Saturday, 2 July 2016

How can Bruce Hales and the PBCC prevent folk from joining the Armed Forces and Professional bodies?

Watching the poignant Somme memorials it never ceases to amaze me that my own grandfather (born into the cult in question) was forced to be a conscientious objector by the Exclusive Brethren.
(For which he was imprisoned)


  1. The last 60 years of EB ministry contains a curious, paradoxical mixture of pacifism and warmongering. On the one hand the Brethren think it wrong to take part in armed warfare, but several of their leaders have been strongly in support of warfare, especially when conducted by the USA. They have supported some of the most questionable and controversial and disastrous military actions, including the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the second Iraq war, and BDH has several times urged the Brethren to pray for the USA army.

    Here are some quotations to illustrate what I mean.
    “We had someone praying in the prayer meeting yesterday, I thought it was good, for the military commanders in Iraq, the U. S. and British military commanders, that they wouldn’t lose heart or give ground. I think that’s very much needed, really, in our prayers” BDH Vol. 27 page 151 (Papakura, 20 April 2004)

    “We’re thankful, thankful for the American army, I tell you. Should pray for the US army. Do you pray for the US army in your prayer meetings over here? Ben, do you pray for the US military?” BDH Vol. 92 page 105 (Vesta, 10 October 2009)

    “Don’t ever, ever fall into the folly of having anti-U.S. sentiments, it is the most juvenile, stupidest, arrogance of ignorance that one can consider in the public scene” BDH Vol. 98 page 90 (Sydney, 17 April 2010)

    “that’s the centre of the world. We should keep that before us, pray for America, pray for the United States of America” BDH Vol. 102 page 548 (Sydney, 29 August 2010)

    “I think the President made a very strong statement the other day, it would be probably the strongest statement that’s ever been made in essence it was, Look, our supremacy has to be accepted, or anyone not accepting our supremacy is in enemy territory. That’s the strongest statement that, I think, has probably ever been made. And it’s needed, it’s recognition of God, can’t be any question about it.” BDH Vol. 9 page 434 (Windsor, 28 September 2002)

    “So God held His hand over the testimony in a remarkable way . . . And then He strengthened United States to drop those two bombs, which finished the war, at least as far as Japan was concerned, instantaneously, it just, just was a final instantaneous blow. God was in it.” BDH Vol 79 page 49 (Los Angeles, 6 September 2008)

  2. How jolly it would have been along the Somme with the RRT there singing 'It's a long way from Tipperary' and giving everybody a free sausage.

  3. Like or loathe the EB, you have to respect them for many things.
    Why is it that some screwed-up old farts commenting on here think they are of consequence to God's will?
    These people do support the police, doctors, hospitals and the military. No question about it by prayer and lobbying of those in government.
    Hostile, surly, selfish and inward looking are just some of the words which describe those who are not prepared to look in the mirror an repent in dust and ashes.


    1. 'Like or loathe the EB, you have to respect them for many things.'

      List them, Lance. Shame they continue to refuse to support their own families, despite assuring the Charity Commission that they would.

      A PBCC man who leaves prison after being found guilty of sexually abusing someone else's children, continuing to claim his innocence has hardly repented in dust and ashes. I don't know about you, Lance, but I wouldn't run away from the scene of an accident I had caused, leaving my wife wife to die broken and alone. In 2016 it is not morally acceptable to drink and drive, so why do PBCC members continue to do so in numbers?

    2. Anonymous 2 July at 22.54
      "These people do support the police, doctors, hospitals and the military"
      Perhaps you could tells us how many members of the Exclusive Brethren are policemen/women, doctors, nurses and members of the military?
      As a young management trainee one of the best pieces of advice I received was "Never ask someone to do something you are not prepared to do yourself".
      THe EB expect "worldies" to protect them and heal them when they are sick (sometimes self-inflicted from excessive alcohol consumption). Do they not think they have some responsibility to fulfil such roles and allow their members to study and qualify to serve society outside of their blinkered community?

      Someone who is not hostile, surly, selfish and inward looking

  4. 22.54

    I think the *screwed up old fart* (nice!) Might be featured on the succeeding topic.

    The effect of prayer is difficult to quantify; however,to refer to practicalities, how useful are the PBCC to the police, apart from causing problems when running away from accidents, or being booked for exceeding the speed limit?

    Where is the support for doctors and hospitals, apart from presenting with health problems caused by alcoholism, lack of exercise, carnivore rich diets and corpulence? What support lies in refusal to give blood or donate organs?

    Over the military, it seems that tbe PBCC are in as much a muddle as with everything else. They must be the only CO's who pray for war zones, led by the inane ramblings of the previously mentioned *old fart*.

    Rather, dust and ashes on the abusers, separatists and extremists. Those who shout about a few well publicised *charitable* events which have no substance other than maintaining tax breaks.

    Hypocritical, selfish, deluded, indoctrinated, dishonest, fake, superior, greedy, self-absorbed, prejudiced, bigoted are just a few attachments to the PBCC mail (pun intended).

    Bottoms Up!

  5. The crassness of BDH's statement quoted by Ian (above) bears repeating.

    “Don’t ever, ever fall into the folly of having anti-U.S. sentiments, it is the most juvenile, stupidest, arrogance of ignorance that one can consider in the public scene”
    BDH Vol. 98 page 90 (Sydney, 17 April 2010)

    This is supposed to be properly *edited* inspired ministry for the edification of the people in his cult? Jesus wept.