Saturday, 18 June 2016

Yet Another Monumental Hales Driven Cock Up

And the official PBCC rebuttal:


  1. Who is the named person in the PBCC in the United Kingdom to whom those with concerns about how these Brethren have behaved historically, or how they are behaving now, can turn?

  2. Good question Joan - I would like to know the names of those in all the countries where EB are found to whom concerns can be voiced.

  3. Bruce D Hales and the various national leaders of the PBCC might find it useful to look online at the Church of England's document 'Reporting concerns and finding support'.

    At last, the issue of abuse is being properly confronted by mainstream churches. It's a learning curve for them, but most churches are facing up to doing the work involved so that victims and survivors are believed and supported. I would expect the PBCC to act accordingly.