Wednesday, 20 July 2016

BDH hits the UK to spread His Bad Tidings

Guildford (Shepherdsmead, New Pond Rd, Peasmarsh GU3 1JR) today & Portsmouth on Friday, Then onto The Hague (& possibly Amsterdam for a little light relief following the pattern of his illustrious brothel creeping forebear JTjnr. 😎)  
All PBCC cult victims have had to swear an oath of allegiance to both he (BDH) and his evil henchmen!

Surrey & Hampshire Fire Service & Police forces have been alerted and will be in attendance to inspect the highly likely collossal overloading of both cult indoctrination centres.

I received this earlier today and have been promised full transcripts & recordings of the said cult leader's vile utterances.

"Everybody who is going to these meetings had to testify to a priest tonight that they are loyal to BDH (cult leader) and agree with this latest document"


  1. It would be useful to have more information about the provenance and date of this document.

    It seems to be a back-up to “recordings” concerning behaviour in the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren schools and refers throughout to Bruce D Hales’s printed ministry. This rather belies the notion that Bruce D Hales is not THE authoritative figure in the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren.

    Behaviour in schools in the United Kingdom is the responsibility of head teachers, staff and governing bodies and that applies to Church of England schools as well. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, and diocesan bishops take an interest in church schools and visit them when they can, but their ministry wouldn’t be referenced in connection with issues around mobile phones, bullying, respect for teachers and so on. Guidance is published by the Departments for Education in the countries of the United Kingdom but, as I’ve said, it’s up to the staff and governors of each school to determine and implement a code of behaviour for their own school.

    Here, it seems, is more evidence that the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren choose to behave like a cult.

    1. Confirmation received today from a current EB - not connected to Laurie's source as far as I'm aware - that this document is legitimate, and was circulated about four weeks ago, although the timing of this varied from place to place.

  2. When reading the above notes, which were presumably used to supplement some audio-visual presentation, I was somewhat puzzled by item 4, “Unsuitable student relationships. Lack of segregation. This has been restated as necessary in physical activity and lunch areas”.

    It is not immediately obvious why the Brethren think it necessary to segregate boys and girls when they are practising athletics or eating their lunch. Are they afraid that an unrestrained orgy might develop across the lunch table? Many educators and many parents think it is positively healthy for young people to socialise with both sexes. We certainly did when I was among the peebs and it was an important part of our social development. Ofsted reports have been known to express disapproval of segregation practices.

    So I looked up the ministry cited in support of this segregation. Most of it is along the lines of keeping oneself pure and fleeing youthful lusts, both of which my generation managed quite easily without physical segregation. But in one of the ministry books cited, BDH sternly declared that Brethren parents and children were both promoting or catering for under-age relationships. He didn’t explain what exactly he meant by relationships, but he probably didn’t mean sex. The relationships, he complained, were a sign of disobedience on the part of young and old alike. The young were forming them and the old were condoning or catering for them.

    For good measure, he complained too that young and old alike were being disobedient and completely defying the Lord’s word in allowing young brothers to build new houses. Yes, I know that sounds bizarre, but read it for yourself and see if you can make any sense of it.

    Ministry of B.D. Hales Vol. 36 page 92 (Condobolin, 10 February 2005)
    [Quote] See, tests might come up for us, simple tests, even young persons are faced with simple tests; question whether I'm going to be obedient. See, the promotion of under-age relationships is disobedience, catering for them on the part of parents is disobedience to the Lord's word, and disobedience on the part of the young people. Mainly the disobedience is with the older ones, because they cater to it, and they condone disobedience. See, when the Lord's word came to us thirty-odd years ago about young brothers not building new houses, there's been disobedience to that word. Where does the disobedience come from? It's come from the older generation, because they've condoned and allowed for disobedience in the younger generation. It's defiance of the Lord's word, complete defiance of the Lord's word,[End quote]

    To blame the Lord for so many arbitrary rules casts something of a slur on the Lord. I just hope the Brethren don’t believe half of the rubbish that is attributed to the Lord.

    1. Yesterday (27 September 2016) the BBC reported that a school has gone to the High Court to try to prevent a highly critical Ofsted report from being published. The report is understood to criticise the school for a policy of teaching boys and girls separately and segregating them at mealtimes. As far as I know, the school in the dispute is not a Brethren school, but Item 4 in the Brethren notes shown above suggests that the Brethren leadership and Ofsted are on a collision course.

  3. I notice Bruce Hales has nothing to say about the torture of animals, so is that acceptable?

    ' Brethren do not keep pets, but were very willing to share their experiences of torturing various different animals from birds to rodents, to chickens and cats, to the degree that I decided to invite the Scottish animal welfare charity SPCA into school to give a talk on the penalties involved in animal cruelty.

  4. It looks as though The Rapid Relief Team will have plenty to do at all the various venues, such as assisting the Hants and Surrey fire services inspections with free supermarket sausages on site, not to mention assisting in Amsterdam should the Hague gig go the extra mile.

    With regard to the RRT, I believe at least one member has been convicted of a sexual offence (as a minor). Does anyone know if charities and the voluntary sector have a duty of care, supervision or disclosure in this regard?

  5. Ian, one of the problems that has been created with these separatist schools they have developed, is that of throwing girls and boys together. In our day - we were the weird Brethren kids in a worldly school and knew we couldn't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend although I flirted with the concept. Humans get attracted to each other when they become teenagers and there is nothing BDH can do about that. It happened to him too if he's honest! Hence this weird 'conference.'

    Then there is the technology issue - which he introduced himself and surely wishes he hadn't. Kids are going to push the envelope - as we did before them with our tapes and prerecorded music (Urrrrgh! Soap and water) and try every medium available to them. Which is why they troll the internet and have non-approved 'devices'. Which has opened a whole new can of worms for the very unwise BDH. They now have to listen to de-programming recordings to cleanse themselves. Good luck with that one Bruce! Kids will be kids. Show them the world and they'll want it. You silly bugger!

  6. You know- we reckon Scientologists are plain weird. The PR bedfellows of the PBBC. But this is a cleansing session for BDH. The Scientologists call it 'Auditing'. Same deal. And both are based on money and retaining members at the end of the day. And retaining their money as well. Funny how these common denominators always raise their ugly heads. Bruce has given them a taste of the world essentially- now he's got to rein them in again. I feel a new rule book might be in the offing from the BGT people.

  7. According to a Mr Grimshaw all EB local assemblies are autonomous.
    Perhaps someone could explain how this gross interference in the lives of members of the EB is consistent with autonomy. If EB assemblies were truly autonomous then the elders in each assembly would provide guidance as necessary as to appropriate behaviour.
    These edicts from on high only confirm how the EB is structured and its cultish rules. Local meetings have no autonomy and must do as the so-called man of God says.
    Do the Exclusive Brethren not realise that they are contradicting themselves as they rush to deal with one crisis after another? Their credibility is zero.

  8. Almost pointless pointing the truth out to them. They LIE! Worse- they LIE blatantly. When they have had Men of God who also lie as a normal part of life - e.g. JT Jnr, JSH (he was at least withdrawn from for it for a moment) what hope have they got? Lying is a normal part of Peeb life. It's us that need to get used to this fact.

  9. This may have been covered on another thread or I am a bit slow and naive. In all these documents there are references to BDH ministry by volume and page numbers.

    But where are the teachings from the Bible itself? Such as keeping yourself pure (to Timothy) or your behaviour to those "outside" - of grace and kindness to all.

    Did I miss something? Is the Bible obsolete in this "Mainstream Christian Church" ?