Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Britain's Secret Sect

This is a link to a recording of a programme aired on Sky Television last year about a youngster leaving the Hales Exclusive Brethren:


  1. A wonderful testimony to a courageous young woman and her brave friends; contaminated by the usual PBCC lies and spin at the conclusion. At least they were given an opportunity for a *rebuttal*; no such opportunity is available for victims and opposers in totalitarian PBCC propaganda.


  2. I agree Illuminator. They can say things in their Press Releases about people like me but they don't afford us the right to reply.

  3. This reminds us of those in Paul's day when the brethren were accused of being a sect..The word is too hard right? So of course the discontented here tend to resort to pinning labels. Jill, you would do much better by leaving these people alone and occupying your time with something more positive.
    Time to dust-off that broomstick maybe?

    1. For your information a member of your organisation/sect/cult acknowledged that the EB were a sect. He would not accept the designation "cult" which many would say is a reasonable description of the Exclusive Brethren in the 21st Century but he accepted the designation of "sect".
      Nearly 50 years ago JTjunior said "we are the church" but I am afraid that was never the case. The church consists of every believer in Christ so what label would you pin on the Exclusive Brethren?

    2. Anon 12 May at 12:10

      You say
      “This reminds us of those in Paul's day when the brethren were accused of being a sect.”

      The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren did not exist in the Biblical Apostle Paul’s day !

      The Plymouth Brethren are a “New Religion” that originates around 1830. That movement then split into Open Brethren and Exclusive Brethren around 1848 and the main Exclusive Brethren group renamed in 2012 as Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

      In the Biblical Apostle Paul’s day the Christian believers did not behave like the PBCC aka EB and they did not follow the pharisaical sectarian doctrine that the PBCC EB follow ! What the PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren practice and follow is not found in Gods Word the Bible & is not in the writings of the Biblical Apostle Paul.

      The PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren are indeed a sect and one of the worst kind. They separate from the rest of the Body of Christ and refuse to worship, fellowship, sit at the Lords Table, or eat or drink with Any other Christians from Any other Church and the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren call this “Separation from Evil”

      You cant get much more sectarian and lawless than that !

      You say
      “The word is too hard right? So of course the discontented here tend to resort to pinning labels.”

      I don’t know which “word” you are referring to as “too hard” but its NOT the Word of God which is the Bible. The practices and sectarian cultish doctrines of the PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren are not found in Gods Word the Bible !

      You say
      “Jill, you would do much better by leaving these people alone and occupying your time with something more positive.”

      I’m assuming your referring to Jill Mytton who has dedicated herself to helping expose the detriment and harm created by the PBCC aka EB.

      From a Christian perspective (I am a Christian), we are instructed in Gods Word the Bible to expose false teaching, stand up for those oppressed, stand up for Biblical truth, rebuke and reprove sectarianism.

      The practices and doctrines of the PBCC aka Exclusive Brethren are false teaching, create oppression, disobey and twist Biblical truth and enforce sectarianism. Gods Word the Bible teaches that these things are abhorrant to God

      It is a positive action to expose such harm and detriment

    3. Dear Anonymous 12 May 2016 at 12:10,

      I’d hoped that when in 2012 the Exclusive Brethren changed their name to the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) they would return to the values and behaviour of the earliest Brethren assembly in Plymouth in the 1830s; but sadly, as your post demonstrates, that is not the case.

      Finishing a letter from Granard, Ireland, on 15 October 1832, to an acquaintance in Plymouth, J N Darby referred several times to “largeness of heart” and he wrote that he felt “exceedingly anxious as to this”:

      “I pray God to keep you from everything which will not stand the large, all-embracing love, and purity of His coming. I do feel exceedingly anxious as to this.”

      “This is the true secret of a church well ordered, perfect largeness of heart, as large as Christ's even at His coming,”

      Mentioning the work at Bristol, he commented about Geroge Müller and Henry Craik, “The Lord is doing a very marked work there, in which I hope our dear brothers M. and C. may be abundantly blessed, but I should wish a little more principle of largeness of communion. I dread narrowness of heart more than anything for the church of Christ”.

      (You can read this on page 8 of Volume 1 of the Letters of J.N.D.)

      A decade and a half or so later in August 1848, perhaps at a time of mid-life crisis following the death (on 31 December 1847) at 90 years of age of the beloved mother from whom he'd been separated when she left the family home when he was about five years old, J N Darby turned his back on his earlier “dread of narrowness of heart” and wrote to the Brethren about “the infection of the abominable evil” which he considered had become endemic in the Bristol Bethesda assembly. It was then that the Brethren split into either the Exclusive (Darbyite) group or the Open Brethren.

      Now that the Exclusive Brethren call themselves the Plymouth Brethren, I look for a move towards largeness of heart, lovingkindness and courtesy from their members and supporters. Unkind and unjustified smears about former or non-members should never be part of a group that calls itself Plymouth Brethren.

  4. A huge surge in viewings.......methinks some PBCC members are either watching the video to find out what really goes in within their ranks, or discovering how to operate a TV remote control!

    And yes, every pub I've been in is a million times more homely and friendly than those desolate, fenced-in indoctrination centres the PBCC call 'gospel halls'.

    1. Is a TV remote control more dangerous than a remote garage door opener??!!

    2. Yes, opening your garage door only reveals your own filth but a TV remote operates a pipeline of filth.

    3. Anon asks 'Is a TV remote control more dangerous than a remote garage door opener??!!'

      Absolutely, dear brother. See God has no issues with garage doors themselves, but he apparently does have issues with televisions. Even watching one in a shop window was enough to get my parents in trouble.

      I haven't yet heard of anyone being 'shut-up' for looking at some garage doors........but you never know!

    4. The programmes broadcast on radio, TV and the Internet cover a wide range of topics and attain a wide range of standards. Many are educational, thought-provoking, edifying and uplifting. Some are inspirational, ennobling and awesome. Some are disgusting.

      But I have never in all my days experienced anything on TV or on the Internet that would tend to corrupt and deprave as much as some of the Exclusive Brethren meetings I have attended. The big difference is that when a TV programme or an internet web site seems to promote or condone something disgusting, you can form your own judgment of it, and it may even reinforce your aversion to things like violence, hatred, bigotry, injustice or greed, whereas when disgusting values or deeds were promoted or condoned in Brethren meetings there was pressure on you to accept them, agree with them, praise them and support them. That was what made them more likely to deprave and corrupt you. That was what made them worse than anything I have ever seen on the Internet or TV.

      The solution to unsavoury programmes is not to ban TV, radio, the Internet, Brethren ministry, etc; the solution is to examine things carefully as Paul recommended, develop your own set of values, and form your own judgment. You can then make a wise and moral choice of which programmes you want to watch or which books you want to read.

  5. Just wondering if our beloved JTJnr was a pipeline of filth during his late ministries, especially at Preston and Aberdeen.Is there a link here?


  6. My husband and I don't have Sky television so we didn't see the 'Britain's Secret Sect' programme about the Brethren until last Saturday, when we viewed it online. 

    It's Tuesday now, but I can't forget a scene at the end of the documentary showing a small group of former brethren waiting outside a meeting hall at Bristol, carrying yellow ribbons bearing the names of their ‘lost’ brethren relatives and friends. It was a dignified and quiet protest, and before long some Brethren men emerged from the meeting hall to talk to them. One of these brothers explained that brethren can now relate to their 'out' families, but that eating or drinking with non-members is forbidden as a matter of "principle". After a quiet conversation the Brethren ‘brothers’ turned round and made their way back to the hall. The camera lingered on them for a while as they retraced their steps. I can't get out of my mind the sight of their retreating backs. 

    Subsequently, brethren began to leave the meeting hall in their cars and one couple was shown walking away. They didn't stop to say "hello". They just passed by on the other side.

    Over the years my husband and I have also sometimes been treated as non-people by brethren, so I suppose I ought to have been blasé about the way the brethren in Bristol behaved towards their former members and friends that day; but a picture speaks louder than words and the retreating backs of the ‘brothers’ is an image that churns me up and which I can't forget. I had hoped that now that this group calls itself the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church it would revert to the values and conduct of the early brethren in Plymouth and behave like a mainstream church.

    Had former members been waiting patiently outside the church we attend, they'd have been invited in, perhaps asked to sit quietly till the service/meeting ended, but welcomed with warmth, handshakes and hugs. Why didn't the Bristol brethren love the neighbours at their gate as themselves?

    One of the ‘brothers’ at Bristol was Duncan Small. In the first paragraph of a letter he wrote to a Parliamentary Select Committee in December 2012 he said, "we [the PBCC] seize any opportunity to show kindness to our neighbours or any that we come into contact with from day to day". In the third paragraph he repeated that sentiment, “we do everything we possibly can to help and care for the entire community and those we come into contact with in the course of our daily lives.”

    We look forward to the day when the brethren “seize” opportunities to show us and everyone else kindness. It will be wonderful when they do everything they possibly can to help and care for us and the “entire community”, which includes former members who want to relate to them. Loving your neighbour as yourself and being characterised by J N Darby’s “largeness of heart” sets the bar high, but even before the documentary was made Mr Small had publicly affirmed that the Brethren were committed to generous and caring behaviour towards all. His and his colleagues' retreating backs in Bristol have made me sad this week.

    1. Did Garth Christie have to apologize to Parliament for misleading them?

      Should Duncan Small be made to as well?

    2. Duncan Small? Is he still bashing pianos to bits and calling it music?

  7. Thank you Joan for another thoughtful and thought provoking contribution.
    Like you I was struck by the picture of persons not really engaging and then walking away without demonstrating any warmth towards those who were standing respectfully outside their "church".
    Sadly the Exclusive Brethren have been turning their backs both literally and metaphorically on family, friends and former members for the past 50 + years. I did it myself as a young person during the 1960s. This is a sect that insists it has "God's truth". Indeed its members affirm that they are the only position where the "truth" is known. The usual reaction from someone in that situation is to try and convince others by sound reasoned argument. Why can the EB not do this.
    I would suggest that the EB realise that the basis of their "Truth" is not something that those outside of their sect would recognise or accept. This is demonstrated in Laurie's blog. EB so-called sympathisers who are almost certainly members of the sect enter a comment but when challenged or asked to validate their viewpoint disappear for a time. i.e turn their back metaphorically.
    My simple view on this is that they are unable to justify the practices and behaviour of the EB because they cannot do so from the bible. Occasionally they will quote scriptures out of context but as we know they do not base their behaviour and practices on Scripture but on the edicts of men.
    In-house they can reassure one another by quoting so-called ministry but such quotations cuts little ice with those outside.
    Nevertheless I think it is right that we continue our efforts to engage with EB members we come across in whatever situation.
    After all if you turn your back on the sun the sun will continue shining on your back!

  8. Joan I was there outside the Bristol meeting hall - as you know from the film. It was sad - very sad. In particular I found it heartbreakingly sad that the young boy I had taken into my home for some weeks, my nephew in fact, and who at one point even called me "Mum" (only half in jest) - drove past me in his car with his young wife whom I also knew well. No acknowledgement of me at all. I had not known they would be there. Sadly for us they both had gone back into the Brethren. All I and the wife's mother have left of them is a precious video taken at my mother's 90th Birthday - both of them were there and she loved them both dearly as is plain to see on the video. Yet that day - he drove past me as if I did not exist. The person who cared for him when he left home and had nowhere to go, I offered him a roof over his head. I did not once try to convince him he had done the right thing by leaving the Brethren not did i try to stop him going back - though I am sure the Brethren would say otherwise. I ran up the road after him, calling his name - just thinking of it now and I feel so sad. Is this really christianity?

  9. Jesus expressed his harshest condemnation to the Pharisees of his day because they claimed to "have the truth" and despised others.

    NOTE: Pharisee literally means "separate".

    I wonder if the PBCC/EB ever think about this?

    1. In Mark 7, The Pharisees were following the commandments of men rather than the Commandments of God

      I don't recall much about this Scripture, while in the EB

  10. An interesting video. I am surprised that this young lady had reached the ripe old age of 24 without being married off to someone. I understood that females were expected to marry young and start producing children for the EB population increase. She looks young and attractive so what went wrong?