Monday, 20 June 2016

Protecting the Position - or Covering your backsides. Which is it?

From the 'Fairfield Kid' today:


I am quite incensed at two things in the wake of this latest disclosure. Not that there was any great news in Tony's'coming out' and his decision to simply tell the truth about the way that the PBCC ducks and weaves when the subject of paedophiles in their midst raises its ugly head. 


The thing that is at stake here is credibility. Their first instinct- their first reaction is not to treat this awful matter seriously,but to enlist another of their professional bullshit artists (Tony's successor) to come up with a rebuttal that highlights their charitable gifts including the dollar amounts. I know plenty of true philanthropists who have given to people and organisations most of their lives and they never - NEVER reveal any dollar amounts. It's crude. It's rude and decent people don't do it. But the Brethren do. Which is funny given that it is a most recent development in their course of history,having been expressly forbidden to give to charity for 50 years or more.  It's almost as rude as them paying donations to political parties. And then refusing to vote. If you don't vote because God picks our leaders Mister Hales as you say he does, then let him! Don't try and strengthen his hand with your hundreds of thousands of dollars for political campaigns, to parties you feel will treat the Brethren better. 


But here's the thing. Many, many people in what is now the PBCC  were horribly abused as children - generally by an older person in the church. This has scarred them for life. I know. I was one of them.  And Hales won't even sit down, have a discussion with them, ask how he can help them to move on and offer to do something by way of retribution for these sins. Not Bruce. No- he listens to the stories of some girls who were abused in New Zealand for example, and all he can think about is getting the evil bastard who committed these crimes back into church after he finishes his jail term. He's welcome. The girls? Who cares. 


Worse- he sends a 27 year old spin doctor - a disaster mitigation wiz-kid (apparently) from Sydney to 'sort it out'. Which he couldn't. Not his fault. It was Bruce's fault for even having the audacity to suggest such a thing. What immaturity. What a lack of vision. What a complete lack of judgment. 


The inference has always been with cases like this - to question the child deeply, but not the perpetrator. Is the child to be believed? Probably not. Can we talk the child around to convincing them that they may have made it all up? Can we get them to put it in writing to cover our behinds? 


It is not the Brethren's fault that they have bad eggs in their midst. They - like every other walk of life are a slice of society. So there are creeps in the mix. They will have wife abusers. And their most hated of 'evil perverts' - homosexuals - albeit probably latent. And they have paedophiles in their church. It's a fact. We had them in the localities I circulated within as a child. There was one fellow who was a screaming cottager. Look it up. That's what he confessed to numerous times. Couldn't stay away from public toilets. And they forgave him and when the next purge came around, there he was again confessing to the same old stuff. He was attracted to the porcelain and there was nothing anyone could do about it.  He died 'IN'. Search me? I don't understand it. And then the Brethren get all twitchy about Governments supporting Gay marriage. Homosexuals may be loathed in the PBCC but they don't seem to be as worried about paedophiles going by this latest response. The abusers of their children. 


If there is one sin that is completely unforgiveable today - unforgiveable in any era - it is the sexual abuse of a child. Children don't know what is going on. They don't like it. It's horrible because generally the people who do this stuff make threats when they have finished. Vile threats. Trust me I know. And in the case I have experience in, most of the kids went quiet and have not said a word about it to this day. They are so repulsed - so violated- that they do not even want to relive the details. They don't want to relive the horror.


And what did the Brethren do about it? Well they threw the paedophile I knew about, out. And then they sent the kids to their bedrooms 'to think about their sins.' Heartless bastards! They looked sideways at them in church. They made snide remarks. And this is a caring loving environment? Stop it! 


I'm going to give Hales some good advice that Haslem won't give him - because there's no money in it for him. What about Bruce- you put the hundreds of thousands of dollars you pay your PR consultants towards counselling and justice for those who have been violated in your Brethren world. What about you come out and make a statement. An honest statement that doesn't waffle on about your silly charity which hands out hot dogs and bibles and sings to people in Nursing homes. Let's just address the bad stuff here and stop putting lipstick on it. Say - We acknowledge that this sort of behaviour has gone on in our midst and it seems, we were powerless to stop it. But we want to try and put things right. We want to provide help and support. We want to redress the evil that has gone on before. We are deeply sorry that this has happened. We are more vigilant today about this type of evil and we will not tolerate it for a second. We will do everything in our power to protect our children and anyone else who is being abused in our group. How's that for starters?  


I can confidently tell the PBCC that approaching this thing as arrogantly as they have, will not auger well with any commission. You can protect your position all you like, but all you are doing in front of the real commissioners is digging a grave for yourselves. Commissioners don't care for your 'position.' As missionary based as it might be, it won't cut the mustard with them.


Why don't you come to the front of the pack Mister Hales and talk like a man. You are not illiterate. You are supposed to be a religious luminary. So act like one and tell it like it is. It can only count in your favour if you do. You don't need the Ben Haslem's of this world to craft your rebuttals. You can do it. All you have to do is to be honest. And have some compassion. That's what is lacking here. Compassion.  And from a group of people like the EB's, that is something you should have in spades. Can you see where I am going with this? 


So what's it to be. The position or your bottoms? If Ben Haslem gives the answer, we will know.


  1. “An honest statement that doesn't waffle on about your silly charity which hands out hot dogs and bibles and sings to people in Nursing homes.”

    And let's remind ourselves just how silly that charity is. Look again at the numbers in Haslem's rebuttal. What he is telling us is that last year each volunteer made the gargantuan contribution of serving just over one meal per month. I do more for the birds in my garden.

    1. Anon you say ' I do more for the birds in my garden'
      Well, are we not worth more than sparrows?
      If we also made the effort and kindly served one meal a month each, that would actually be 100% better than using your crumby bird table :)


    2. I like giving other supermarket's sausages to firemen. Makes me feel all warm inside.


    3. Sparrows are preferable to the EB. Also, they are more vulnerable than well-fed firefighters (but not such good publicity).

      *Charity* on the cheap.



  2. A few days ago, I had an interesting chat with a man campaigning to Remain in the EU
    It was very like talking to EB members

    I asked him to give one reason to remain. He gave a reason. I pointed out that that was actually a reason to leave and backed it up. He couldn’t justify it and just repeated it word for word.

    So he tried a different reason. It was the same. Unjustifiable and actually a reason to leave

    The conversation went on to those milking the EU gravy train, so he tried character defamation of a prominent Brexit, just like ‘a few disaffected former members’. I asked was he doing any wrong and he avoided the question. So I had to point blank demand ~ was it illegal? He finally admitted, no it wasn’t, you just don’t expect it , but he can have another job

    He told me Britain will struggle in many ways if we leave, and the went on to say if we leave France and other countries will want to leave. If we leave and are in a mess, it will consolidate the others, if they also want to leave then it shows the Remain group expect us to succeed when out. Like the EB, manipulating information and trying to use it in contradictory ways

    He couldn’t justify his position at all, and finally came up with classic EB line “well you see things differently to me” (your light has become darkness)

    He would not allow for a different point of view and closed the conversation

    It got me thinking it will be a turbulent period after leaving just like leaving the cosiness of the EB, but far far better in the long run


  3. Well done Sam, you win the award for the most irrelevant posting in this blog. Ever. If you're going to try and sneak your politics in here you'll have to be a bit more subtle than that.

  4. Funny this - I had exactly the same experience with a man from the exit faction!

    Talking of the EU debate, would any non-voting EB members like to fly under the radar to tell us their views? Probably a bit of a muddle as I think the *Man of Sin* was supposed to be lurking in a wider federation; however, there is the business between EB companies in the UK, France and Germany to consider.

  5. The similarities between the EU and EB continue ;-
    When the EU started after WWII, it was good and helpful
    When the Brethren movement started in 1828 it was also good and right

    However both have changed over the years – the greed of man and lust for control / power without too much regard for other feelings
    The EU has it’s own programme and is milked by politicians and bureaucrats
    The EB leadership has a programme with large business mergers and regional advisors
    The EB heavies financially gain from gifts in the care meeting, particularly the MOG and his close associates

    Both are now mistakenly misunderstood by the rank and file and thought to be as originally set out
    Laws in the EU were originally democratically controlled by member Governments but now come from people who can’t be voted out (Poll tax was not liked by the people so we had a change of government, this doesn’t happen in the EU))
    The EB were Christian, but now are not, yet members don’t realize this
    3 scriptures I quote to support this Luke 15, Matthew 19 and 2 Peter 3 (also Matthew 17 & Luke 14)
    The EB leader says something wrong, but he can't be removed

    Both have aims on influence and control somewhat worldwide
    Both are making it harder to leave as time goes on
    Both are preaching fear and doom, of life outside their system

    We’re told think for your children. Yes vote LEAVE and send the EU a message to reform
    Leave the EB sooner and give your children a chance. Think of them becoming adults, and realizing they want to embrace Christianity, yet they don’t know anyone or anything outside the EB. Plus they have a hangover of a childhood / lifetime of false indoctrination in the rules of man, and maybe financial ties

    An EB saying is ‘the state outside is a reflection of the state inside’


    1. Someone on TV during referendum night speaking of possible difficulties the EU may make for the leaving of the UK, sagely commented 'who would want to belong to a club that could make it very to leave and negotiate with in the first place'?

      Remind you of anyone else?

  6. This one's for you Sam:

    Friday's going to be amazing! I'm going to wake up in my Union Jack Jim-jams to the sound of a squadron of Spitfires racing overhead and leaving a trail of hot buttered crumpets behind them

    I'll run to the corner shop past all the British children who are laughing and squealing with excitement as they make a beautiful statue of the Queen out of happy wriggling bulldog puppies - with two corgis for her eyebrows!

    Bunting flutters everywhere and the man from the betting shop steps into the street - "guess what! England just won the World Cup & The Ashes & The Grand National and here's the best bit - Boris put a bet on it for everyone! You're all MILLIONAIRES!!!"

    The Red Arrows fly overhead dropping fish and chips as I walk into the corner shop, get my morning paper and go to the counter. "how much please?" I say to the Asian lad there. "1 pence, everything in the whole shop now costs just 1p!" he laughs, "leave it on the counter, I'm off back to Pakistan - we all are!"

    And he's right! Outside in the streets jolly old Nigel Farage is leading a huge crowd of happy foreigners - Turks, Poles, Romanians, Syrians - there's even a few English people with heavy suntans mixed up in there! Nigel's playing Rule Britannia on a long pipe, rather like the pipe that takes the gas into your oven, and they're all following and smiling and talking foreign, bless them!

    Just then Boris flies overhead in a Concorde made of Bank of England gold - "don't worry!" he laughs "I've cut out all the bits the French made!" and with that he crashes into the ground at 1200 miles an hour, along with the economy, the country and all the dozy nostalgic foreigner-fearing fuckwits who fell for his bullshit.

    Grow up. Wake up.

    Major Kerfuffle