they say that 'God created this matter to root the evildoers out'.


So let's not take my word for it. God knows I'm jaundiced. Let's see what Bruce Hales  himself says - so that there can be no doubt of its veracity and pureness of delivery. They also love to say we take things out of context - so let's take the man at his word in his own words.


Let's start with the second biggest Brethren matter in the modern age -dateline 1970 - Aberdeen Scotland when the then Man of God - James Taylor Junior - a man who loved a drink was 'savagely attacked' by Brethren evil-doers. Sadly the grog helped bring about his decline into a mumbling, abusive shadow of his former self, which all came to an explosive head at Aberdeen. There he not only got very drunk, but found himself in a compromising position with another man's wife. In bed. She for some inexplicable reason was naked. That's how they were found. If it was a myth - how come several people attested to it and were thrown out for reporting it? It's what many call an inconvenient truth.  


But what does Bruce say? (If you are the possessor of a set of BDH's ministry - as every Brethren household is commanded to be - you can find these passages by looking up the volume and page as noted.) And remember that copyright is owned by their owned Gospel and Bible Trust. 


"What happened at Aberdeen was the persons that went out believed a lie, without witness, didn’t even check up. See, could that happen again? Happened about J.S.H (the Man of God after Taylor and Symington, lies were believed about him worldwide, universally, and accepted by persons who knew him, who knew him, had been in his company, had experienced his love, experienced his service, experienced his personal generosity ................................. 107:397


"There was the build-up to Aberdeen. Persons that opposed our beloved at Aberdeen were strengthened, really, by the ‘65 crisis, they were strengthened by it, they weren’t with our beloved ........................ " 47:6

Sydney, Reading, Lord’s day, 1 January 2006


Let me pause at this point to take in the process of Bruce's thinking here. His father as I just said - was thrown out in 1965. The charge was 'bringing commercialism into the assembly" - literally talking business in church. He also demanded to know what people spent on things and how much money they earned. Which he did! I know. I can attest to it -I was there. I did check up Mister Bruce. So Mister Bruce now lumps the two incidents together- rather conveniently and says that his father too - was the object of evil doers. He wasn't! Trust me. He did wrong and paid the price. (Three times.)


But Mister Hales is not having a bar of it. He goes on about Aberdeen as the melting pot for all imagined injustices done to his family as well. 


"See, it’s Aberdeen, just Aberdeen, just, it was Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen. Aberdeen in ‘65, ‘76, ‘79, that was justAberdeen, rejection, conspiracy and rejection of the servant. Same thing, it was an AMBUSH', you see"

113:295 Leeds, Reading 5, Lord’s day, 17 July 2011 


Of course - his sychophants all use this opportunity to wade into the argument as well to curry favour with the 'great' man. 


R.A.S. Well, if that line of things was to be expanded, did it mean that Aberdeen had to come to cleanse" the position? 

B.D.H. Yes, that’s why, that’s why it was so difficult for our beloved. Strictly speaking, it shouldn’t have had to go that way, should it? One has often thought, and I don’t know whether it’s fair to say it, I may have said it already, but if the devil hadn’t had the-success he had in interrupting the position in ‘65, I think these other men, these rivals, would have been exposed"


So now the devil made them do it. Along with the rivals. But hang on - there were other evil doers afoot ......


"There was a guy, there was a doctor, who went out and they would have murdered him. They - put so much dope into him. There was someone there shoving needles into him, It was a wonder that he, the man could stand"

Bognor, Reading, Monday, 12 June 2006 - Chicago

"It makes you feel good actually when someone writes to you and attacks you, trying to turn you against 'Our Beloved'. Of course, some people totally lose their marbles I suppose don't they? But wicked people often don't, just wicked, wicked people. How could you be turned against Our Beloved? Send you tapes of Aberdeen. Interesting, excellent. Ambush plus ambush." 

108 290-291.

His mate John Gadsden then wades into the mangling of history....

"JT Jnr's behaviour leading up to Aberdeen was the personification of the Holy Spirit. I think that's excellent. I was thinking of our Beloved's service in those closing months up to Aberdeen, the liberty that was there and that's what the flesh couldn't take in." 

111 160-161

Hales has the last word on the subject however...

"If you don't understand Aberdeen, I don't care, don't worry about it - Okay? Don't understand it - that's fine. But you get up against it, you're lost, you're finished."

129 18

So hundreds if not a thousand people were thrown out for this extraordinary turn of events that they explained away as an 'ambush' to discredit the Man of God. Sadly Taylor was doing a pretty good job of that all by himself in those days if the actual recordings of his meetings were anything to go by. Obviously another fabrication by wicked, wicked people I suspect.  

Booze might have been the real cause of the anguish here. But they are loathe to give that up because the Brethren like to drink. Sadly - sometimes it kills them as we read more recently in news reports. If I was Hales I would ban it. But like his predecessors- he too likes a drink. But he paid lip service to the concept once. 

"C.W.J. There was something called prohibition, I thought, early, when l was young! 

B.D.H. Yes, well, it's about time we brought it back in again, I think, because some people don’t know how to control how much they drink. But the government come down tough on you. I remember years ago, several times, brothers werehauled over by the police, and they said, Look—they’dobviously had a couple of drinks—walk the line, can you walk the straight line? If they did it, they were okay. But it’s not the same nowadays. There’s no, no mercy .... 47:104 Sydney


"That's a good thing for you boys to listen to, drink beer, best if you're going to drink anything, drink beer. Not too much and don't drink the high strength stuff.

Sydney, Reading, Saturday, 10April2010


But now I am confused. I know of two mates personally who got thrown out of the Brethren with the loss of their families for either thinking of owning a computer in their business - or for actually buying one of the first rather Spartan word and numerical processors that were computers in those days. They were little more than typewriters with a memory. But here's what Bruce says of those early days. And his timing is in serious doubt- because it looks like when they were wrecking families over this issue- Bruce was flaunting the rules with impunity. 

Re: ELECTRONICS—computers - "I can’t understand the juvenility, if that’s the right word to use, of thinking that I’vegot the right to go back to any form of computerisation in my business, in terms of ownership and personal engagement in (the) use of it. The Lord made the issue in 1982 ................. ”

3127:227 Auckland, Reading 3, Saturday, 24 April 2004


Funnily enough Bruce Hales has become extremely 'juvenile' these days, making millions from - you guessed it- computers!


"I had had computers in my business up to a couple of months before [June 1982] .And I had got them based on what I had heard Mr. Symington had said, which I found out later to be true, what he said. But, see, he came -to a judgment of them, and the thing became an issue, and he brought it out, and pronounced on it ......... 30:92 Mount Barker, Reading, Monday, 12 July 2004 -


' l was trying to make a decision in the business, and I tell you what it was, it was putting in a computer. We’d lined it all up, and Mr. Greene (his father in law) had done a carefulevaluation of the whole thing. And I said to my father, Canyou give me a decision? He wasn’t really against it, was he? Do you remember that? Is that right? 


A.J.G. Yes, he asked me to help you install it. 


B.D.H. Yes. .... he knew what he was doing too. So I rang J.S.H. the night he was withdrawn from, on a Wednesday night, and l rang him‘at home, he had got just home, and I said, I said, Can you, have you got anything to say? He said, I’m sorry, Bruce,- l can’t make a decision. He said, The brothers are coming to see me. And I placed the order for the computer l had gone on, I had to get oneI had to keep going, didn’t I? It was an excellent computer too [it only processed and stored accounting data] . I tell you what, it did an excellent job for me. You know why I, what I was relying on, was a report I’d heard from Gadsden here. And I didn’t checkup until about 2003. So twenty-four years later I said to him, this, what was reported to me, that Mr. Symington said to you, I said, was that correct? He said, Yes, exactly correct, exactly verbatim. So you can see what happened when J.S.H. got out of fellowship, a whole lot of things got off the rails .............................. 94:160

Wollongong, Reading 3,

Now this is puzzling on several levels. First off BDH is playing with computers while others are being thrown out for it. Secondly- he's talking to his father who was under discipline - which none of us were allowed to do. But - Bruce was OK - he had an excellent computer -   something that he would not allow the Brethren to do for some years - and presumably until he had worked out a scheme for him to get rich from it.  

So it's a fickle, fickle world - the world of the PBCC. You can get the bullet for nothing. They can wreck your life for nothing. And they do. But they protect their own - particularly if the name is Hales. Here, grace and forgiveness abounds. Just not for anyone else. 

Stand by dear readers- more will follow of the Great Man's words. Because - it is by these words that he will be judged. 



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