Friday, 8 July 2016

Exclusive Brethren: Federal Labor calls for investigation into funding of 'extremist cult' schools


  1. I have one thing to say about this report - Anti Christian

    1. If Bruce Hales and the brethren honestly feel they have nothing to hide.Then perhaps they could offer to pass polygraph lie detector tests

      Why would the exclusive brethren have any need to fear an investigation.

      Unless perhaps they know how they have so many things to try covering up

  2. Perhaps more accurately - Anti Cult

  3. Anti pseudo Christianity, anti corruption, anti theft from the public purse, anti hypocrisy etc etc

  4. It's public money, so the recipients should be able to show how it's been used. Especially when it's suspected its not being used for the public good. Christians should be open and honest in their financial affairs. Not that I think The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church is really a Christian organisation. In common with others, I think it's a cult, bearing all the hallmarks of being a cult. Is a cult a suitable pace to deposit public funds?