Friday, 22 July 2016

Opening Pandora's Box. Corking the Un-Corkable!


It appears that thrusting their children in to their own schools - free from the contamination of the world- is finally coming slightly unstuck if the tone of this purge-like gathering in England and urgent missives demanding that children and their parents reacquaint themselves with the wishes of BDH viz 'relationships' and technology usage is anything to go by. They are about to be re-programmed. 


Frankly , if I'm totally honest the public school system was much better. Cheaper, cleaner, easier. I was a Peeb kid at a Public school and there was no hope of me being contaminated by any of the little girls who went to that school because I was 'one of those weird Brethren kids.' We were treated as being slightly leprous and therefore, not cool. So no need for sexual education for me then. 


But when you put boys and girls together on a level playing field (i.e. a PBCC School, free from worldly influences and prejudices) you uncork a potential situation that no thinking worldly teacher will stand against. Because you cannot repress the irrepressible. 


Let's get one thing straight. Hormones are hormones. You cannot reverse a God created urge Mister Hales. We are designed to be attracted to each other from our teens. It is a fact of life. You felt it - when you sat on that beach with Jenny Greene. Even though you hadn't sinned since you were 12. (Like hell you didn't.)


And your kids are feeling it right now. And no amount of segregation in the school ground and lunch area will make a bit of difference. Lecture them all you like. It won't work. If you want to fix it - for a start you will have to have segregated schools. That is schools for boys and schools for girls. Then you will no doubt develop a homosexual problem which will be extremely distasteful on Tuesday nights as each new occurrence is aired. 


In our day - Brethren girls could get married at 16. Some did. Not the smartest thing to do. We had one in our locality. Couldn't cook. Couldn't keep house. Shouldn't be getting pregnant because she knew nothing of motherhood despite belting one out for several years after her blessed union. Almost a cruel thing to allow to happen. Now they have to be 20. By then their hormones have been raging for so long they are practically an incendiary device. 


These kids are denied a sex education - which is pretty bloody silly. I mean - I didn't have one either. All that did was serve to make me ignorant of several things until I was in my 20'sand introduce a level of ignorant rapaciousness that was probably dangerous. But you cannot ban the natural course of life. Which the Brethren and Mister Hales think they can through these purging/education sessions. "Mister Hales said I mustn't have special friendships with children my age - therefore I won't." Like hell they won't! 


I recall another pair of Brethren kids who got together- their hormones rampant for a release of ordained normality. Sadly they were found out. Also sadly, they got pregnant. They were ripped out of school and shut up. As were their parents. Their siblings were whisked away lest they were in any way contaminated. They were made to marry. At 16! (Well she was). Which is a cruel way to start out in life. But it is the Brethren way. Tell 'em nothing and make them suffer if they do something they shouldn't. Makes sense!   


So why not do what the world does. Let them have boyfriends and girlfriends. Educate them on sex and all the issues that worldly people do, so they know they have choices and that getting pregnant and married at 16 is NOT a clever thing to do, and let them grow up normally. It's that simple.


Then we come to that annoying old subject of IT. I've lost count of the warnings I have given BDH over this. Has he heeded my pleas of impending doom? Never! So it's come back to bite him on the bum. 


So having been given the World Wide Web by Bruce Hales, (because he needed it for business, schools and making money), kids being kids, have picked it up at something approaching the speed of sound and run with it. Like all kids - they can download music and games, they can access movies and probably a whole lot more. 


So how now- do you take it from them? You threaten them with the loss of everything they hold dear and make them listen to recorded messages on the rules again. That'll work. For a couple of weeks. Or three minutes. Whichever comes first.


The Web is an intoxicating thing Mister Hales. I'm on it now. I love it. And having given the Brethren permission to use it - your restricted, monitored, highly priced computers were only ever going to get the most minimal of workouts before the little darlings all toddled along to Harvey Norman themselves and bought the un-restricted models and their associated gadgetry. Try taking it off them now! Good luck with that. This is where the quest for money overtakes the rules of engagement. And no demands for allegiance to your hard and fast rules will make an iota of difference. They're hooked! You silly, silly, man.


  1. I don't know who writes these missives in the style of the one above... But I beg of you, Bruce D Hales, PLEASE read this one and take note of the two main points it makes to you. They're valid, and right on the mark as usual.

    The Taylor-Hales EB group is set up for calamity upon calamity, hundreds of personal tragedies occur ongoingly... all because of decades of successive leaders trying to continually exert control, instead of allowing members to use their own God-given conscience and decision-making abilities. It's not right, and is a founding reason why those of us who know the Brethren from the inside out, view the group as a personality cult. It's got to stop, before more people get irreversibly hurt and damaged.

  2. To be fair to Mr Hales, his decision to ban the use of the Internet and his later decision to permit it were not easy decisions. He had to choose between losing his cash flow and losing his credibility. Not an easy choice. If he didn’t allow the Brethren to use the Internet, their businesses would become uncompetitive, but if he did allow them to use it his religion would become uncompetitive.

    Why would the Internet be a threat to his religion? Simply because his followers would find out lots of facts that flatly contradict the myths, spin and propaganda that he has been feeding them for years. They would find out that almost everything outside Exclusive Brethrenism is better than almost everything inside it. When I say better, I mean better by almost any criterion, moral, intellectual, spiritual, material or emotional.

    The author of the above article has called access to the Internet a Pandora’s box, but that is only from the point of view of Brethren dictators; to anyone else the access to the wealth of information outside of EBism is not a Pandora’s box: it is a cornucopia, an almost limitless supply of goodies, including the whole world of learning, the whole world of art, drama, literature, humanities, music, science, law, ethics, theology and philosophy.

    One of the biggest problems for Mr Hales is that these facts, once discovered, cannot be un-discovered. When people realise they have been missing out on some of the best things in life, some of the most noble, edifying and exhilarating things, some of the most satisfying things, they cannot just forget it and go back to saying Yes Mr Bruce, No Mr Bruce, Three bags full, Mr Bruce.

  3. You didn’t mention history, Ian!

    I’ve become aware that members of the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren tend to be shaky about history, even when it involves an accurate knowledge of their own Brethren past, of the era of the biblical documents, or of church history since the days of the apostles and Paul.

    The internet is a useful tool here, and a lot of information can be gained and confirmed online when people don’t have the opportunity to spend time in the libraries where the original documents are kept. Many of these documents have now been digitised and can be studied online.

    In my (sadly, largely unsuccessful) effort to keep open a channel of communication with a few PBCC/Exclusive Brethren members I’ve tried to inform and share with them details of what’s available on some of these subjects - to a mixed reception so far.

    I’m sad when brethren view an archival, historical interest in their own history as a sign that I’m what they term an ‘opposer’. I had always hoped that it would be common ground on which we could build - and it rather contradicts the view of PBCC/Exclusive Brethren member, Duncan Small (in a letter to a Parliamentary Committee in 2012), that if people knew more about this group of Brethren they would know what they are really like.

  4. 'In our day - Brethren girls could get married at 16. Some did. Not the smartest thing to do. We had one in our locality. Couldn't cook. Couldn't keep house.'

    Before you start tarring everyone with the same brush, I married my EB wife when she was 16. She could cook, clean and consummate the relationship just as well 39 years ago as she can now. A tribute to the courtship process which was allowed at that time. Better at 16 knowing each other well, than choosing a 20 year old from a photo book, getting permission from BDH, getting a lecture about your footwear, before the poor marriage prospect even knows you're faintly interested!

    Yes, I'm saving for the Ruby Anniversary.

  5. Well done to you two! I'm not saying that every marriage at that age was a disaster - just the one I was talking about. You may have been lucky! Certainly after nearly 40 years you are!

  6. Thank you. 28 out of the 40 years marriage will have been achieved, despite both of our immediate, close families remaining blinkered inside the most obnoxious organisation we could have had the misfortune to be born in to.

    36 years of the 40 dealing with epilepsy, a condition the PBCC and family had no understanding of, to the extent that they shoved you off to a 'colony' in the countryside, rather than try and care for you. Such is the care of PBCC parents, that despite losing another one of their children to the same condition and another to stroke, they continue to show no interest at all, despite one of the two remaining members assuring the Charity Commission in writing that 'We are prepared to help anyone in the wider community'.

    'Written evidence submitted by Andrew and Liz Furse (CH 127)
    As a member of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, we feel the terrible injustice of being singled out;
    when all we are trying to do is live a life around the Scriptural teachings of the Holy Bible. We are prepared
    to help anyone in the wider community.
    We support many charities personally; some examples are St John’s Ambulance, Cancer Research, RNLI,
    just to name a few.
    As a community we are spending a lot of money on this current legal case which could be put to help many
    people, whether in poverty, medical assistance or even just a hot meal. Please can we be respected as a charity
    helping the general public?
    December 2012

    Suffice to say we're not expecting a card next year, but a little honesty would not go amiss.

  7. Whenever EB (PBCC) members submit anything in writing it is never too difficult to unravel.

    We are prepared to help anyone in the wider commmunity (but not our own families).
    We support many charities personally (but as a *church* we did nothing).
    As a community we are spending a lot of money in this legal case (but then we do all the time, even to make sure families we have wrecked, stay wrecked).

    Before the CC dispute (i.e. at the time of writing this letter) the Hales faction did absolutely nothing to help the general public, despite the lies from spin Dr. Peter Trevvett: who wrote that the Brethren boasted 100 years of charity. In this he conveniently forgot to make a distinction between the charitable open brethren (the ones the former, alcoholic leader Taylor called *the dirtiest ditch in Christendom*) and the exclusives.

    Mention of Dr Trevvett reminds me that the last learned member of the PBCommercialChurch hasn't given us any latin quotes recently. Readers can find him on linkedIn, along with many others of his unequally yoked brothers; they who love business and networking more than their neighbours, not to mention non exclusive families.