Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bruce D Hales-Man of God Author Grand Poohbah or Classic Cult Leader?

Here he is, the self righteous, callous and dishonest PBCC cult leader who has destryed so many families and caused such phenomenal detriment and harm to those that don't agree with his Church's rules on 'separation'.

The poor deluded man has no ethics, morals or compassion whatsoever with those he's wronged.

The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury would feel very sorry for him if they heard him pontificate.

Illustrious Author? I don't think so...

B.D. Hales portrait

Bruce David Hales lives with his wife of 42 years Jenny in Sydney. They have six married children and fourteen grandchildren.

Bruce is the most senior leader in the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and travels and serves extensively within the Church. Some of his gospel preachings have been printed in tract form and are available for all.

Bruce was born in Croydon, Sydney, in 1953. He is the third son of John S. Hales and Helen Hales (née Dietrich). He attended Croydon Park Public School and Canterbury Boys High School where he gained the Higher School Certificate with high levels in English, Mathematics, Modern History, French and Science. He then studied Accountancy while working in the city for a reputable accounting firm before joining his father’s small accountancy practice in 1972. He qualified as a Registered Tax Agent, Public Accountant and Company Auditor at the end of 1976. He went on to manage the practice with a number of highly qualified staff.

In 1983 he completed the sale of the accountancy practice but continued on as a financial advisor and auditor. He then bought an office furniture business which he managed up to the early 2000’s. This business was then taken over and he resigned from all active and direct involvement.

From an early age, Bruce set himself to help others and has used his means and resources to that end. He takes great care and interest in young people’s schooling and tertiary education in order to develop their potential.

Many from within and outside the Church can testify to his generosity and willingness to pass on his knowledge and experience. Those who know him are inspired by his leadership, his administrative ability and his capacity to attend to detail and see matters through to completion.

Having been born into the PBCC, Bruce had a very strong Christian upbringing. His commitment to the Church, and its Christian values is unwavering. He spends a lot of time sharing his views and his Christian faith and values with younger members of the PBCC.


  1. This is the man that has caused almost as much pain as Hitler with his relentless persecution of those who dare to defy his plan. Forget christianity, maybe brucianity? Either way, a false prophet.

  2. A lot in there about business success, nothing about qualifications to be a spiritual leader.

    I'm not at all sure why it is considered 'generous' to pay many £100's to 'share' in his business knowledge and experience?

    Ask him if you can marry and you're more likely to get advice about your footwear.

    He'll never stay at my house because I haven't got bullet-proof glass windows or a fast enough car. He's more interested in 'donk' than Demas, alcohol than Abraham and jets than Jesus.

    Lecturing little girls on what they wear is really not the way to deal with sex abuse.

    Mainstream Church? I don't think so.

  3. At least we have a new photo of him to hang on our walls and throw darts at?

  4. " What a thoroughly bloody nice bloke "

  5. There are some very strong things being said about B. D. Hales, but it is sobering to wonder what we would have been like if we had been so intensively indoctrinated as he was, and brought up with “a total and utter fear of the possibility of going into an endless eternity in hell” enough to make us wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat, as described by BDH in Vol. 92 page 265 (Philadelphia, 16 October 2009). Or for that matter, what would we have been like if we had been brought up by the Taliban in Pakistan or by The Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa. Statistically speaking, we would probably have been like him in some ways. There but for the grace of God go I.

    1. Ian, I sort of admire your bringing of balance

      But was the remark "a total and utter fear of the possibility of going into an endless eternity in hell” genuine?

      I find it hard to fit with his remarks to end a life early rather than go on sinning
      I find it hard to fit with the break up of families where the one put out is treated so awfully by the EB

      Surely if he believed his remark, all would be done to save that person and bring them back to unite a family


    2. Yes, Matthew, the quotation is accurate. It is a description of BDH’s experiences when young. Here is a bit more of the context, which contains other inconsistencies besides the ones you mention. Can you reconcile the first three sentences, for example?

      “I’ve never had any doubts, so I can’t really help you. I always thought I was saved. When I was younger, I had such a fear of hell. I remember I used to get sick. I think the Lord passed me through things. I used to get these terrible high fevers, and we never went to doctors. My mother used to give me homeopathic medicine, and they sure bring your fever down, and you’d finish up with about a gallon of sweat. Dreadful experience, but at least your fever came down. Very strong homeopathics, and you felt like you were losing every bit of fluid you had. But you woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat and you’d be thinking about hell. I suppose it was the preachings of my father, I don’t know. He made it always life and death. And I used to think, as a young person, when l was very young, I could think of a thousand years and ten thousand years and a hundred thousand years. Then you’d say, well, I could count up to a million. Yes, count up to a million. But eternity, eternity was endless. And I remember having a total and utter fear of the possibility of going into an endless eternity in hell. I know that’s pretty basic, but that, that saves you. That gets you, that gets you on the right side pretty quick.”

      B. D. Hales claims the copyright of this extract. It does sound as if he thinks it may be a good thing for a child to have “a total and utter fear of the possibility of going into an endless eternity in hell.” There are other passages in which he implies the same thing.

  6. I was interested to read this account of Bruce D Hales and a couple of details stood out for me.

    First, education. It’s stated that Mr Hales “takes great care and interest in young people’s schooling and tertiary education in order to develop their potential.” As I understand it, the tertiary level learning experiences favoured by the PBCC involve courses around accountancy and business studies. Young people with potential in other spheres are not encouraged to study medicine, music, astrophysics, art, archaeology, ancient languages and so on.

    Mainstream churches don’t restrict their members’ advanced education in this way.

    Second, the piece advises that “Many from within and outside the Church can testify to his generosity and willingness to pass on his knowledge and experience.” I appreciate that PBCC members may relate positively to their non-Brethren employees, to politicians, lawyers and officials, even though they don’t eat or drink with them; but does Mr Hales realise that his followers are fuelled and constrained by the separatist teaching of James Taylor Jnr and therefore can never share their lives and experiences with other Christians or the non-Brethren people among whom they live?

    Mainstream churches teach that Christians should love their neighbour as themselves.

  7. Author or Sorcerer?

    This sudden addition or revelation on the Peeb (PBCC) website of the 'great' man himself has come about for a reason. For years we have pointed out that Hales is too scared to show his face. For years we have wondered why. We have heard about the silly bodyguards and the throng being directed to arrive well before the great man in their meeting halls and rising to their feet as one as he enters the room. We have heard about them standing to attention as he leaves - not daring to do the unimaginable and venture a comment or a question of a furtive handshake as he evaporates from their midst. Whisked off to closeted bunker to be safe from some imagined foe.

    We have said "If only Hales would stop talking through weird PR men and spokesmen" and start saying stuff himself, this contradictory sect would maybe seem a bit more transparent. Now we know that Hales has listened to what we say here, because of the number of times we have said something and then suddenly it happens.

    But it would seem that Hales has been held back by some sort of creative black spot in deciding what to call himself. I mean, he can hardly front to the 'world' with the handle - 'Our Beloved'. Or 'The Man of God'. Because the world would think these were both weird and vainglorious. So he puts himself under the heading of 'AUTHORS' - even though he is the only one there. Which is also a bit self centred given that when it comes to the written word, surely people like Darby deserve a mention. If only for translating the bible, because he obviously was not entirely happy with the King James version.

    But calling himself an author is a bit rich for BDH because even his ministry is a collaborative effort. A glossary of men linking things with things at Bruce's request and behest. Take any page and Bruce is mainly asking questions. Sure there is the odd exhortation there, but this hardly elevates the man to adopt the handle of authorship. I mean, I reckon I have written half a million words for this website alone over the years. Surely this makes me an author as well! Sadly an author for the opposers - so it doesn't count.

    The accompanying text shows the normality of Bruce as a man - father, grandfather, husband and champion of the secluded sect he leads. But people visiting the site for the first time would wonder what exactly it is that he has authored. I mean the Scientologists like the word 'Author' as well when describing their grand departed poo-bah, L. Ron Hubbard. He was a bona fide science fiction writer before deciding to make it into a religion.

    But surely if Bruce is referring to his ministry as 'author', he should perhaps add the names of Raven, Stoney, Taylor's Senior and Junior and the dreaded Symington to the list. Or maybe he is referring to the fact that he has rewritten the Peeb rulebook completely, spiriting this once semi-sane organisation into the quasi-commercial, money-making concern that it is today.

    Bruce Hales may be a lot of things. But author he ain't.

  8. I'm going to stick my neck out here -
    We don't have a right to dictate what the Peebs should or shouldn't do. The peebs likely chose to open their own schools to be rid of the increasing and alarming decline in moral standards, particularly in the UK. In fact, it's high time the government were called to account for the anti-christian agenda in the schools. In addition, the TV is full of wanton violence, foolish opinions and sick depravity. It is absolutely horrific to witness the attack on the traditional family. So I'm personally glad some have chosen to shaken-off these hateful things from their lives. We still are free to worship in good conscience, but let us not be complacent about an element that is set on destroying those hard won freedoms.
    To be quite fair, what is taught in the schools, does impact on the home and the family. There are lots of people here who think they are The All Knowing Font of Academic Wisdom. Ah dear friends, know not you are the poor, lame, blind, hungry, cold and naked? The fact is, there is not a wise one in your midst. In via, Veritas and Vita... Jesus said, I am The way, The Truth and The Life. That essentially translates into - When we become wholly occupied with Christ, those silly associations, clubs, memberships, expensive holidays, Christmas shopping and credit cards simply fall away. We are SO THANKFULLY SET FREE from the yoke and bondage of this poor, morally bankrupt system. Paul shook off the dust from his feet and removed himself from everything that hindered his relationship with Christ. So dear Joan and Co, separation from such links, fills the believers heart with joy, peace and freedom. You clearly have a somewhat limited grasp of what constrained really means.
    We are constrained only by cords of love and none of his commandments are grievous to the true believer.
    It all comes back to are we prepared to reject the evil and then choose the good.

    Fiducium in Jesum tantum

    1. Anonymous of 25 June 2016 at 11:38, you have some interesting things to say, but I would like some clarification.

      You say, “We don't have a right to dictate what the Peebs should or shouldn't do.” Well, to some extent we do have that right. There are laws to protect people from the kinds of things peebs sometimes try to do, and we have the right to use these laws to protect the victims. We have charity laws, road traffic laws, human rights laws, employment laws, family laws, laws relating to education, taxation, incitement to hatred, planning laws, laws that forbid emotional and psychological abuse, laws that spell out how allegations of sexual abuse should be handled, and so on. But perhaps when you say “a right” you mean something different from that?

      You refer to “the increasing and alarming decline in moral standards, particularly in the UK.” I have lived in the UK all my life, and in the main I have observed quite the opposite. There are still areas of concern, of course, but in the main the prevailing moral standards of my children’s generation are better than they were when I was their age. Crime rates of most sorts are near their all-time low; the incidence of rape has fallen dramatically; teenage pregnancies are at their all-time low, they are less prone to racism, sexism, sectarianism, drinking and driving; they are more respectful to people of other faiths, more concerned for our impact on the environment, more respectful to sexual minorities, kinder to animals, in some ways less materialistic and more of them are interested in a search for values and meaning in life.

      You say, “the TV is full of wanton violence, foolish opinions and sick depravity.” You must have been watching TV channels very different from the ones I am familiar with. Nearly every day I find a TV or a radio broadcast that is edifying, enlightening, instructive and uplifting. There is some distasteful stuff too, but there is no obligation to watch it. That makes it in my experience less defiling than Brethren ministry, because there was pressure to listen to Brethren ministry and agree with it.

      You say, “It is absolutely horrific to witness the attack on the traditional family.” What attack do you refer to? I have never seen any sign of it. I have always had a pretty traditional family, and I have never experienced any attack on it at all. The only types of family that I have ever seen attacked are not particularly traditional.

      You say, “There are lots of people here who think they are The All Knowing Font of Academic Wisdom.” Did you have anyone in particular in mind? I haven’t seen such people here.

      You say, “It all comes back to are we prepared to reject the evil and then choose the good.” At last we are agreed about something. I think that is a very good policy.
      You finish your post with “Fiducium in Jesum tantum,” which I take to mean “Faith in Jesus alone.” I remember some Brethren who preached this principle in the past were slung out for it, because it seemed to undermine the authority of the then world leader.

    2. So then Ian,
      Does your unawareness of the decline make you simply a blind person leading the blind?
      It does seem to be the case. As for your nanny state outlook, that will likely be dismantled along with the European Union in due process.
      We regard God's government to have overruled in order to curb the ambitions of those forces which seek to destroy the tangible remnant of Christianity which is still respected and loved by God's people. He knows those that are his.
      God heard the prayers of his people to stem the tide and has intervened to limit that power which is heading up to the Man of Sin.
      Do you really think that the democratic vote on the 23rd of June was the full picture? Christian ministers and officials in government do sometimes respond well to lobbying.
      Democracy has its place and is used, but it does not compare with the hand of God to alter the path of history. Do you know anything about the divine right of Kings? That overrules earthly government.God is no respecter of persons.

      Qui non timent faciem dei

    3. Anonymous 27 June at 17:34
      I have read your contribution several times and I am not sure what point you are trying to make. Sadly that is not unusual when communicating with members of the Exclusive Brethren.
      However perhaps you could enlighten us as to why you consider the European Union "is heading up to the Man of Sin".
      I am not completely certain but your contribution also seems to imply that the lobbying of Christian Ministers and officials in government, presumably by the Exclusive Brethren, had an influence on the outcome of the Referendum.
      I really think you need a reality check. Only gullible EB members would swallow such EB propaganda. Lobbying from a group which refuses to exercise their right to vote is unlikely to carry any weight unless it is backed up with financial support.
      Like Ian I can recall when preaching a gospel of faith in Christ alone was considered to be "rival". Many were summarily evicted from your sect in 1970 for opposing the view that unless there was 100% allegiance to the then drunken leader who considered he had a right to grope any woman he came across. So much for "Fidicium in Jesum tantum".
      I can agree with you that God is no respecter of persons. However the Exclusive Brethren place their leaders on the pedestal of "infallibility" which means that they can say and behave however they wish without challenge. (eg James Taylor Junior) However if an ordinary member of the EB were to speak and behave in a similar way they would be "out on their ear".
      If God is no respecter of persons how does He have one standard for JTjr and Bruce Hales and a different standard for you and me?

    4. Anonymous of 27 June 2016 at 17:34,

      I am glad that you took the trouble to reply to my post of 27 June 2016 at 06:49, but it is a pity you never or hardly ever answer any of my questions. Is that because honest answers would show up the Brethren in a bad light, or is there a more innocent reason?

      You ask, “Do you know anything about the divine right of Kings?”

      Yes, I was taught about that doctrine when I was at school. King James the Sixth and First promoted the doctrine and tried very unconvincingly to base it on the Bible. While Romans 13 tells us to obey the authorities, it does not single out monarchical government as superior in any way, and just as well, because it is not.

      In 1 Samuel 8 the prophet warns the people about the disadvantages of a monarchical government, particularly that power corrupts, and in Chapter 10 he tell the people that in demanding a king they have rejected God. Then in 1 Samuel 12:17 he tells the people that their wickedness was great which they had done in the sight of Jehovah in asking for a king. Finally, in 1 Samuel 12:19 the people repent of their sin in asking for a monarchy.

      Even when a monarchy was established under Saul, David, Solomon and their successors, it was not based on the divine right of kings, because the king did not have absolute power, answerable to no one. The Priesthood and the Prophets shared power with him, and they both had a part to play in the anointing of a new king. The prophets could publicly criticise the king. There were checks and balances.

      The divine right of kings, as well as having little or no scriptural support, does not have the support of experience either. History shows that nearly every absolute monarchy has provided much worse government than nearly every democracy. Democracy has its weaknesses too, as shown for instance in last week’s referendum, but its track record has been spectacularly better than any other form of government, as judged by its ability to promote peace, prosperity, justice, safety, health and happiness.

    5. If the EB/PBCC's lobbying and prayers etc had an outcome on the UK Referendum, then it's a mighty peculiar one, because they were told in no uncertain terms by BDH's henchmen to pray for the Remain side! ...So I was told by a current member.

  9. Bruce Hales author of his own demise three cheers for Brucie

  10. Thank god there does not appear to be a fisherman on this blog

    1. Fisherman is ok.Be mighty boring if everyone would need to always agree on everything

    2. The record's stuck, the record's stuck, the record's stuck.................

    3. Yes.But why dispose of all folks with records stuck.What if they may be excellent in other ways

    4. Like sailing 'Rival Lines' out to Otter Point and catching Salmon?

      Not really relevant here.

    5. A bigot and whatever they do is relevant here.But fishermen with stuck records are unrelevant

    6. Anonymous 28 June at 00.03
      "but fishermen with stuck records are UNRELEVANT!!"
      What does that mean?? Did they not teach you at school that the word is irrelevant.
      My dictionary tells me that amongst the meanings of "bigot" are - intolerant; narrow-minded and prejudiced. Those descriptions are not appropriate for the fisherman who posts elsewhere on this site but may fit some members posting here.

    7. Bigotry.Narcissism's bed mate.Unrealistic grandiose sense of superiority is another reason we make room for everyone

  11. There is a distance between spoken and written language.

    If I understand correctly, Mr Hales is the ‘author’ of ‘ministry’ - that is, of his spoken, recorded and printed contributions to the conversations and inquiries which have taken place at the Exclusive Brethren/PBCC meetings in which he has participated.

    Any book or thesis which he’s written would have a different style and tone. The article about him which is featured at the top of this thread is a written document and offers a streamlined, concise, paragraphed and punctuated composition which may have been drafted before its final production.

    I find there is a marked contrast between the man who offers ministry in the meetings and the “senior leader” who is represented in the written piece.

  12. Dear Anonymous 25 June 2016 at 11:38,

    Noli timere; credo in Jesu tantum.