Monday, 2 May 2016

Ignorance, deceit, superstition and cruelty rather sums up the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC).

Ignorance: lack of scholarship and learning.

Deceit: telling lies eg to maintain charitable status.

Superstition: bizarre beliefs re garage door openers, bar codes etc etc.

Cruelty: breaking up families, separation etc.


  1. Hey Dumb Ass,
    Better try again.
    If we are not nice people,
    how come we are so
    prospered by God?

    Chewing bricks is not going to
    get you very far Pal

    1. Prospered by God? Can you explain what that means? In what sense are the Hales Brethren prospered by God?

    2. Please read the stories of the Rich young ruler and the rich farmer in the gospels Anonymous 01.20 (if you know where to find them!!) Financial prosperity does not equal spiritual prosperity and does not cut any ice with God.
      What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul?

    3. I'm interested to know what you mean by 'prospered'.

      I ask because your writing tone doesn't seem to be prospered by God

    4. Laurie at 14:42
      'Faithful are the wounds of a friend'
      If you don't like the medicine,
      don't dish it out to other people.
      Take a hard long look at yourself
      and then things will change.

      Get my point?

    5. If God prospers you so much, how do you explain the continued existence of this and similar websites? That's one battle you have clearly lost. Hasn't prospered you there, has He?

  2. As someone who benefited from being taught by two Taylorite Exclusive Brethren graduate teachers in the 1950s, I’ve tended to expect this group of Brethren to value learning and scholarship; but sadly, I’ve looked in vain for scholarly work - on the Bible and other disciplines - within the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren. They don’t seem to have the likes of Frances Young, James D G Dunn, Tom Wright or Larry Hurtado - four highly respected UK theologians - and yet in the nineteenth century the early Brethren attracted people like Lancelot Brenton, Samuel Tregelles and Elizabeth and William Kelly. In C20 the distinguished food scientist, Dr Elsie Widdowson, was a member of the Taylorite Exclusive Brethren (until James Taylor Jnr became the leader). It’s a mystery to me that the PBCC/Exclusive Brethren doesn’t encourage the highest standard of learning, research and scholarship among its members.

    I’ve recently read Anna-Latifa Mourad’s PhD study, ‘The Rise of the Hyksos’, and I noticed that her doctoral dissertation was submitted in 2014 at Australia’s Macquarie University in Sydney. This is a university which is strong on Ancient Egypt and the Levant and it’s possible to study biblical languages there too. It surprises me that Bruce D Hales and his leadership team haven’t encouraged brethren in Sydney to enrol at Macquarie or at least attend one of their summer courses.

  3. There are hundreds of oppressive, controlling, hierarchical, totalitarian, cultish forms of religion, most of them quite small and inconspicuous, but all the ones I have studied belong to the DISC world, where DISC stands for Deceit, Ignorance, Superstition and Cruelty.

    Some of them have a vice for every letter of the alphabet, but these four vices are common to many cults and they are among the ones that disturb me the most.

    The leaders don’t adopt and promote these vices just to be horrible. They were not born horrible, and they don’t like being horrible. I think they do it because these evils all have a part to play in keeping the ordinary members under their control and domination. Without these evils, the cults might just evaporate.

    The members have to believe that their sect has uniquely privileged access to divine truth and virtually infallible leadership. But they haven’t. So to make them believe this, the leaders have to deceive them. Some of them probably start by deceiving themselves.

    A certain kind of ignorance is absolutely essential for this purpose. It is all right for the members to learn business skills, mathematics, engineering, agriculture, or even with a bit more risk, chemistry or modern history, but almost any other subject, if studied in depth, would enable the members to discover that their leaders’ worldview is riddled with falsehood and pretence. The members don’t just have to be deceived: they have to remain deceived, permanently, and people with a broad education are devilishly difficult to deceive. In particular, the members mustn’t learn too much about the Bible or Christianity or theology or other churches. They must only learn what their own leaders prescribe.

    Superstition is an effective way of making the members afraid to break the rules or leave the sect. Dark mutterings about the Prince of the Power of the Air, and the Man of Sin and the dangers of computer chips and radio-controlled devices, and the pipeline of filth, and the Devil in total control of the whole world outside the sect, all help to create a climate of fear and dependence on the sect for salvation. So do the dire warnings about God striking you down with a stroke or killing one of your children if you stray from the true path as dictated by the sect’s leader.

    Cruelty is the final member of the tetrad of evil, and probably the worst. The idea is that the members will remain loyal to the sect and its leader if they know that defectors and/or their families will be treated cruelly. Separation or abandonment is the main instrument of cruelty, and it serves the extra purpose of protecting the sect and its leader from criticism by cutting off communication with sources of criticism.

    So cult leaders don’t practice and teach horrible things just for the sake of it, or just because some of them are psychopaths. The survival of their cult depends on it.

  4. Joan, we Brethren don't want or need to be educated, we men just want to abuse women and children and claim it's done in God's name. Anonymous 3 May at 1.20 and I are united in this respect. No point fighting against it.


  5. Anonymous Peeb. You can tell an awful lot about someone by how they speak. Obviously the latest hierarchy has given up the challenge of having the Brethren being a good testimony. We saw young Peebs on TV swearing like wharfies and now you with your redneck turn of phrase. You can attribute your commercial success to your God if you like - but brethren making money is nothing new. Did you start your own business or was it handed to you on a plate? However your lack of education shows through patently. No one here is chewing bricks mate - merely chewing the cud of PBCC damage rendered over five or more decades. And much of it wrongly.

  6. Sorry my comments about the Brethren are wrong and false.
    I have no idea why I made such a vile accusation.


  7. "Hey Dumb Ass"

    This from someone who believes the earth is about 4,000 years old, right?

  8. Aha! So is 'prospered by God' evidenced in that you can commit abuse, whether physical, emotional, sexual or whatever, and get away with it because your leaders turn a blind eye (or just blame the victims?) It's amazing what I am learning about the personality of God from this site!


  9. Aha, but you're all wrong on here.
    Thus your claims have been consigned
    to the giant dust bin of history
    It's better to Live and Let Live
    as opposed to chewing on a
    Dry bone of contention.

    Contented and Prosperous
    Ex Member of the
    PBCC living in Paradise
    with 70 Beautiful Virgins :)

  10. I made my fortune after leaving the constraints of Peebdom, make of that what you will. It was me (not God) who bought up cheap properties and watched my capital grow 300% in 14 year whilst taking healthy, monthly rental incomes too. No advice from a MOG, UBT or any of that claptrap required, just half a brain. That's half a brain more than my PBCC siblings have, poor souls, but best of all no nightly brainwashing sessions.

  11. What cult?
    Come to the glorious DPRK and see the the real thing for yourselves.

    Kim Jong Un

  12. There are many similarities with the PBCC.

    1. Allegiance to a very rich, dynastic leader.
    2. Total obedience to the party line.
    3. Punishment for expression of self will.
    4. Separation from family and loved ones if you escape.
    5. Mindless repetition of dogma and beliefs.
    6. Outward displays of *normality* for the media.
    7. Children indoctrinated from birth.
    8. Indoctrination that the outside world is bad.

    And so nauseam.

    However,the DPRK might be marginally better in the treatment of females.

    Kim Dong Deux