Monday, 25 July 2016

The Spoonfed False Profit(s)

One wonders in amazement why the poor morally starved Hales Exclusive Brethren Cult adherents continue to Spoonfeed Bruce D Hales with such reverence and their entire wherewithal.

Clearly the deluded chump has a hold over them.

The question is for how long will this remain to be the case?


  1. Golly, he is spoon feeding fatty :)

  2. So when this "chump" moves on, I wonder who will be next?

  3. So why is the spoon feeder black?
    The vast majority of the peebs are of white European descent.

  4. 'The vast majority of the peebs are of white European descent.'

    They are. Contrary to impressions generated by the PBCC's own website and Focus Schools material, which appear to show there is a much higher percentage of black Brethren than in reality.

    It's all part of the grand illusion that is the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church 2016.

    It's a travesty of human rights that the PBCC do not allow marriage between their own members on grounds of skin colour alone.

  5. To the comment: So when this "chump" moves on, I wonder who will be next?. Rest assured it will not be his daughter

  6. When that "chump" moves on. I don't think his daughter will be in the hunt. .... unless of course.

  7. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. Didn't today's chump's uncle marry the daughter of another chump? Does that make him a chimp off the old block?

  8. Which is the worst *sin* in the EB(PBCC)? To want to marry someone in the EB who is a different colour, or to want to marry someone not in the EB who is the same colour? Accepted it is a given that the most awesome sin of all is to want to marry a non member of the *wrong* colour.

    As the strictures are part of the rule book of the EB, does that not now constitute an offence? Unless, of course, it is *an individual exercise* such as in the case of not eating with
    your non EB family.