Friday, 3 June 2016

Faith in Practice 'Hales Exclusive Brethren Style'

The PBCC website includes this document:

It seems to be ignored on so many counts by PBCC members who continue to act with impunity.


1. The fundamental principles of our faith are those contained in Holy Scriptures known as the Holy Bible (being the King James Version or a New Translation from the original languages by JN Darby) which are comprised of the Old and New Testaments (“Holy Scripture”), and in particular those identified in the statement of doctrinal principle at Schedule 1 of the Trust’s Trust Deed. **
2. The following elements of that statement of doctrinal principle are particularly relevant to the aspects of the undertaking of our daily lives in this world which are dealt with in this Schedule:
1) that the Assembly of God which He has purchased with the blood of His own, is bound to keep itself pure in doctrine and godly walk. This purity is preserved by instruction in the Scriptures, the exercise of pastoral care and infrequently where necessary, assembly discipline according to the Word of God (Acts 20:28, 1 Cor 1:1-9, 1 Cor 5:7,13, 2 Tim 3:16, Eph 4:11);
2) that the oneness of God can only be known amongst those who are of Christ’s Assembly which is holy and blameless and formed by those who keep themselves unspotted from the world. The collective Assembly position is inviolate and central to Christianity (1 Tim 2:5, Eph 5:27, James 1:27, Matt 16:18);
3) that in order to know union with Christ and unity with God, who is essentially separate from evil, it is necessary for us to separate from evil in this world. (2 Cor6:14-18, 1 John 2:15-17, 2 Tim 2:19-22, Matt 16:24-26);
4) that the Lord has left two rites or ordinances both representative of His death. One being baptism which signifies our identification with His death as separating us from the world. The other, a weekly collective celebration of the Lord’s Supper, the remembrance of His death in the loaf speaking to us of His body and the cup speaking to us of His blood. This provides the enduring bond of our fellowship and unity with God. (Acts 16:15, Rom 6:3, 1 Cor 11:23-25); and
5) that we should hold aloof from every form of wickedness in our daily walk so that God Himself can sanctify our spirit, soul and body to be preserved holy and blameless at the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Thess 5:22-23).
3. Separation
1) The principle of separation outlined at paragraph 2 above involves drawing away from the world in a moral sense, rather than in a physical sense. It represents a commitment to those with whom we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and involves choosing to celebrate the Lord’s Supper and to eat and drink together in social fellowship only with those persons. Eating and drinking in social fellowship with other persons who share our faith represents a bond of Christian fellowship with them (1 Cor 10.18-31). As a consequence, the Lord’s Supper is the centre of our lives and it promotes a foundation for the bond of Christian fellowship and our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. (1 John 1:3, 7, Eph 5:11).
2) Within the parameters set out above, the principle of separation permits inter-personal communication and social interaction with non-Brethren (including former Brethren) and service to them – because we seek to do good to all in the world, as opportunities arise. (2 Cor 9:6-8, Gal 6:10).
3) Those in fellowship must ultimately exercise their own judgment in the practice of separation both from those (family, friends, colleagues) they leave when joining the Brethren community, and from those (family, friends, colleagues) who choose to leave the Brethren community. They exercise this judgment based upon their understanding and appreciation of Holy Scripture, the guidance provided in Ministry (now including this statement of doctrinal principle), and the exemplary practice of fellow members of the community.
4) The nature, and extent, of inter-personal communication and social interaction between those within and outside the community – including former Brethren – is therefore based upon a continuous and personal assessment by each member of the community of whether such communication is consistent with Holy Scripture and his or her committal to the bond of the Lord’s Supper. The principle of separation permits inter-personal communication and social interaction between those within and those outside the community – including with former Brethren – (except for the celebration of the Lord’s Supper and eating and drinking in social fellowship which, as noted in paragraph 3(1) above, is confined to members of the community), and indeed this is necessary and desirable in all sorts of contexts.
5) An example of the practical consequence of the principle of separation is that we abstain from media used for the delivery of the entertainments of the world (such as television, radio and other electronic technology and the internet) but this does not extend to education and business activities where the use of electronic technology and the internet are accepted for the purpose of modern communication.
6) Our adherence to these principles should never stop us offering to the wider public (including former Brethren) the opportunity to attend and benefit from our system of Christian worship in accordance with paragraph 4 below, or to learn from us the benefits of a Christian life. Nor should these principles ever result in us acting other than in accordance with the law, or at any time in a manner that lacks compassion, care, or fails to pay due regard to the needs or vulnerabilities of others. A person who acts otherwise is not acting in accordance with our doctrine or beliefs. Some practical examples are set out in the paragraphs that follow.
4. Worship
1)The services of worship conducted in each gospel hall included in the property of the Trust (other than the Lord’s Supper and services convened for a particular family or by a visiting elder, minister, servant or evangelist for the benefit of a congregation gathering by way of special invitation) should be open to all properly disposed persons who wish to be present and observe such worship. “Properly disposed persons” are members of the public (whether members of the Brethren or not) who: (1) respect the gospel hall as a sacred place, (2) do not threaten the safety or privacy of the Assembly, and (3) come to the service in a spirit of gravity, genuinely wishing to learn from the teachings that are given there.
2) We should ensure that a gospel hall in every locality displays prominently outside its premises a sign indicating how persons from outside the community (including former Brethren) can attend a hall for worship.
3) We should offer to people who attend our gospel halls for worship from outside the community (including former Brethren) the opportunity to better understand our faith and services, through literature or in person.
5. Living a Christian Life
1) We seek and are encouraged to live exemplary lives in all our relationships with others in the wider community (including former Brethren), in accordance with the teachings of Holy Scripture (1 Tim 2:2).
2)We regularly go out from our homes to preach on the streets, to distribute Christian literature and engage with the wider community (including former Brethren) in order to present eternal salvation, available to all men by faith in Jesus Christ. (2 Tim 4:2).
3) We seek as members of the public to lead Christian lives as husbands and wives, parents, children, employers, employees and neighbours. (Col 3:22-25, Col 4:1).
4) The preservation and protection of the family unit is fundamental and children are prized as a blessing from God. (Psalm 127:3-5). The elderly are valued members of the community, for whom both their family and the wider community are expected to care.
5) Holy Scripture commands us to be good neighbours to others, and deal with all other people (including former Brethren) openly, honestly and fairly and consistent with these principles, we should give our time, talents and money to assist those in need in the wider community, in so far as reasonable given our abilities and our available resources. (Matt 7:12, Matt 22:39, Eph 4:28).
6. Compassion
1) As Christians, we are to follow the example of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and show compassion to others. (Prov 19:17, Luke 10:33-37, 1 Cor 12:25-26, 1 Peter 3:8).
2) We are expected to care for those who are receptive to such care in our own community, but then also in the wider community (including former Brethren), to the best of our abilities and within our resources. (Gal 6:10, 2 Cor 1:3).
3) In circumstances necessitating pastoral care including but not limited to where fault occurs (Gal 6:1), then pastoral care is provided. When church admonition is necessary, due provision will be made for the welfare of the church member who is under review. This should cover emotional, health, family and financial considerations (1 Tim 5:8). The Holy Scriptures require the practice of admonition and discipline to reflect justice and fairness.
4) Persons investigating any matter should be those that are morally and spiritually qualified in order to display the necessary advocacy for and humility towards the person concerned (1 John 2:1). This must include the ability to ascertain whether the person being cared for shows repentance and contrition (Psalm 32 1,2, Psalm 51:1-4). After the facts are accurately obtained, discernment and judgement must be based on the correct application of the Holy Scriptures. Spiritual persons apply these principles in a manner that will cause the least damage, including reputational damage as regards what is disclosed publicly to the Assembly.
5) Where the spiritual persons discern that God has forgiven the person concerned but the matters confessed to by the person concerned extend beyond a fault and need to be settled in the Assembly the first principle for the Assembly to consider is remission and forgiveness on the basis of the Holy Scriptures. Scriptures to refer to include the following: Gal 6:1, John 20:23, 2 Thess 3:6, 14-15, 1 Tim 5:20, 2 Tim 2:19-21, 1 Cor 5:5, 13.
6) If repeated pastoral care is unsuccessful then the next stages of admonition could include (1) inviting the person being cared for to attend a meeting of the Assembly to listen to an appeal and if suitable to present their differences; (2) a “shrinking” from the person concerned (which involves minimising social contact with the person for a limited period to provide them with the space and time to make a private and personal choice about their continuing in the fellowship), which is relatively rare as pastoral care is intended and does in most cases resolve the matter (Gal 6:1); and (3) the final stage of Assembly admonition would be excommunication this being necessary when a person leaves and separates themselves from the Assembly entirely on their own personal decision and accord, in which case their position as a member of the Assembly becomes untenable, and in other very rare cases where excommunication is necessary as an extreme or last resort measure for serious misdeeds wholly at odds with basic scriptural teaching. Even in cases of excommunication, there is follow up pastoral and shepherd care in view of the possibility of re-including the person concerned in fellowship and the restoration of him or her to full privileges as a member of the Assembly, if he or she wishes.
7) No action should be taken in any way to treat vindictively, maliciously or unfairly persons whether within or outside the community, including those who were within the community and who are leaving or have left the community. Every care should be taken to provide for and support the welfare and education of children and young persons within the community. Where persons seek to leave the community, reasonable assistance should be afforded to them in terms of support and/or financial assistance relating to employment or other matters, where they have been dependent on the community for that support. Reasonable steps should also be taken in these cases (consistent with and subject to any legal requirements applying to the persons involved and the human rights of the persons involved) to allow the continuation of family relationships where a family member has left the community, including providing access to family members, in particular children. Where a person within the community dies, the principle of separation allows members of the extended family of the deceased, including former Brethren, to attend their funeral service. Any people attending a funeral service (whether from within or outside the community) should respect the wishes and beliefs of the deceased, behave with dignity and be treated considerately.
 8) Where legal redress needs to be taken in relation to breaches of the law affecting the church, a proportionate and preventative approach should be taken.
**Extracts from the Holy Scriptures referred to in this Schedule are only a guide to the many Scriptures in support of our way of life and the principles which govern our gathering.


  1. Hey folks,
    It all looks good and so
    not much else we can say, apart from
    keep smiling and stay the course.

    1. Impressed ? No

      Why should we be impressed with such a deceitful document !

      What it says is nothing to do with what the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church actually practice or believe !

      It is a document of the highest deceit and double mindedness because it abuses God's Word the Bible.

      The PBCC aka EB do NOT practice and do NOT believe what the document states.

      Brother Rev

    2. Brother Rev, you have lost your way a long tine ago, so you are not in a position to speak of God's word.
      Although no longer in the fellowship, I find nothing dishonest or abusive in the document. Please kindly refrain from being so poisonous and try to look at your own sinful history.
      God is the judge of the PBCC, not you of all people.

    3. Anon 20.47

      Ahem! Not a very Christian approach to Bother Rev! Now see here (as Peebs like to say) the document may make a good read, but it is the motives that lie behind the statement and the intentions to follow though that are suspect. Where is the evidence to the contrary?

      With such a liberal document, in practice, is there anything to stop you returning to the nest?

      If only God is the judge, how are you especially gifted to know Rev's "sinful history". This sounds rather like arrogance and personal abuse; so clearly, you have not evolved too much since leaving the "fellowship".

      If God is the judge, then we should be able to abandon all thoughts of justice and punishment. How long would you survive?

      Rev doesn't say he is the judge of all people, he isn't the "Elect Vessel", you know!

      Enjoy your Sunday lie in!

      Polly Ester

    4. Anon 4 June at 20:47

      Thank you for the personal attack, made without knowing anything about me !

      As I am a Christian, saved by the Blood of Christ and part of the Body of Christ, I have every right to speak of Gods Word, The Bible.

      As I have already stated, the Faith in Practice document is indeed abusive of Gods Word the Bible and dishonest, because it quotes many scripture references and makes lofty spiritual sounding claims, yet this is merely a cloak to hide behind, because the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren do NOT practice or believe what the document states.

      It is therefore abusive of Gods Word the Bible

      The PBCC aka EB are using Gods Word the Bible to create a veneer of ‘Christianity’ (which they DO NOT actually practice) in order to appease and gain favour with authority for monetary gain

      It is therefore abusive of Gods Word the Bible

    5. Anonymous 4 June 2016 at 20:47

      You find nothing dishonest in their profession of faith.

      I and others know their practice of faith is very different, thus I suggest the title is dishonest

      Please will you explain the need for Plan 'B' if an outsider is present.

      Please give an answer, don't just hide away and avoid an honest question. Remember your last line
      "God is the judge of the PBCC, not you of all people"


    6. Lets take a closer look at the Faith in Practice document.

      It says –
      “1. The fundamental principles of our faith are those contained in Holy Scriptures known as the Holy Bible (being the King James Version or a New Translation from the original languages by JN Darby) which are comprised of the Old and New Testaments (“Holy Scripture”), and in particular those identified in the statement of doctrinal principle at Schedule 1 of the Trust’s Trust Deed.”

      Response –
      No, the fundamental principles of the faith and practice of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren are not found in the Holy Scriptures, which is Gods Words the Bible, as they following list clearly shows -

      -Separation from all other Christians and Christian Churches
      -Not allowed to worship or fellowship with any other Christians
      -Not allowed to sit at the Lords Table with any other Christians
      -Not allowed to visit another Christian Church to hear Gods Word
      -Not allowed to eat or drink with any other Christians
      -Withdraw from those Christians who leave the sect
      -Do not follow or believe John 3 v16 (the whosoever)
      -Are taught that the PBCC EB are “The Assembly” or “The Church”
      -Have questioned the eternal Sonship (which questions the Trinity)
      -If persons leave it is said they have ‘left Christianity’!, & lost salvation !
      -Blind faith in the “organisation” (PBCC EB) & the “Paul of our day”
      -Divide households if a person leaves, even if that person is a Christian
      -Allow babes in arms to take communion (direct contradiction of the Bible)
      -Teach that all other Christians are iniquitous
      -Teach that only the PBCC EB has the truth
      -Teach that the Lord is only free to come to the PBCC EB
      -Teach that persons can only have Christianity within PBCC EB
      -No marriage to anyone outside the sect even if they are Christian
      -Follow a deeply sectarian separatist agenda, which God and Christ hate
      -Faith is placed in what “Ministry Books” say, not Gods Word the Bible
      -Faith is placed in what the “Universal Leader” says & rules, even if statements & edicts are contrary to, or confuse, or twist Gods Word the Bible

      These practices, beliefs & faith are NOT found in Gods Word the Bible

      The fundamental principles of the faith and practice of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka EB are contained in the writings, words and books of universal leaders past and present, such as James Taylor, James Taylor Junior, Symington, Bruce Hales, all of whom produce edicts which directly contradict, ignore and twist Gods Word the Bible and can not be confirmed, checked or verified through Gods Word the Bible, making the utterances of ‘these great men’ opposed to Gods Word and Christ.

    7. Lets take a closer look at the Faith in Practice document.

      It says –
      “1) that the Assembly of God which He has purchased with the blood of His own, is bound to keep itself pure in doctrine and godly walk. This purity is preserved by instruction in the Scriptures, the exercise of pastoral care and infrequently where necessary, assembly discipline according to the Word of God (Acts 20:28, 1 Cor 1:1-9, 1 Cor 5:7,13, 2 Tim 3:16, Eph 4:11)”

      Response –
      Inherent in this statement is the implied notion that PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren think they ‘Are’ the one and only Assembly of God.

      The Word of God, which is the Bible, does NOT teach assembly discipline in the manner in which the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church practice it.

      For example, the subjects listed below are all treated as “sins” & assembly discipline is enforced -

      -If a member eats or drinks with other Christians outside the sect
      -If a member eats or drink with family relatives outside the sect
      -If a member tries to marry another Christian from outside the sect
      -If a member disagrees with the written & spoken “ministry” from leaders
      -If a member does not accept that James Taylor Junior was a pure man
      -If a member is found to be openly communicating with those “outside”
      -If a member is caught watching TV through a shop window (Royal Wedding 1982)
      -If a member is found to have Christian teaching books from “outside” the sect
      -If a member is found to have a Radio, TV, Computer, Mobile Phone, Fax machine (although these “divine rules” have now changed in pursuit of money)
      -If a member has fellowship, worship or communion with any other Christian or Christian Church from outside the sect

      The assembly discipline practiced for these “sins” can take the form of –

      1. An “assembly meeting” at which the person is declared iniquitous and unfit to walk with as a Christian, unless the apparent “sin” is repented of

      2. regular “priestly visits” often targeted at the woman, to brow beat and persuade not to leave the group

      3. Being “Shut Up” for a prescribed number of days, with no communication with family and friends, separate meals, with even husband and wife often kept separate, isolation lasts until the person repents of the apparent “sin” (some of these apparent “sins” are listed above.)

      4. Total separation from family and friends (called being ‘withdrawn from’) unless the apparent “sin” is repented of. This has led to generations of families being divided for over 40 years with parents, children, wives, husbands, grandparents, sisters, brothers etc unable to have normal family relations, or even knowledge of each other

      The Bible which is the Word of God does NOT teach these practices and it does NOT teach that the subjects in the list above are “sins” !!.

      -“…..according to the Word of God (Acts 20:28, 1 Cor 1:1-9, 1 Cor 5:7,13, 2 Tim 3:16, Eph 4:11)”

      This list of Bible verses is ripped totally out of context and twists the Word of God to suit the sectarian separatist agenda of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren

      Acts 20:28 – Does not justify, or give authority to the type of assembly discipline as practiced by PBCC EB

      1 Cor 1:1-9 – Does not justify, or give authority to the type of assembly discipline as practiced by PBCC EB

      1 Cor 5:7,13 – Does not justify, or give authority to the type of assembly discipline as practiced by PBCC EB

      2 Tim 3:16 - Does not justify, or give authority to the type of assembly discipline as practiced by PBCC EB

      Eph 4:11 - Does not justify, or give authority to the type of assembly discipline as practiced by PBCC EB.

    8. Lets take a closer look at the Faith in Practice document.

      It says -
      “2) that the oneness of God can only be known amongst those who are of Christ’s Assembly which is holy and blameless and formed by those who keep themselves unspotted from the world. The collective Assembly position is inviolate and central to Christianity (1 Tim 2:5, Eph 5:27, James 1:27, Matt 16:18);”

      Response –
      Oneness with God can be known to ALL those Christians who have put their faith & trust in Christ, such persons are then part of the Body of Christ, His Church, His Assembly.

      The PBCC statement implies that persons must be part of their group to enjoy oneness with God because PBCC EB teach that only ‘They’ are The Assembly. Yet, Christians do NOT need to join PBCC EB to have salvation, justification, deliverance and oneness with God, because it is available through Christ alone for any genuine Christian from any genuine Christian Church. (Read - 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 to learn about how the One Body actually works according to Gods Word the Bible)

      -“ ….Christianity (1 Tim 2:5, Eph 5:27, James 1:27, Matt 16:18);”

      This list of Bible verse is ripped out of context, or applied with shameless falsehood & hypocrisy

      1 Tim 2:5 – This is NOT what PBCC aka EB practice or believe. They teach if a Christian leaves the sect to go to a Christian Church they have left salvation & Christianity and that it is a “sin” to engage in fellowship, worship or sit at the Lords Table with other Christians from other Churches. Yet, 1 Tim 2v5 teaches that its the same God & the same man Christ Jesus that all real Christians worship. Yet, PBCC EB deliberately disobey this verse & divide Christians by separating themselves from the rest of the Body of Christ & all other Christians, even though those Christians worship the same God and the same man Christ Jesus !

      Eph 5:27 – This verse only refers to what will happen in a coming day. Christ’s Church & all believers who comprise it will not be without spot or wrinkle till Christ appears. To claim or imply otherwise is to misunderstand & falsely represent Christianity. Despite our best efforts, we are - still in the flesh - none are righteous no not one - all have sinned and come short of Gods Glory. If PBCC EB think they have to enact this verse now, they are sadly mistaken. In Gods Word the Bible, the Galatians & others made that mistake & tried to revert back to the Law to bring in perfection yet the Apostle Paul said - foolish Galatians who has bewitched you

      Besides which, this verse does not justify, or give authority to the type of assembly discipline as practiced by PBCC EB

      James 1:27 – The PBCC EB do not follow this verse, yet arbitrarily apply it to subjects & persons that it does not apply to. Keeping yourself “unspotted from the world” does NOT mean –

      -teaching that the Lord is only free to come to PBCC EB
      -teaching that persons can only have Christianity within PBCC EB
      -teaching that members can’t marry other Christians outside the sect
      -complete total separation from ALL other Christians
      -refusing to worship, fellowship, or sit at the Lords Table with other Christians
      -refusing to eat or drink with other Christians
      -dividing households if a person leaves, even if that person is a Christian

      This PBCC EB version of “keeping unspotted from the world” is abhorrent to God, as it declares the millions of Christians saved by the Blood & Work of Christ as somehow not worthy of PBCC aka EB fellowship, worship or communion. Such arrogance, sectarianism, pride & false teaching is an abuse of Gods Word, the Bible and casts as worthless the Work of God in ALL other Christians !

      PBCC EB actually create widows & orphans by dividing & separating generations of families

      Matt 16:18 – This verse applies to all Christians in the Body of Christ, (His Church, His Assembly) not just PBCC EB. Yet, PBCC aka EB teach that only ‘They’ the PBCC EB are The Assembly.

  2. Hogwash, Whitewash and Humbug

    Acting for the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) in the matter of fleecing the public purse and deceiving The Charity Commission.

  3. An inspiring, interesting and noble document.
    Although there is a hint of constraint in
    certain areas, one is compelled to acknowledge
    the genuine desire behind the writer's
    hand to convey the spirit of compassion and warmth
    of these uniquely enlightened people.
    One must also salute the PBCC for their gallant
    efforts and noticeable contribution to the community.
    The world is a better place with them here.
    Thank you all so much and may God continue to
    bless you in the days ahead.

    1. I think you have posted on the wrong blog. Sanctimonious sycophantic comments such as yours are generally found on the PBCC website unless of course you are being satirical!!
      The trouble is PBCC members are so far divorced from normality that it is sometimes difficult to differentiate the spoof from the reality!!

  4. I doubt whether anyone living near the fortified structure inplausibly described as a *Gospel Hall* consider that the world is a better place for a PBCC presence as they speed their convoys to and fro, throughout the week, beginning at 5.30 Sunday mornings. Not to mention the special hazards that must exist if residents are unlucky enough to be resident near a structure regarded important enough within the portfolio to erect a three day drinking marquee.

    Johnnie Walker

  5. I have an issue with this 'Place of Public Worship' description. The only gathering of PBCC that can be described as worship is Communion, or as they call it, The Lord's Supper'. Bible Readings, prayer meetings, Gospel Preachings, funeral services are NOT worship, yet these are the only meetings they will ever let you into, if you pass their initial examination and if they have enough seating.

    Putting the seating issue aside for a moment, it is clear that PBCC rooms are NOT Places of Public Worship, they are merely roof covered 'outreach'or evangelization places. As for the issue of seating, it is a well known fact that when leading PBCC men are in town, 100's more seats are crammed in gangways and foyers contravening every fire regulation in the book. Strange that, when you have to phone to see if there's room on an ordinary day.

    'Faith in Practice' was produced following a year of negotiations with the Charity Commission. The PBCC deemed this to be less expensive than the planned Tribunal. Having first hand knowledge of the lawyers the PBCC use, I promise you 'Faith in Practice' actually cost the PBCC a hell of a lot more than the Tribunal would have done, but it saved them being cross-examined and that to the PBCC is worth all the money in the world because under cross-examination and without days and weeks to wriggle around issues, they are exposed as deceitful liars.

    'Faith in Practice' was craftily crafted to maintain charitable status. The Charity Commission appear to have been duped, but no one in the know has been fooled.

    Separation continues unabated and the PBCC dine out on what the RRT do, to 'prove' public benefit. Why don't the PBCC start being the mainstream church they profess to be and leave the RRT to find more useful things to do?

  6. This summary of how the EB (PBCC) see themselves and their position sounds a bit on the boastful side. "We are perfect - you are not" is what it appears to be saying to other believers in Jesus.

    However laudable the doctrine of separation may sound - and believers are called to be holy - to separate from other born again believers whilst having a history of condoning evil in their midst especially if it is by their leadership might surely be described as hypocritical

    Let me give you an example. An example that caused consternation amongst those who were witnesses but the more scattered fellowship especially those in far off Australia and New Zealand found it easier to believe the myth that was propagated.

    I am pretty sure that if I had done the things I witnessed being done by Mr James Taylor Jr in Preston in July 1970 it would have been called evil. And quite right too! Groping young women combined with lewd talk is not how you would expect a follower of Jesus to behave - especially one in leadership.

    But this is what I witnessed. I was then pressured to give this sinner 100% support, condone this sinful behaviour and look to him as the rock of my salvation!

    This I just could not do. Instead I cried out to Jesus the only Saviour of sinners. I wanted to do what he wanted me to do. I love him because he loved me first and paid an enormous price to rescue me from my sin. I would love to be more like him but even though I am now very old I admit I have a long way to go. The best I can do is to put my weak hand into his strong one day by day.

    Thank God that one day I will see my Saviour and the Bible even indicates that when I see him I will be like him!

    Dear brethren reading this - if separation from evil is so important surely this must be consistent. You can't pick and choose. Respect of persons is one glaring example of what the Bible calls sin - see James 1:9.

    Oh - and beware of boasting!

  7. We love our ex-members and must take every opportunity to include them in their extended family lives and to check on their welfare whenever we can.

    We regret terribly the pain and hardship we have caused so many - even those we fought through the courts to take the custody and access to their children from them - and now facilitate every effort to reunite these children with the ex-members.

    Our pastoral care extends to all those who have been abused in the past and have suffered at the hands of evil men within our group regardless of when this occurred.

    And finally- we apologise to all those we systematically stripped of their inheritances with a view to putting that right when we saw the greed and arrogance of our past ways.

    When will people see the through the utter bullshit of these pacifying wish lists (above) which have been carefully drafted to try and make themselves sound decent and 'normal' - when the bottom line is - we want Government (worldly taxpayer) monies to run our closed schools and free rates on our halls worldwide.

    Wake up people. You are still being fleeced and lied to by this devious sect. If not - why has none of what I have written above occurred. None of my Brethren family have contacted me (after the so called 2003 apology) for any further contact. The door shut like a tomb the moment they realised I was not going to run back into their 'open arms', dropping everything that I had managed to put together since they threw me out on the street as a penniless teenager. You don't forget the reality of stuff like that. They do though.

  8. Just imagine a young person has an *individual exercise* and wants to stop going to PBCC meetings and is thinking about going on to Higher Ed. or trying for a professional career!

    Now, what do you think happens? A pat on the head by the jovial parents? A little friendly family chat with the *heavies*, followed by their support and good wishes for the future?

    Or will the actual scenario be anger, distress, anxiety, emotional and financial blackmail? Or even physical? (bundling our young person into a car at crack of dawn). Will he/she be shunned in the home, confined to a bedroom, forced to eat meals separately or threatened with hell and damnation? After all, it is recounted that a PBCC mother's parting shot to her departing daughter was that she (the mother) hoped her daughter would be raped, before she got to the end of the street, to demonstrate the wholesome security of Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) life!

    Who could possibly believe the sincerity of an organisation that has extensively lobbied with lies, engaged in secret right wing subversive activiites, littered message boards (especially in the early days of the charity dispute) with so-called EB/PBCC supporters? Who employ planning professionals to dupe local authorities about their *community* buildings? Who never engage, but purchase a confetti of lawyers'threatening letters if anyone dare speak the truth? (Tax deductible,I suppose).

    This document is a cynical fabrication and tissue of lies, constructed by lawyers for the purpose of financial gain - both theirs and the PBCC.


  9. It's easy for people to point the finger and cry foul. After all, are any of us without sin? No.
    It's good to put things into perspective and remember we all have sinned and thus need forgiveness.
    I think people who love complaining are not able to put their own affairs in order or admit their own shortcomings. Live and let live and
    be generous instead of nursing a spirit of hatred and pettiness.
    That would release you from living in the past. Peace follows forgiveness.
    Anyone who rejects the commandment of forgiveness towards all men, denies Christ. Such will be found in a state of guilt when Christ returns on the clouds of great glory to take us.
    Whosoever call on the name of the Lord shalt be saved. In context that means accepting his terms of salvation by giving up our own self reasoning.

    So what's it going to be?

    1. "So what's it going to be?"

      Hopefully no more of this peebspeak drivel!

    2. Anon 4 June 20.33 says 'we all have sinned'. Yup, we have. That includes JND, FER, JT, JT Jnr, JHS, JSH and BDH, and all after the age of 12. Or are these PBCC abettors saying this is not possible?

  10. Anon 10.29

    What's it going to be? In PBCC circles that is usually answered by a large whisky, is it not!?

    Regarding sins, there are big sins and smaller ones. I would say to support a doctrine that divides a family and causes distress is a very big sin. Are you forgiven?

    Why assume any who criticize the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) to be nursing a grievance or living in the past? Those who criticize you may do so from a sense of justice, or they may be against the abuse you have caused and are causing; after all, it isn't all in the past, is it, now?

    In your terms, Exclusive Brethren who have rejected overtures from their abandoned families, or those who support this position, may not be in a state of grace, or forgiveness.

    If you are opposed to self reasoning, in common with cruel, tolatitarian dictators, why are you giving us the benefit of your little homily here?

    I note you do not address yourself to the abuses of the Brethren, outlined here and elsewhere. Would you care to comment on how easy or comfortable it might be for a person to leave your group. Are you guilty of supporting a regime of cruel and unreasonable behaviour?

    Put your own house in order, Lessen arrogance and increase humility.

    What's it going to be?

  11. What's it going to be? Are you adding conditions to the biblical terms of salvation? What about those no longer in fellowship with BDH? Does " believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved" work for them in your opinion, or do you suppose we have to be back in fellowship with BDH in order for our faith to be effectual?

    12 Mini

  12. " Live and let live and
    be generous instead of nursing a spirit of hatred and pettiness."

    Good idea Anonymous4 June 2016 at 20:33

    Maybe the exclusive brethren best learn? how to cease with "nursing a spirit of hatred and pettiness" in regards to how they exclude themselves from the company of other folk living around them

    Exclusive brethren make themselves look like money grabbers.They demand charity status. While "nursing a spirit of hatred and pettiness" toward people living outside their cult

  13. Damn! I'm sorry. I was being petty. These people ruined my life for a time - until I -like a thousand others picked myself up - and now my punishment is to be treated as dead by my family.You're right. I am petty. The depth of humanity and compassion in the PBCC continues to astound me.

  14. People picked themselves up after Hitler.And after escaping North Korea

    "until I "

    Do you have a problem with narcissist syndrome.It may help explain your philosophy

    1. See what I mean about the Peeb mentality! They just don't get it do they. 'People picked themselves up after Hitler'. Well I know six million that didn't. And a few million more. This is what a lifetime of closeted brainwashing does to you my friend. You cannot even wage an argument with a sound point of view. And it's not a philosophy - its a reality.

    2. Yes and Anonymous7 June 2016 at 01:34 had purposely left it up to Anonymous5 June 2016 at 09:11 to consider the full implications

      Read up on what philosophy is all about.

    3. I wonder if comments Anonymous5 June 2016 at 09:11 and Anonymous7 June 2016 at 22:08 ,might have both come from one person

    4. You bet they did. Your point being????

    5. And your point being.......?

    6. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others

      Narcissist philosophy.If i and others picked ourselves up.Then why would anyone worry about anyone else who hasnt

    7. I refuse to try and debate a Peeb anymore. Reason being - it is quite pointless. They just don't get it. By saying that ex-Peebs who have been treated badly by their sect, should do what the victims of Hitler's Nazi Party did - and move on - which is one of the most insensitive and banal things I have ever heard - they then start accusing them of narcissism. Amazing what a Peeb education can do for you. Idiots! But that's what a fantasy land will do for you.

  15. Anon 1.34
    BDH: This is very attractive, what you have brought up. See,see these great men AH and KJI, or is it KIJ, they all have the same name, don't they? See, they understood, in administration, the need for authority, to divine principles. See, headship and service moving forward. That's very attractive, see, no wavering there. These great men...of course there might be casualties along the way; some will be possessed of wicked self-will and will have to pay the price, they would be better off dead, any way...see.. lend them the rope and they might finish the job, but if they don't, they can hardly expect a bed of roses hereafter, can they? See, take Demas, he loved the current world and paid the price. it isn't said what actually happened to him, but it is almost certain he is still doing the breaststroke across the lake of fire.The mention of breaststroking, puts one in mind of our beloved JT Jnr, how he brought this up at Preston and Aberdeen in 70, or was it 71, I can never remember, especially since we have been pulping his divine ministry of that gets into the wrong hands and wicked opposers twist our beloved words and actions to suit their contentious spirits and warped agendas.Yes, Phil, do you want to come in here?
    PMcN: Of course, our brothers AH and KIJ (or KJI) understood the principals of authority in kingship, did they not? They didn't dilute the law to involving base democracy, they were above it were they not? They knew the position going triumphantly forward?
    BDH: That's very attractive, undeniablly the main factor in their success, no petty diversions for them, the testimony clear and unopposed at all times. Thinking of petty diversions, I think it must be time we allowed the spirit of liberation to enter our deliberations, if you catch my drift. If a sister has a him in her handbag, I want number 46 "All Hail, Oh Hales....You Profit Us....(with tax avoidance).

    Extracts from meetings at Stow-on-the-Wold, Preston North End and a village land development somewhere near you.

    Sponsored by Johnnie Walker, Spirits of Liberation.

    All tights preserved