Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Die, die-more venomous ministry from the Hales Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) cult leader

An interesting quote posted on Wikipeebia today: 


Ministry of B.D.Hales Vol. 112 page 190 (Sydney, 18 June 2011)

Of course, if persons leave you and go, well then, you have to consider the whole thing, and say, Well, what more could we have done? And then we can cast them on the Lord, and hope that in His grace He breaks them down in His government, you pray that His government might come in. Better to die than keep on sinning, much better. The quicker you die the better. If you want, some of you young fellows here going on sinning, well, I would say, The quicker you die the better.
. . .
I'm quite serious about that, any young fellows here don't want to give up their sins, well, die, die. We'll all be better off, and you'll be far better off too, because you can't sin after you die,


  1. Expressing a death wish is a distinct step along a trajectory that we have seen before.

    The Islamic State did not begin by murdering anyone who was not one of them. It was an offshoot of al-Qaeda, and al-Qaeda began rather peaceably with vocal opposition to government moves to modernize Saudi Arabia. They opposed the decision in the 1920s to use wireless communication, claiming it was devilish, and then in the 1960s they contested the decision to introduce television broadcasting because, they claimed, it contradicted the Qur'an and could corrupt society. Then there was the influence of the religious teachings of ‘Abdallah ‘Azzam during the 1980s, which gradually became more extreme.

    In other words, al-Qaeda and its offshoot, the Islamic State, began rather like the Exclusive Brethren, opposing modern communications, imposing limits on education, demanding unquestioning obedience, forbidding all dissent, and gradually became more extreme, until they wanted anyone to die who was opposed to them, and they used their religious texts to justify that murderous sentiment.

    Exclusive Brethrenism seems to be on a parallel trajectory with uncanny similarities, though it is still some distance behind the Islamic State. Although they speak daggers, mercifully they use none. But we know where that trajectory has led in the past.

    1. Ian, we can safely say your imagination is very over active.
      There is no link between Islam and Christianity, so can you please stop being quite such a dip-stick?

      lf you are happy to spending the remainder of your years watching the dregs of society and soaps on TV, you are welcome to it.

      Pesky Peeb Outreach

    2. Pesky Peeb Outreach (PPO) at 10th Feb at 18:36

      You say

      “Ian, we can safely say your imagination is very over active. There is no link between Islam and Christianity, so can you please stop being quite such a dip-stick?”

      Whoa there PPO, !!

      Ian made NO such link as you claim !, if you think he did please explain where ?

      The Exclusive Brethren or Plymouth Brethren Christian Church as they like to hide behind now, have for centuries deliberately twisted what persons say to satisfy the Brethren’s agenda.

      The Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church do NOT follow the Christian Holy Bible or the teachings of Jesus contained within it. They follow the words and edicts of leaders past and present like Bruce D Hales, or the disgraced womanising alcoholic former leader James Taylor Junior.

      Yet, in order to hoodwink authorities and general public, the Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church hide behind the banner of Christianity to hide their true sectarian anti biblical and anti Christian practices.

      Then, in an attempt to silence and discredit those who speak out to expose the sectarian, anti Christian, anti biblical practices and division and break up of families, the Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church claim all those who speak out are “against Christianity” !


      I can assure you, I am not against Christianity, nor is Ian, but we are focused on exposing the ugly truth of the sectarian Exclusive Brethren Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

      Ian did say the following –

      “In other words, al-Qaeda and its offshoot, the Islamic State, began rather like the Exclusive Brethren...”

      “Exclusive Brethrenism seems to be on a parallel trajectory with uncanny similarities, though it is still some distance behind…”

      NONE of these statements say there is a link between Islam and Christianity.


      Christianity is NOT Exclusive Brethrenism, nor is it the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

      The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren are NOT Christianity

      Christianity is found in the teachings of Gods Word, only found in the Holy Bible, which the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren do NOT follow.

      The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church aka Exclusive Brethren follow teachings invented by “men” such as, separation from ALL other Christian Churches, total separation from the Body of Christ, refusal to eat or drink with ALL other Christians, refusal to worship, fellowship, or commune with ALL other Christians, dividing families if persons leave the group, etc etc. These teachings are NOT taught in the Bible, these teachings are against Christianity.


      Do you agree with the words of Bruce D Hales quoted at the top of this blog post ?

    3. Pesky Peeb Outreach on 10/02/16 @ 18.36

      PPO states that Ian is an over-imaginative dip-stick for implying that there is a link between Islam and Christianity. Well, sorry to disappoint you, there is. All three "Abrahamic" religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in the same God; the God who revealed himself to Abraham. The God of Israel in the bible may be called by different names; each faith may have different opinions on Jesus and Muhammad; but that overall God is based on the same entity.
      Even without this direct link there are common patterns of behaviour, which is what Ian was referring to. A Muslim of my acquaintance is in far more agreement with Peeb attitudes than you would expect (although drinking isn't one of them!).

      I'm sure there are more beneficial uses of radio and TV than the "dregs of society" or even crap soaps. But if PPO is a good peeb he won't have personal experience of such things anyway.


    4. You are 100% wrong Ricardo and a fake -
      No Godly link between Islam and Christianity
      The attack on September 2001 was an attack
      on Christianity, but God has seen fit to hold
      such evil in check for the time being.
      Your conclusions are based on political correctness, deceit and not the truth.

      In other words, there is one Faith, one Truth.
      The Lord said, I am the way, the truth and the life. There is (no other way) to approach God. We have access to the father through Christ.

      Pesky Peeb Outreach

    5. I never thought I would agree with PPO but in relation to Islam I do. The God of the Jews and Christians is not the same as the Allah of the Muslims. If He were the same then He is a liar as His revelation in the Bible is so at variance to the revelations of Allah in the Quran. Sorry, Ricardo, I believe you to be wrong in this. I do believe, however, that the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) do have one similarity to Islam in that they are both dangerous cults.

    6. Oh you've done it now PPO, you are well and truly fucked. You spelt “father” with a small f. That, sunshine, is an unforgivable kick in the balls of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And it'll be no good pleading “but it's not my fault that I have an IQ hovering around room temperature, The Big Sausage wouldn't allow me to have a proper education”. See, rules are rules boy and the devil is going to be dining on your dangly bits before you can say “Bruce Almighty”. Best kill yourself now. That fat ape that controls you would surely agree.

    7. Dear PPO & Anonymous

      I am delighted to be told that I am 100% wrong! However the concept of Jews, Christians and Muslims worshipping a common God is not my idea. You can refer to Wikipedia and the New World Encyclopedia to pick just two sources that appear to have fallen foul of the same political correctness and deceit.
      Nobody is saying that Christianity and Islam are the same; but that there is a link between them back in history, unlike say with Buddhism.
      PPO uses the terrible events of the twin towers to dispute this. Most people would agree that there is far more common ground between Catholics and Protestants than between Christians and Muslims, yet, not so long ago, these two versions of Christianity were burning each other at the stake. Anonymous says that if the God for all these three religions was the same that would make God a liar, because the Qur'an is different to the Bible. They are both only books, what is or is not in a book, need not change the underlying nature of God. More importantly each creed today only acknowledges a current human view of their God anyway as filtered through history from the Bible/Qur'an and Jesus/Muhammad and then countless prophets/apostles/bishops/popes/mullahs or men of god.
      The strong probability therefore, is that the real God, is not actually as represented by any of these people. I personally am convinced that, if He exists, He has none of the petty tribalist attributes of His supposed worshippers. Some people, of all faiths and none, believe God is Love and Merciful; others that He is vengeful and will punish those that don't comply with His demands. I contend that these differences are more in the humans expressing the view than God Himself; if He does indeed exist!
      I shall ponder on the notion that I am a fake whilst enjoying a pint in the pub tonight.



    8. There is also a historical connection between Islam and Christianity, because Islam, like Exclusive Brethrenism, began as a branch of Christianity. It grew out of the Nestorian Church and only gradually came to be regarded as a separate religion.

    9. Ian - Again you are dreaming and Ricardo is 100% wrong again of course.
      Firstly, Islam did not emerge from Christianity.
      Can a thorn bush produce figs or can a good tree produce bad fruit. There is dark and light and good and evil. No grey areas where truth is found.
      Secondly, The bible is not only a book, but it's a priceless document. Furthermore, it is the inspired word of God.

      End of contentions - Thanking you in advance

      Pesky Peeb Outreach

    10. The Bible is a collection of documents (ta biblia - plural) written over a period of nine hundred to a thousand years in different places across the Ancient Near East and Anatolia. It’s composed in three languages - Hebrew, Aramaic, Koin√© Greek, and there are also a few Persian loan words in the Old Testament.

      At the time of Jesus there was considerable textual diversity in the Hebrew biblical writings and the Septuagint (Greek) forms (see the manuscript finds of the Judean desert). The familiar Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament was standardised by C11 AD. The writings of the New Testament were canonised by the fourth century AD.

      The British Library in London holds the Codex Sinaiticus, the world’s oldest complete New Testament with parts of the Old Testament. J N Darby bought a valuable and rare facsimile of this Codex which was auctioned after his death.

    11. Hello! Me again. No contention offered; so far as I am concerned contributors are welcome to believe whatever they want.
      The point PPO makes though about dark and light, good and evil, and no grey areas confirms to me (if I was ever in doubt) that I was absolutely correct to leave the brethren all those years ago. So far as I am concerned there are always a lot of grey areas in both life and my life. In my experience almost nothing and nobody is all good or all bad.
      One further point; noticing the comments from both PPO and Anonymous above. For those who see the events of 9/11 and the subsequent conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria in terms of an apocalyptic battle between Christianity and Islam; I came across this short report and video clip the other day. It provides food for thought.




    12. If the Bible is the inspired Word of God ( and I agree that it is) perhaps PPO could enlighten me why the Exclusive Brethren add to and amend it to suit their doctrines. For example no mainstream church considers the bible forbids eating with other believers. Why did the EB introduced this law in 1960 and strictly enforce it? Now over the past few years eating with unbelievers is sanctioned when other matters take precedence e.g Making representation to Members of Parliament.
      Many other examples could be identified where the EB ignore, distort or add to God's inspired word.
      If there are no grey areas could you enlighten us why the EB appear to introduce rules and then change them when it is expedient to do so.
      The God of the bible is unchanging and his word is unchanging. How do the EB justify excommunicating members for eating with non-members between 1960 and 2010 and now sanctioning such behaviour?
      Thanking you in advance.

    13. Oh, I see! Eating with unbelievers is OK as long as political, business and financial matters are at stake. Eating with believers, who are not members, for no other reason than they are family or former friends is not allowed!

      After all, one cannot be too careful, if family members become too cosy, not only is there the risk of "contamination across the table", there is also the risk that the avaristic brethren might lose their iron grip on inheritance through Wills enforced to favour their "church".


    14. Like Gal 5.1 and Anonymous above, I'm concerned about the way members of the PBCC refuse to eat and drink with non-Brethren family members and others. I sometimes wonder how much these brethren rely on J N Darby's misplaced addition to the Holy Scriptures.

      As a man who collaborated with others in German, French and English translations of the Bible, Darby was naturally interested in the earliest manuscript sources of the New Testament writings. In his 1871 ‘Revised Preface to Second Edition of the New Testament’ he referred to the C4 AD New Testament codici, Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, and commented that they “bear the marks of having been in ecclesiastical hands”, though he didn’t think “that the result is seriously affected by it, for their work is pretty easily detected and corrected, and thus is not of any great consequence”.

      It’s interesting, therefore, that he saw fit to add his own gloss “in separating himself from them” to the text of 2 Timothy 2:21, when it should have just been placed in square brackets or included as a footnote, not written as an integral part of the text.

      Ten years later in 1881, the elderly John Darby was upset about a gloss included in that same chapter of 2 Timothy in the newly issued 1881 Revised Version of the New Testament. He didn't like the addition of "Lord's servant" and "God" to verse 26 and wrote: "In 2 Timothy 2:26 - a confessedly difficult passage, they have introduced words, without any warrant at all, most unwarrantably." (J N D - 'Letters on the Revised New Testament' Page 116.)

      Here’s the Revised Version 1881:

      26 and they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by the Lord’s servant unto the will of God.

      It's intriguing to find J N Darby scorning the kind of thing he'd done himself only a few verses before.

      When members of the PBCC tell me that they have to “separate” from me I remember that the unbracketed insertion in 2 Timothy 2:21 in the Darby ‘New Translation’ bears the mark of having been in J N Darby’s own “ecclesiastical hands”. It’s immensely sad that those few extra words, “in separating himself from them”, unwarrantably included in the Darby English Bible, should ever have encouraged members of this group of Exclusive Brethren to treat people outside their own assemblies as unworthy table companions.

    15. Rev is 100% wrong of course...
      The Word of God can also be spoken through people, as indeed was the case in days of old. 'Faithful are the wounds of a friend 'See here - this comes about by a word or words of truth, as God sees fit in this present day. The word of God is living and operative.
      We thinks Rev is crying foul play because his holiness doesn't want to be changed or challenged. Pride is more often the reason for not wanting to hear the word.
      'The word is hard, who can hear it' springs to mind....
      Adjustment by the word would bring about humility as opposed to pride and contention by those who wander in evil, darkness and error.
      Dear friends - Repent before the day of the mercy seat has passed.

      Pesky Peeb Outreach

    16. Dear PPO

      Do you only reason as all right or all wrong? There have been arrogant, power hungry misfits throughout the ages who claim to be the conduit of God's Word.

      These voices have given rise to contention, war, genocide, torture and rape; in your exclusive sectarian division to separation, hatred of the world, family wreckage, mental breakdown, suicide, alcoholism, avarice, cruelty and paranoia.

      The "current word" that you appear to rejoice in, such as a recommendation that "sinners" should die as soon as possible, is indeed a hard word; no sane person would want to hear it. Shameful that you hinge on to this "ministry" to attack Christians and others on this page.

      Perhaps a little humility might be in order and even, according to your beliefs, repentance.

    17. 'Repent before the day of the mercy seat has passed.'

      Gordon Pollard didn't, Caleb Furse didn't. Why don't the PBCC set a good example?

    18. It's common practice for pseudo-Christian cults to have secondary literature, 'correcting' and 'expounding' the words of the Bible. In this respect the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church/Exclusive Brethren seem no different to The Mormons, The Christian Scientists, The Jehovah witnesses, The Scientologists et al who rely of further 'revelation' to complete God's word.

      While there is no doubt The Holy Spirit can and does highlight specific Scriptures at specific times, He never contradicts the written and existing word. We are told to test the spirits of prophecy. It seems these groups have failed to do that and in consequence have been lead astray.

  2. Seems to fly in the face of what it says in my bible. 'And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”

    When we consider the mental state of a lot of members of the PBCC, many of whom reliant on prescribed anti-depressants, and as one of their leaders was on record as saying 'half the membership are on anti-depressants and the other half should be', does this sound like stuff that would benefit the public? Mainstream Church? It's not even Christian. I hope the UK authorities ban the entry of this madman Hales into the country. He has relatives that have already committed suicide and he continues to peddle this evil train of thought?

    The Bible and Gospel Trust who publish and charge money for this appalling claptrap are sitting on a pile of cash in excess of £7 1/2 million.


    People hurt by this cult need compensating and there is the money to start.

  3. This cult should be stopped they are disgusting I no someone that got away from them ,there just pure evil there karma will come ..

  4. My bible says "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners" (not suggesting death as a way out of sin). He said to a sinful woman to go and sin no more and He did not condemn her"
    BDH speaks of "the glad tidings" but I see little evidence of what the Apostle Paul describes in Titus 3. "But when the kindness and love to man of our Saviour God appeared..........."
    Addressing vulnerable"young fellows" in the language he used is reckless at best and bordering on criminal at worst.

  5. Perhaps it's PBCC's members' lack of educational opportunities which allows Bruce D Hales to speak like this and apparently get away with it. No decent member of the PBCC can be pleased that this sort of ministry is in print.

    Restricting PBCC members to school-level education (except, it's reported, in business studies and accounting) places an enormous burden on all these brethren, and may explain why they aren't robust and knowledgeable enough to challenge Bruce D Hales when he indulges in horrors like this.

  6. In recent years the UK Government has been introducing measures intended to prevent what they call radicalisation. By “radicalisation” they do not necessarily mean violence or anything overtly criminal. They mean the promotion of extreme values that undermine mutual respect and social cohesion among our culturally diverse population.

    Promoting extreme sectarianism or separatism is an example of radicalisation. Rejecting the principles of equality and democracy is another example. Denouncing the entire world outside of your own group is another example. Wishing the death of those who disagree with you in matters of religion is a particularly grave example. Rejoicing at the death of someone because he spent his life making computers, or “instruments of hell” is another grave example. Suggesting that you would be better to kill yourself with rat poison than make contact with those who oppose me is another grave example.

    The leadership of the Exclusive Brethren and their printing organisation are guilty of all of these things, which are inconsistent with their claim to be a Christian church. They are using the language, scriptures and outward trappings of Christianity to undermine, disparage and attack the very core of Christianity.

    Our liberal laws allow them to do this, but in the process they are also undermining some of the core values of our western civilization. This has already brought them to the unwelcome attention of the government, the courts, the press, social services, healthcare professionals, the police, the Charity Commission, academic researchers, the church, and many decent members of the public.

    The sad fact is that there is no need for them to do any of this. They could stop doing it overnight and live according to their own consciences, not according to someone else’s irrational, immoral, tyrannical dictates.

  7. "He has relatives that have already committed suicide and he continues to peddle this evil train of thought?" I didn't know that. It's all starting to come together now. I do know that a young man who was known to be in a relationship with his son mysteriously drowned while snorkelling in a few inches of water. I also remember a former leader persuaded his followers to imbibe strong drink to hide his own alcoholism. There's really nothing new about all this, is there!

  8. It seems that this suggestion of suicide was also part of the old Hales system. For further details read the account of Miss Eva Maude Snowball Hales's demise with it's following comments.


  9. Those who want to listen and believe in this type of brain washed crap,known as the brethren doctrine, really do we care, no I don't, let the evil bastards rot in there own filth of their preachings in which they believe is the only way to heaven. I have lost my family since leaving 35 years ago at the tender age of 18 and unless there is some form of mass protest I can't see any major change in a brain washed cult ever happening.God bless you all and love the world, Peace.

    1. You wrote, “unless there is some form of mass protest I can't see any major change in a brain washed cult ever happening.”

      I don’t feel as gloomy as that. Many people do escape from Exclusivism. There are more ex-members of the Exclusive Brethren than current members. Tens of thousands voted with their feet in Darby’s time, then again in Raven’s time (most of Europe in fact) then many in JT’s time, then tens of thousands around 1960 and again in 1970. Then many were purged in JHS’s time, which was traumatic at the time, but a deliverance for many of them.

      And it is not only individuals that get enlightened. Cults do change, albeit reluctantly, sometimes only for financial reasons. Signing the Preston Down agreement was a major change on paper, which at least gave individuals an excuse to change their behaviour in practice. They can hardly be thrown out for doing what they promised. That would really upset the Charity Commission.

      Other religious groups have had to change their practices and even their teachings in response to official pressures and public opinion, usually when their finances were endangered. To some extent I think it has already happened to the Hales group. Many of their previously banned possessions and activities are now commonplace. Only a few years ago they disapproved of giving to charity, and disapproved of heart transplants; now they financially support both. Some of them are gaining qualification at degree level; some are meeting their non-Brethren relatives in a reasonably friendly way. Some are having refreshments with business contacts. Hopefully the next step will be when they can do all of these things without having to ask for permission first.

    2. Ian..Let's summarise your waffle as - Just a Dream

    3. At least we know who Ian is Anonymous - he does not hide as you do. And what Ian say in my view is not waffle but sound objective observations. Cultic groups do change and the brethren have changed many things that were once forbidden are now accepted - even eating with non members! They have not changed enough though for they still hang on to their doctrine of separation and deny those who leave normal relations with their families.

  10. Ho ho ho yeah Man -
    Don't believe any of the twaddle on this site.
    Way too far fetched to be taken seriously, but
    at least it makes us all chuckle as we slip
    another fine Malt down the hatch :) :) :) :)
    Mmmmmmmmm Lovely - Pour me another and let's
    get spiritual

    Pesky Peeb Outreach

  11. Dear PPO
    Before you sink into oblivion, would it not be better to say that you don't believe in the "twaddle" that your fellow whisky lover and leader says? However, it is rather unfortunate that it is transcribed and published for all to see.

    By the way, aren't you a little too young to be drinking? Did you know that alcohol consumption can lead to disease and possible eventual loss of mental faculties? Do you have much capacity to spare?

    Government Health Warning

  12. Ha ha ha ha - Love it!
    The old Granny is back waving her knitting needles about, but she can't pull the wool over our eyes

    1. You are 150% wrong, of course, and a knitwit.

      Pestilent Peeb

  13. I see the Wikipeebia site is down this morning. Anyone know why?
    Trust it is not Bruce the Goose waddling around and getting his goslings to interfere or interrupt the other one true line.

  14. Wikipedia is useful for general information / knowledge, but is liable to corruption or inherent errors found within the institutions of mankind. We need to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ alone, for he is the way, the truth and the life. He is the font of truth, knowledge and peace.

    Finally, we need get really spiritual by washing our robes and sinking another giant glass of malted whisky before can get the gain of such fine ministry in our day...

    Pesky Peeb Outreach

    1. PPO
      Your comments just show how lost the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (aka Exclusive Brethren) really is.

      All your posts mock God and the Holy Bible, which is His Word.

      On one hand you speak of Christian things saying - “We need to fix our eyes on Jesus Christ alone, for he is the way, the truth and the life. He is the font of truth, knowledge and peace” – all of which of course is true and taught in Gods Word the Bible.

      Yet, on the other hand, you mock God by speaking of – “we need get really spiritual by washing our robes and sinking another giant glass of malted whisky”


      Did you not know that Gods Word teaches -

      Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.

      1 Corinthians 6:10 Nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.


      Of course the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (aka Exclusive Brethren) don’t follow Gods Word, because they follow the words of their leaders past and present, who mock, contradict and twist Gods Word (The Bible) and then call their teaching “new light” and “Gods Word in our Day”.

      How the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (aka Exclusive Brethren) have been deceived and deluded !


      Do you not know that God can not contradict himself and if your supposed “new light” and “ministry” is contradictory of Gods Word (The Bible), it is NOT Gods Word.

      Hebrews 6:18 So that by two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us.

      1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not a God of confusion

    2. PPO's comments, and some others of his ilk, appear to be attempts at parody void of humour. Members of the public, coming across this blog for the first time, might be astonished to note that this is how many members of the Exclusive Brethren (Plymouth Brethren Christian Church) really think and speak; a cocktail of whisky, Christian platitudes, arrogance, ignorance and prejudice, well shaken from birth and laced with a dash of bigotry.


    3. Members of the public, coming across this blog for the first time, might think that the comments emulating from the likes of "PPO" are attempts at humourless parody. Strangely, however, this is how many members of the Exclusive Brethren, rebranded as the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church to gain credibility, think and speak. A cocktail of whisky, assorted Christian platitudes, arrogance, ignorance and prejudice all well shaken, since birth, and served with a dash of bigotry.


  15. Wikipedia is useful for general information/knowledge. Wikipeebia is useful for exposing the iniquitous conduct of the Exclusive Brethren cult, renamed Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, in an attempt to dupe the authorities, and others, that it is a benign sect rather than a harmful organisation that has fixed its eyes on a corrupt, whisky drinking multi millionaire Australian businessman and, for over half a century, his freaky forerunners.
    It would need washing machines of industrial proportions to wash the whisky sodden robes of these pestilent "priests" and the worst of their henchmen.

    Fast Spin

  16. "Gordon Pollard didn't, Caleb Furse didn't. Why don't the PBCC set a good example?" How do we know they didn't? My EB mother used to repeatedly tell me Darwin repented of evolution of his deathbed. Maybe JTJr repented of his drunken womanising and worse? Maybe JHS repented of being such a c**t? Maybe some EB will get there after all?

    1. A frankly disappointing response to the above allegations. I fear your EB mother was as deluded as the rest of them. Evolution happens anyway, get over it.

      Read what Darwin's own daughter, present at the great man's death, had to say and the context....

      'Around 1842, Darwin’s wife Emma gave birth to their daughter, Henrietta. Eventually, she married an English barrister by the name of Richard Litchfield. Apparently, even before her death the story of her father’s conversion at the hands of Lady Hope had begun to circulate, because she addressed this matter in a letter written on February 23, 1922 to The Christian, a religious journal. Her comments were as follows:

      I was present at his [Darwin’s—BT] deathbed. Lady Hope was not present during his last illness, or any illness. I believe he never even saw her, but in any case she had no influence over him in any department of thought and belief. He never recanted any of his scientific views, either then or earlier. We think that story of his conversion was fabricated in the USA. In most of these versions, hymn singing comes in and a summerhouse where the servants and villagers sang hymns to him. There is no such summerhouse and no servants or villagers ever sang hymns to him. The whole story has no foundation whatsoever (see Hawton, 1958, p. 4).

      Where is it you feel some EB will 'get' ?


    2. Right - So we are all fully in agreement that Rev and Ian are both day dreamers and suffer from delusional grandiosity caused by 4 plus decades of self justification. Could it be such a mindset tends to send such people into a make believe world in a bid to escape from fact? If true, such people probably do find companionship or comfort in controversy and contentions in sites like this where they try to smother real debate.

      We should always remember that the truth will surface at some point in time no matter the tripe that spouts forth from those who grope in the darkness. Such back sliding is a very grave and matter that needs spiritual intervention.

      So raise your glasses and pour forth copious amounts of whiskey to set us free.

      Pesky Peeb Outreach

    3. Evolution is not science at all.
      In fact it's a denial of the truth
      and Man away from God.


    4. Science or not, the facts surrounding the death of Charles Darwin were corrupted by so-called 'Christians' in an effort to support their own agenda. It is much the same as the account of JT Jnr's death. Some say he had a blissful look on his face, others say it was a look of sheer terror.

      Muddying of the waters (several differing variations of explanation to the same story in order to confuse) is probably the most common trick of the PBCC, who will then, stony-faced, tell you ' we only go by the facts'.

      If you want denial of the truth, look no further than the EB guy recently jailed for running away from the scene of a fatal car accident to 'pray' after killing an innocent man by his stupidity.

      Shame that all these buggers who neck Scotland's most famous export, can't even spell it correctly. Must be like having an erect vessel amongst you! Is that why everyone stands when he enters?

    5. I believe this guilty man had been at a party; according to the obsession that PPO and his brethren have with whiskey (sic) is it not possible that he also had been drinking; thus partly explaining why he fled the scene?
      Perhaps PPO could confirm or deny? The EB (PBCC) network is very small.

    6. Dear Christian

      Phew! That's OK, then; convenient to have a science wrapped up and sorted in a a couple of lines. Thankfully, medical science, and all the other applications, have taken a tad more trouble!

    7. Yes. I have little doubt that he had been drinking, being late on a Saturday evening, but the charge of causing death by dangerous driving is more serious than one of drinking and driving. However, to plead not guilty in court, when there were several witnesses to the incident defies belief. He missed seeing his kids for an extra year because of this inbred PBCC denial mechanism that we see time and time again. Christian? I would say not. A decent atheist wouldn't have done that.

      And still they drink, give drink to minors, attend The Priory and AA.


  17. Our friends above inadvertently reveal the reason Peebs tend to have a problem with drink. Everything is black and white, good or evil. Therefore drink has to be good or bad. It cannot be good in moderation and bad in excess; it has to be all good or all bad. Consequently, since drink is deemed "good" by leaders who like, or liked, a bit too much of the stuff, there is a tendency to drink with the brakes off. It probably did me a favour since an incident with drink was the beginning of the end of my time in the brethren.


  18. Before the early 1970s the Brethren were teetotal, as became a fundamentalist group who did not participate in worldly pleasures. Ironically, however, unbeknown to the flock, former leader James Taylor Snr, from the USA, liked a tipple and his successor, James Taylor Jnr, liked it more (hypocrisy has long been a feature of Brethren existence).

    When we had family gatherings at Christmas (now called the end of year holiday) my grandmother would not drink non-alcoholic ginger wine, because of the connotation.

    Taylor Jnr, not content with damaging his own health, introduced drinking to the masses, on some flimsy pretext, and, as Ricardo points out, excess was the order of the day (extremists don't holdback) leading to some crazy behaviour addiction and alcoholism. I think the Hales Brethren must be the only group in Christendom who intersperse their numerous "services" with drinking - usually srong spirits. In the early days, any who resisted drinking were made to suffer for their principles.

    I have often wondered about the extent of drink driving within the Hales Brethren, knowing how they are wedded to their cars. Any late "Lords Day" afternoon check by the police might have yielded some "sobering" results.

    Primary Source

  19. The Brethren always had its secret drinkers - trust me. I can remember several in the localities I frequented. Most would mask their habit with 'Old Spice' or suchlike - but the more working class of these would just turn up drunk. We had a local brother who used to get to church too late due to being a truck driver - and then he would sit outside the hall swigging on 'long necks' (a seriously BIG bottle of beer) waiting for his wife. We used to try and torment him a little because the drunker he was the more fragile and unhinged he would become.We shoved a carrot up his exhaust one night - while he sat - drunk- in his car. When he started it - the carrot ejected at 100mph and hit a sister on the back of the leg. She went airborne and the drunk flew out of his vehicle and said to the now crowded forecourt of assembled brethren - "Which one of you bloody bastards stuck somethin' up me exhaust!?" He was mildly in the poo at that point. Mission accomplished.

    I can also remember a leading brother I was staying with - and I mean a major city leader - drink an entire bottle of scotch one night in the 60's - with another brother - they were blind by the end of the session which ended at 3.00am. So the Peebs had their drinkers trust me before Taylor became a serious alcoholic.

    Funnily enough I watched two groups of younger married Brethren recently jump out of their cars after the supper - and wondering where on earth they could be going as a jolly little troop this early on the Lord's Day - watched them go into a liquor store and come out with eight bottles of wine. No doubt a party was about to happen. I got drunk on Scotch as an 18 year old in the Peebs - never touched the stuff again. I suppose I can thank them for that. I was sick for three days.

    1. These stories make me wonder whether your back on the scotch or just a serious retard !!

  20. Does anyone know what the EB view on the UK Referendum is?

    The EB seem to meddle in politics these days. Do their leaflet drops count as part of an MP's election spend?

    1. That would be interesting to know. There are conflicting considerations for the Brethren. Their prophetic folklore, in the days when they discussed such things, has often associated the European Community with the Great Babylon of Revelation 18. Brethren used to see the EU as a sign of the times, so they might want to keep out of anything so potentially evil.

      Besides, they don’t like human rights legislation, some of which emanates from the EU. More rights for humans means less power for Brethren bosses. More rights for children means less power for those who lord it over them and try to control their learning, careers, lifestyle, beliefs, words and thoughts.

      On the other hand, membership of the EU, on balance, is probably good for business and profits. I think that consideration alone will be enough to make them want to remain part of “the Great Babylon.” After all, the whole EB enterprise is very like a miniature version of the Great Babylon.

      I would also like to know what the Brethren think of the USA presidential elections. The Brethren have a lot in common with Donald Trump and his supporters, particularly in their authoritarianism.

    2. Maybe some visits to their prayer meetings on Mondays would help?

      or polite direct questions?

    3. Agree that business and making money will win over most other considerations. Most of the Hales Brethren voodoo fears regarding "devices" have quietly evaporated once it was discovered that such "doctrine" interfered with the creation of wealth.

      Regarding the presidential elections, Trump appears to be the natural home for the so called Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. I think they will always covertly root for the most extreme, right wing politicians who have a chance of power; although, ideologically, the PBCC approach the lunatic fringe.


    4. Anon 16.36

      What a good idea! If we start planning and telephoning now we might just make it. Will we get the security codes in time? How long is the interview for admission?Is it OK to arrive by bike? Is it OK to wear slacks? (easier on a bike! lol).

      Thanks in advance

      Polly Ester

    5. I say, Anon 16.36, are questions only answered on Mondays? How about the other 9 meetings, or so. That's not much of a public benefit, is it? Does all that public funding only cover wash days?

      Polite, direct questions will automatically generate constructive, truthful, direct answers?

      Here's a few: Why did the Exclusive Brethren rip a family apart because someone listened to a radio, when the EB now possess every device under the sun?

      Why did they rip a family apart because someone went to a shop on "The Lord's Day" when the EB now sometimes top up their alcohol supplies on that very day?

      Why did the Brethren rip a family apart because a grandparent had a meal with a grandchild, when the "Rapid Relief Team" now feed well-fed firefighters and publicise the same as "charity".

      When are the EB (PBCC) going to apologise and compensate for all the human misery they have caused over decades?

      Polite, direct answers to these questions would be most welcome! Oh yes, do give some thoughts on the EU referendum as well.


    6. J.Walker

      Questions aren't necessarily answered on Mondays.
      Also questions are sometimes answered deceitfully or the opposite.

      However if you turn up on a Monday, they can't pray for BDH, or some other closed subjects, but Government is a fairly safe option for them.
      You'll soon pick up their feelings

      I don't think even the EB will pray for the opposite of what they really want!


  21. A radio transmitter concealed within a 13 Amp plug works well for me. I can imagine them as we speak, dismantling electrical equipment everywhere. Stop blaming 'traitors' Brucie boy, we can hear for ourselves. Good luck with that Peebies! Roger,over and out.

    Mark Coney

  22. Due to our religious hangups, we have tunnel vision. We find it hard to look anywhere but in one direction. Early enlightened or educated Christians were just as conversant with Plato, as we are Today with the Bible. Few Today have any idea of the background of Christians in the beginning, it originally was a Jewish sect, until Saul had a sudden conversion and finally edited out all the requirements to the Law and the old Hebraic God, the real God St.Paul discovers is the Heavenly Father that says as Jesus taught:"Love your enemies"[ Math.5:44].This Revelation was through Christ Jesus"The Law came through Moses, but Grace and Truth through Jesus Christ" [John.1:17]

    To enlighten some, I will go into a little bit of this background they were steeped in. Greek Philosophy of which Plato is the foremost exponent, like the Apostle Paul is in Christianity.
    There is a connection between Buddhism and Christianity, the Sermon on the Mount unlike Moses Mount of fire and brimstone was almost word for word teachings of the Buddha, that is before Constantine polluted the First New Testament was by Marcion 200 years earlier and then as Chief Editor this murderer like Moses[opposite of Jesus loving nature] added lies like Romans 13:1-7 To be obedient to the Government that is was a tool against evil doers...rubbish why have a righteous hard working Paul, who provided as a tent maker provision for nor only himself but those with him. So to place Paul in chains and then have murdered along with millions of Christians by the Governments of the day, how could that be of the True God and Eternal Life revealed by Jesus the indivisible Son of the Heavenly Father spelt with a capital "F"? So why add on the Hebraic God to the New Testament? If it was not because Emperor Constantine needed a God to justify murdering his own son and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands. How beneficial this cruel God was for the MOG's as they split up families and withdrew from righteous men.They kicked Jesus in the bum, who said "Judge not" "Love your enemies".