Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hampshire Fire & Rescue on Red Alert for Hales induced PBCC Lawlessness

Hampshire Fire & Rescue are looking into the potential and somewhat typical overloading of the Waterlooville Gospel Hall today and tomorrow.

Bruce the almighty MoG will be holding court and fleecing the gullible flock of adherents to his crazy regime systematically and without mercy once again in the UK before he heads for Holland.

following his light relief in Holland his Beadiness then returns to the north of the UK namely Harrogate where the Emergency services are currently watching with baited breath for yet more lawless overloading of the PBCC Gospel Hall.

Donald Trump awaits his deeppocketedness in the good old United States of America where MoG will be spouting the usual garbage and damnation to the Westfield PBCC Cult Community. The Fire and rescue services there are already on alert there as messages forwarded to us from his minders tell us his every movement.  

Recordings and transcripts of his cultish ramblings will follow in due course.

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to reading what arrogant nonsense he proffers as ministry this time. Meanwhile the whole Bible is full of Godly words and directions for a life full of joy and the delight of God.