Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Darkest Form of Evil-Bruce D Hales

This EVIL man has kept a son from his father for too long...
Freddie call your Dad on (0)7701 009694


  1. Enlightening to us and distressingly for BDH, PBCC apologists have let this statement go. The Darkest Form of Evil-Bruce D Hales. Maybe it's something we can all agree on.

  2. Nice picture! Hallelujah, what a con man!

  3. It is apparent that you cannot defend the indefensible. With a change in the wind, you just know they would abandon him quicker than you can say Billi Gadsden.

  4. In the last few years the practice has grown up of a criminal being asked to visit his victim so that he can see the damage that his actions have done. For example a burglar is made to have a meeting with the person whose property he broke into, just so he can see the affect of his actions, and maybe to apologise.

    I think it would be a good idea if Bruce D Hales were made to visit the parents who have been withdrawn from in the last few years, and who lost their children to the Hales Exclusive Brethren. The usual practice when a parent or both parents are put out is that the children leave their home and lodge with other brethren or relatives. This is the done thing. Often the mother and father withdrawn from have little contact with their children ever again, but they are expected to support them financially. This does great damage to the family unit, the parents suffer in health and in mind. And these actions damage the children sometimes irreparably, particularly daughters who have lost their withdrawn from fathers.

    Has Bruce Hales ever contacted a young person who has been withdrawn from to inquire after his/her well-being ? Has he ever contacted parents who have lost their young offspring to the Exclusive Brethren ? He might learn a thing or two if he did.

    1. He doesn't even reply to genuine letters. Rude, arrogant and complacent, he cares about no one, other than himself. Why doesn't he put a stop to the idolatry he's showered with? Because it massages his fragile ego and he laps it up.

      He IS the wolf in sheep's clothing and he IS devouring the fleeced flock.

    2. The above practice is often known as "Restorative Justice" in the wider world, yes? A certain irony, given EB usage of the term 'restore' with regard to their fellowship. One of the things that most got their goat (and exposed their arrogance) at the 2003 review, is when ex-members refused to be 'restored' back to the group whose dust they had long since shaken from their feet. The HEB mindset is absolute miles away from successful Restorative Justice practices in my opinion. I can only imagine BDH embarking on such activity solely with the aim of a PR exercise. But hey, I guess you never know when some actual truth and humility and understanding of the impact of their nasty separatism and lies might hit home... however I think it'll be a long wait!

  5. Is there not a case where a child was then sexually abused in the new Brethren *foster* home?

    1. Sect man jailed for sex abuse of girl
      David Marr and Geesche Jacobsen
      February 17, 2007

      THE sentencing of Lindsay Ronald Jensen yesterday for abusing a young girl in Albury brings almost to an end a saga of squalor and betrayal that has embroiled the religious sect the Exclusive Brethren and its leadership for four years.

      Jensen, 49, an imposing man nearly two metres tall, was sentenced to five years’ jail on four counts of indecent assault and one of sexual intercourse without consent. Judge Gay Murrell found the offences occurred when Jensen was in a position of trust and responsible for the girl’s welfare. She set a non-parole period of three years.

      The girl was nine when the assaults took place in 2002. Her parents were estranged, and according to the iron rules of the Brethren she had little contact with her father. But she was often in close contact that year with Jensen, a leading member of the Brethren in the city.

      Judge Murrell found the relationship between the child and her abuser “was brought about because of membership of the church”. But the sect did nothing effective when the child complained about Jensen in early 2003. Some months later the child was quizzed by two senior women in the Albury congregation, but still no action was taken.

      The Brethren’s new spokesman, Tony McCorkell, told the Herald that although the women were not “overly convinced” by the accusations, local sect leaders tried to dissuade Jensen from attending board meetings at the Brethren school because they thought him “loose-moralled” and feared “maybe this could be true”.

      Decisive action was finally taken by non-Brethren teachers at the sect’s school when Jensen’s presence there one day in mid-August 2003 provoked another young girl to storm out calling: “You touched me up. I’m not going to be here at the school while you’re here.” Mr McCorkell said teachers reported the incident to the NSW Department of Community Services.

      Mr McCorkell said it was only at this point that the world leader of the church, Bruce Hales – a Sydney businessman known to the faithful as the Elect Vessel and the Man of God – learnt what was happening in Albury. “I can confirm – and I believe without a shadow of a doubt – Bruce Hales didn’t even know about the situation, according to him, until it had already been reported to DOCS.”

      Jensen was excluded from the day-to-day life of the church, but his exile lasted only four months. “There is a whole heap of bitching and moaning and fighting and carrying on in Albury church,” Mr McCorkell said. “Jensen’s wife is running around saying to people ‘he’s been excommunicated and he hasn’t even been arrested yet. This is outrageous. This is slanderous’ … So there’s a lot of pressure on the church to restore him back into the church. So that’s what happens.”

      The young girl went to Albury police the next day. Jensen was expelled from the cult after his arrest.

      The Brethren are in the process of expelling his wife, Jenny, and all his children. Mrs Jensen told the District Court yesterday that she had been shunned by the sect.

      In a statement issued yesterday, the Brethren extended their sympathy to the victim and her family. “The church shares the community’s revulsion of sexual abuse and seeks to do whatever it can to prevent it from occurring and to ensure if further instances occur they are reported to the authorities without delay.”

  6. 'That'll be two cheeseburgers, both with relish, two medium fries and a couple of bottles of your water please, Bruce. Now, about those 'investments' you mentioned? The ones that Jenny doesn't know about'?.........

  7. Like all cults who pencil their ideas into God's Word, these people who claim to uphold the Truth for all mankind, do anything but! Forget about 'honour your parents'- that's only "if they're walking rightly" - and make sure you honour Paul's alcoholic successor 'Our Beloved' for climbing into bed with another man's naked wife. BTW: 'eating is fellowship' but you won't find that in the Scriptures either.