Monday, 25 July 2016

Jack & Jill quench thirst with RRT 'Premium Water'

The provinance of the RRT water is questionable in true 'Hales' style-possibly from the 'Peckham Spring' or even 'Denial's' garden tap?


  1. If the water is poured from a holy tap in a detached house, not connected to worldly pipes, would this make it a premium brand?


  2. Even BDH couldn't turn RRT 'Premium' water into wine. In fact he seems unable to do anything successfuly, exept ball's up, break the speed limit, break up families and ignore the abuse of children.

    I wonder if he likes the look of UK fire tenders? Apparently he's seen quite a few recently.........pmsl

    Mr Simon Snorkell

  3. Mr Snorkell

    Do you see a link with the water into whisky? This was when our beloved was at a three day binge (fellowship meeting) and the Johnnie Red had all been consumed; the premium water had all been given away in a tax break publicity stunt and the only thing left was l'eau ordinaire which was miraculously changed into a single malt!