Thursday, 4 August 2016

BDH's Editor in Chief and Scapegoat Laurence.N.Marsh (Fernhurst) formerly Kingston UK

Poor simpering sot Laurie Marsh formerly CEO of the Bible and Gospel trust is in trouble again for 'tampering' with his Master's words-BDH in his incandescent rage has once again stuck in the jackboot in no uncertain way to the elderly LNM.

I suppose The MoG needs to blame some poor sod for his own words especially the 'Hatred' & 'Rat Poison' bits!


  1. Can you give more information on this one?

  2. LNM got in trouble for editing the ministry.
    Now BDH got stroppy with Graham Reiner for not editing out his rat poison ministry.

  3. I was 'local' with Laurie for a while and fancied his daughters (I think Janet and Rosemary were around my age). I could have enjoyed elevated status for a while, but what a mess I'd be in now!

    The Kingston Kid

  4. The editors have my sympathy. They can’t win.

    If they deleted all the bits of ministry that were offensive, all the ridiculous interpretations of scripture, all the sweeping denigration of other cultures, all the pompous self-aggrandisement, all the pretentious empty claims, all the extreme sectarianism, all the opaque, incomprehensible prose and woolly waffle, what would you be left with? Not very much. Just mindless, wearisome slogans, relentless repetition of the need for strict separation, repeated calls for unconditional obedience to the leadership and extravagant adulation of “these great men”.

    Whatever the editors do, and however wise their judgment, they are not going to finish up with much that is recognisable as Christian ministry.

  5. Maybe he shouldn't spout such rubbish in the first place. Who'd be a B&GT editor? In fact who'd even wanna be in the PBCC. Like a den of vipers, when they aren't gobbing off about 'disaffected former members' they turn on each other. Most of us put that behaviour behind us at infant school.

    Waddington's Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.....The Blame Game.

  6. Would there be a link dear brethren - between our beloved brother and Donald Trump? Both seem to love their wealth and shoot from the hip every time they open their mouths. And both have a fear of things they don't understand. Is there a link there for us?

    1. Yes, a very strong link. The parallels between Donald Trump and “these great men” are demonstrable in at least the last four of them, but most striking in the case of JTJr.

      Studying the Donald Trump phenomenon helped me to understand how it was possible for JTJr to gather a crowd of followers ready to pledge blind, irrational, unconditional support for him, no matter how bad were the things he said and did. His supporters believed patently false statements merely because he made them. They classified vices as virtues merely because they were his vices. They committed evil deeds merely because he told them to.

      Trump, like several of the Brethren leaders, bypasses his audience’s reason and intellect and appeals directly to their primitive, visceral feelings and emotions. He stirs up fear, anger, hatred and resentment, directed at Muslims, Mexicans, Democrats, “the Establishment”, the Chinese, and the rest of the known universe. When he has achieved this, his followers are ready to believe anything bad he might say about anyone who is not “one of us” even when many of the things he says are utterly false.

      Brethren leaders use rather similar methods, stirring up fear and distrust of the World, Christendom, Opposers, Traitors, the Charity Commission, Universities, Courts, and anyone who is not “one of us”. Having done this, they can then paint an utterly false picture of the non-Brethren world, convincing their flock, against all evidence, that it is bad, getting worse and ripe for destruction; and their followers, having been emotionally primed to believe all this, will blindly swallow the whole story. It works: they genuinely do believe it.

    2. One main parallel with Trump and brethren leaders is their conservative Christian values base.And that in both cases human tradition of faithfulness is being exploited

    3. Anon 8 Aug at 10.09.
      I am not sure of the point you are making. Could you elaborate please.

    4. Yes.In both cases the base group is fueled by believers.The faithful throng.People whom are conditioned to feel most comfortable living by life by faith.In submission,many will choose to "go with the flow" and meekly follow the lead of other folk around them.

  7. Trump is a Christian...stop complaining

    1. If I was charged in court with being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict me? A good question for all Christians.
      Some qualities of a Christian are mentioned by Paul in Philippians 4 - verse 5 gentleness;(JND has a footnote - mildness not insisting on one's rights)
      verse 8 includes truth; noble; just; pure; lovely;admirable; praiseworthy.
      I did not see much evidence of these qualities in the life and ministry of James Taylor junior and from what I have seen and heard admittedly in news reports about Donald Trump they are conspicuous by their absence in opinions he has expressed about women and those whose ethnicity he does not favour.
      Trump's recent outbursts also brought to my mind some of the outrageous things uttered by JT junior particularly about women. Interestingly many of these unsavoury utterances appeared in his printed ministry. Are these now subject to revisionism and with whose approval??

  8. Trump is a Christian as EB(PBCC) are Christian....Not!

  9. If Trump were Muslim, he would be denounced as a preacher of hate and a terrorist!

  10. The ministry is not a book but printed recording of meetings

    There are various claims in the Exclusives similar to :-

    The Ministry is inspired / close to scripture
    Their Leader only says what The Lord tells him to say
    He has the current word of God
    He has Divine telepathy / insight etc

    If this is believed, to alter it is to doubt God

    If wrong doctrine in it, a note of correction should be added


  11. 20.59

    I see nothing to be complacent about Trump being a Christian, even if it is true, which it isn't. Some of the most dangerous extremists in the US profess to be Christian. I would feel more at ease if Trump didn't exist, or at least was a secularist, humanist, or something more moral and benign.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Drawing some sort of comfort from Trump professing to be a Christian is like thanking God that John Hales was vindicated over the introduction of the commercial system in 1965. It has no consequence today! Let's be honest though. Trump's professed Christianity has only come to the fore when he tilts at the White House. Before that the closest he has been to a church is when he's trying to buy it's real estate for another of his failed casinos. The man is a flake - a fraud and a liar. And he's not that smart. He has managed to lose millions in almost every enterprise he has entered including the first millions his father gave him as a teenager. Experts say he is lucky to be worth $800m in reality. If he'd taken the $200m he got from Dad and simply stuck it in shares and banks - he'd be worth $16b today. Which he isn't. He's the creepiest Presidential candidate in history. And he poses a threat to the entire free world. "If we have nukes- why can't we use 'em?" Is he serious?? It's like putting BDH in charge of an EB widow's fund.

  12. One of the reasons the ministry of the current Universal Leader was produced in white pamphlet form was that it could be produced quickly. In JTJnr's time it took at least six months for his latest ministry to be printed and circulated to the brethren. Part of the delay was due to editing and making it sound grammatically correct. So about 1968 Alan Price from Barnet set up a modern printing press at his house, and with the latest IBM typewriters produced the 'white books'. Everything was typed verbatim from tapes, and that is how every one read it.

    People who edited or checked JT Snr's and JT Jnr's ministry were always at risk of getting into trouble. Mr Stanley from Kingston/Teddington was withdrawn from because he cut out paragraphs which were deemed to be important. He was never allowed back into fellowship, such was the perceived seriousness of his offence. Walter Brown from Harrow used to edit JTJnr's ministry before it went to the printers. JTJnr liked him and trusted him, and he was an educated man. Whatever happened to him ? I am sure he fell foul of JHS. Alfred J Gardiner (senior trustee at Stow Hill Depot) was accused in his old age of tampering with the ministry or allowing it to be edited. Was he withdrawn from ? or was he given the burial of an ass ? his coffin dragged along the ground.

    Bruce D Hales should edit his own ministry, if he can make sense of it. Far too many good people have been excommunicated because of the latest MOG's irritations about what he is supposed to have said.