Sunday, 10 January 2016

Just how terminally stupid are the PBCC?

 Answer? Very. Fatally. Incurably. Categorically. Take your pick.


Why? Well here's the thing. I was talking to someone about how there are Peeb 'assemblies' dotted around the area in which I live which have been in place since the late 1800's. How did they occur in such small country towns? Well in the late 1800's a few (I'm presuming there was more than one) priest types - let's call them leading brothers - went from place to place - set up a tent and began preaching the gospel. 


Farmers - their wives - and the local shop keepers would turn up - probably to see what all the fuss was about - entertainment being a bit light on in those days and  behold - they were preaching the gospel. So they came again and sooner or later they became Brethren too. And now the people in those places are, four generations later, still Peebs. 


Sadly a relative of mine was one of these original tent attendees - which had the effect late in his life, of wrecking his family. He even rang one of his original family members who did not attend the tent in those days and who remained 'without' and told them that the Brethren had finally gone crazy. He died 6 years after Taylor Junior had brought in his cruel and anti-Christian separation rule - something he never reconciled in his mind. But he didn't rock the boat.


So why are they nuts? Well Christianity as taught by Jesus himself was all embracing. How can you spread the said gospel if you don't preach to the people? You can't. Now the Peebs will tell you that they preach to the world - but that is the most futile exercise in communication that anyone has ever witnessed. A complete waste of time that should be stamped out, if only for its pointlessness. I'm referring to the practice of street preaching which is where three Peebs go to a street corner near you and mumble a dreadfully delivered grumble about people going to hell to 6 parked cars and a Labrador. I've said it before - they have never attracted one person from their street preaching rambles. 


Funnily enough, the moment they went from being an 'open' church to a closed one in 1959, defined the moment they stopped being a very minor church and became a cult. Reverse Christianity. Nuts! But such was the wisdom of Taylor. It was also the moment they stopped worshipping God and started worshipping a man. When you start tugging your forelock to the likes of a James Taylor or a Bruce Hales or an L. Ron Hubbard - you are on a slippery slope into cult-dom. No question about it.


So simply preaching the gospel like Jesus did - or they themselves did in their evangelism tents - the 'spreading' of the gospel became a dead duck in the Brethren world 57 years ago. Now they're just a weirdo mob who skulk about under the cover of darkness behind padlocked gates. Fancy being so protective of your brand of religion that you literally lock the world out! Particularly when you then go on to tell people you are Christians. Pffft!


Of course those in the know - know that the Plymouth Brethren psuedo Christian Church is in fact only a cover for a bunch of men - mainly belonging to one family - making a shitload of money out of the rest of them. Pure and simple. Bottom line.


They don't 'save' souls anymore. You cannot even get in. Well they say you can - but the screening process would be far too cumbersome for most wanting to avail themselves of their brand of evangelism. And if you do persevere and successfully get screened enough to be allowed to listen to one of their gospels - you would today find that the message didn't mention someone called Jesus much anymore but some bloke called Our Beloved or Mister Hales from Sydney. 


Now had these silly buggers simply gone on spreading the gospel - they might have had a church on every corner and even been what they term as mainstream. But they chose instead to shut the doors, lock the gates and become a cult instead. Which in the context of Christianity is so diabolically stupid as to be insane. 


So if you wondered how the hell your family got involved with this bunch of home wreckers - then your great grandfather or grandfather probably turned up at a tent in the late 1800's - looking for some solace like mine. Today the poor bugger wouldn't even get a look in!  Frankly I wish he'd gone to the pub instead.           





  1. My word, if I were passing, I would love to paint a pair of horns on that little man's head!

  2. Is that Oliver Woodcock, standing by the telephone kiosk ?

    1. According to previous information on this blog it would appear so. If that information is correct, he has probably done more harm to others than all those who pass by.

  3. Much as I admire that author’s great skill in writing in an engaging, lucid and pithy way, there is one of his words that I would not have used: “incurably”.

    There are reassuring reasons to believe that the stupidity described by the author is rather superficial, not deeply ingrained, not constitutional or innate in most of the individual PBCC members. Their system will always be seen as stupid, but many of their members will not. They are trained or coerced to do and say stupid things, and they even print astonishingly stupid things in ministry books, but if they are given time to recover from the pressures they are under, their brains are capable of operating normally.

    The evidence for this is that every now and then one of their members gets thrown out, and very soon proves to be of normal intelligence, or in some cases of very high intelligence, and learns to behave, think and speak in a rational manner, no longer being self-contradictory, no longer denying obvious facts, and no longer making decisions that are against his own interests and the interests of others.

    So that gives me hope that most or all of the members of PBCC are capable of rehabilitation. It will not be easy, and some of the after-effects of Brethrenism cast a life-long shadow, but we know from experience that when members have been released from coercion, mind control and intensive indoctrination, what they do and say has quickly become rational and intelligent.

  4. Fair comment, Ian.

    The problem is that even the best of these brethren are so sewn into loyalty to Bruce D Hales that they have to pretend to go along with his teaching. Only last year he talked about self administering poison like arsenic and cyanide, and in 2011 he considered it’s a death wish even to contemplate leaving this group of Exclusive Brethren, “The quicker you die the better”. It all puts PBCC members under enormous strain and in effect condemns them to a life of dissembling and hypocrisy.

    I worry about the way this sham interferes with some PBCC members’ basic decency. I know one member who definitely doesn’t have a heart of stone but who has to behave discourteously and dismissively in order to stay in the group.

    The Charity Commission of England and Wales requires these Exclusive Brethren to act for the public benefit. Accordingly, I’ve written to Neil Christie, a trustee of the Horsforth (Leeds) PBCC meeting, and asked him to put me in touch with a loving, caring and informed member of the PBCC, but so far I’ve not had a reply from him about this. It seems that even the best of these Exclusive Brethren can’t be recommended or trusted to act in a way that is beneficial to a non-member. This is a loss for me and others who would like to relate normally to these Exclusive Brethren, but it must be devastating to kind and generous-spirited PBCC members that they can’t love their neighbour as themselves and instead have to feign hard-heartedness and disdain.

    The good people in this group of Exclusive Brethren should speak up in favour of lovingkindness and courtesy to all. They should contradict Bruce D Hales’s 2012 assertion that “God is keeping the world going because of the saints. And we’re the cornerstone of Christianity ... there’s nothing more beautiful or wonderful or attractive than the truth of separation.” They should point out to him that there’s nothing more beautiful or wonderful or attractive than the Christian truth about love and they should insist on the need to behave lovingly to all.

    1. If BDH really thinks that “there’s nothing more beautiful or wonderful or attractive than the truth of separation,” the Brethren will need radically to rewrite their bibles, because in its present form the Darby Bible calls for unity more often than separation, inclusiveness more often than exclusiveness, and love more often, more emphatically and more superlatively than all these other concepts put together.

    2. Ian, you are so wrong that the devil himself is going to have your miserable old balls singed over a white hot fire.

      Separation from evil is God's principle of unity and nothing you say is going to change it.

      Pesky Peeb Outreach

    3. 'Separation from evil is God's principle of unity'

      I've been interested in this, from JND's writings

      Could Pesky Peeb Outreach please tell me where it is in Scripture?


  5. I agree with the tenor of your comments, Joan. Some of the members of the EB I have managed to have a chat with (sometimes it is curtailed when they identify me as a former member!) seem decent folk with whom I would like to have a more in-depth conversation.
    Sadly however they have been indoctrinated (BDH's own word) into carrying out their side of the conversation through the use of EB cliches which to anyone without knowledge of their doctrines and way of life must seem strange and fairly meaningless. Like Joan I have often wondered after such a chat, which usually takes place in the street,if the person I have spoken to is genuinely convinced by their own rhetoric. On occasions their body language seems to say they are not!
    Like Ian I like to think that given the opportunity to escape from the vice-like grip of the EB many of these decent folk would throgh rime become normal members of society. However as I myself know it is perhaps easier to get out of the EB than it is to get the EB out
    of me!
    However I try to take every opportunity presented to me to talk to them, tell them I know something of their way of life but also that I have had a fulfilling Christian life since severing my ties with the EB over 40 years ago.

    1. Oooooops we did it again -
      The devil is on the go again for 2016 and
      what a positive way to start the New year! :):):)
      Never cease to be enthralled by the Pyramid of piffle being regurgitated by the discontented.
      Anyone else want to add anything more to make us all puke-up again?

      Fulfilled for forty years? Eh really?
      Could have fooled us the contented ones :) :) :)


    2. Good morning, BS. I think I recognise your style. Are you the same correspondent who wrote on 24 May 2015 at 19:46, dismissing as “a pyramid of piffle” the core values of Christianity as set out by both Jesus and Paul and accurately summarised by Joan? If so, the person you are now criticising may feel gratified to receive the same accolade as these revered teachers.

      Contentment and discontent are usually rather relative. They are feelings that mainly reflect changes in our circumstances, more than actual absolute circumstances. A caged bird seems content enough if it has never known anything better. A frog in hot water is content to stay where it is so long as the rise in temperature is slow enough for it not to notice; indeed, it will even stay until it is thoroughly cooked. But I prefer to see caged birds escaping and endangered frogs rescued, even if they show no obvious signs of distress. The most tragic cases of captivity are people who don’t even know they are captives, because even their minds are in chains. In North Korea and oppressive religious cults there are millions of them. George Orwell in his various novels described the phenomenon brilliantly.

      I take it from your mention of the devil, puking and phrases like “Eh really?” that you disapprove of Gal 5.1’s comments, and don’t believe that he is contented and fulfilled. Could you be more specific? What exactly do you disagree with, and why? Why do you not believe he has lived a fulfilling Christian life for 40 years?

    3. BS
      You have concluded, without knowing who I am or the life I have led that I am attempting to fool people that I have led a fulfilling Christian life for the past 40 years.
      How do you arrive at conclusions without knowing the facts? Do you always believe what you are told within the Exclusive Brethren without taking the opportunity to enquire further?
      I would welcome you asking me questions as to how I consider I have led a fulfilling Christian life.
      Just in case it has escaped your notice my nom de plume is short for Galations chapter 5 verse 1. which reads "Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage"
      Having escaped from the shackles that hold Exclusive Brethren captive I have enjoyed the company and fellowship of hundreds of Christians from many denominations and achieved success in my career which would have been denied me had I remained a member of the Exclusive Brethren.
      Now tell me why you consider you are "a contented one".

    4. Gal, I don't want to know who you are - Period.

      You may not be trying to fool people, but you are a fool by thinking you are in the right place.
      So exactly where is the "liberty" you claim to possess, since your posts clearly demonstrate you're still chained fast to 1970?
      'Standing Fast' or is it 'Stuck Fast' in the sticky error of your own self-willed reasoning?
      Christ did the will of his father and laid his life down for us. So why all the pride about the so called 'success in your career'?

      Thus futile to 'inquire further' about your life of the past forty plus years when clearly you are still trapped in those past events. The fact is, people who are contented don't constantly harp on about things they have long moved on from.
      What exactly do you think is achieved by going round in circle or looking back? This really demonstrates that none been able to come to terms with such traumatic events unless they accept that God allowed it as a test of faith to follow him in obedience to his current word.
      That involves that we come to the end of ourselves without blaming anyone else.

      So reason for the next forty years if you so wish, but you will remain stuck at the point of departure until the end or death has come.

      Your career is no more than The Fart of God and will pass with you into oblivion.


    5. BS could stand for Britney Spears or just plain bull shit, so could this be a cunning spoof to provoke a heated debate? What do you think?
      With all due respect, could Gal's nom de plume
      be the fart of God that BS refers to?

      Nevertheless, I'm always amazed at how much
      some folks do occupy their entire lives trying to figure out what happened at Aberdeen.
      Granted, I was born long after this apparent
      upheaval, so may have missed all the nuclear fall-out which is still the main topic at our family's dinner table each Sunday.


    6. BS,

      You have answered neither my questions nor Gal 5.1’s. All you have done is express strong opinions about him, apparently based on no information at all. Are you claiming the gift of clairvoyance? You deny that he has lived a fulfilling Christian life; you deny that he enjoys liberty; you accuse him of folly and pride; you say his posts clearly demonstrate that he is chained. Where do these opinions come from? Not from any apparent evidence. Do they arise from prejudice, hatred, a desire to think the worst, or merely a malevolent urge to be insulting?

      You finish by using God’s name in a grossly distasteful, profane manner, while claiming an ability to know not only Gal 5.1’s present state but also his future.

      Can you seriously consider this behaviour worthy of the calling with which we have been called? Is this the level of discourse that we are to expect from Brethren apologists? Please try to contribute and promote a more honest, civilised discussion.

    7. Fart of God?
      Now there's a fine spiritual thought for 2016.
      Excellent way of clearing the air and of course
      why not since the things of God are pure and holy.
      This is real ministry like you have never heard it before. Things are gonna change for the better.

      Methane cannot therefore be the cause of global
      warming after all.

    8. It isn't difficult to figure out what happened at Aberdeen; just look at the evidence. In the unlikely event that anyone has missed it, here is a brief summary: The late Alan Ker led his wife, Madeleine, to Mr Tayor's bedroom so that she could provide the "Man of God" with some solace. In order to do this she lay naked, under the covers with him. Mrs Taylor was not present at the time. I cannot say if these events took place before, or after, "Mr Taylor's "ministry" on Christian liberty and the consumption of whisky. If after, then no doubt inebriation may have been a factor in these proceedings. In any event, the "Man of God" was an alcoholic long before he spread his disease to many of the brethren.

      For those brethren obsessed with "links" it might be noted that Alan Ker was a research chemist, with expertise in lubricants. The PBCC have proudly drawn attention to his achievements in one of their misleading booklets. It is interesting to note that such a career would now be denied members of the Excruciating Brethren (PBCC Ltd)

      Primary Source

    9. ABC: What you have said Mr Hales@23.18 is most pungent.Is it a way of God showing His displeasure with the world at this hour of the testymoney, do you feel? Do you see a link with the Breath of God?

      BDH Oh yes, clearly, dats very attractive, very attractive. Hic! Come on shay shome more. Do wanna come in here again Mr BS?

      BS: Well, I don't want to steal your thunder, as it were, Mr Hales, but I am minded not only of orifices but of the oracular, would these link, in some way?

      BDH: Oh clearly, clearly...Hic! go on, shay shome you want to come in again Mr ABC?

      ABC: Well, I was thinking of matters of sound and light, they both appear to be emissions; without sound there is silence and without great the darkness.

      BDH: Was just thinkin' Mr BS, you keep sniping away at those traitors and opposers like that and you're gonna be on the front row quicker than lightning.

      BS: Thank you, Mr Hales... do you see a link with lightning bolts and thunder claps - the oracular and the orificial, as it were?

      BDH: The only link I shee now is between me and a few noggins of Johnny Red. Hic. I think there ish shomething in that for all of ush.

      All rights reserved.

  6. I am sorry if what happened in Aberdeen in July 1970 touches a raw nerve with some folk. Re-reading my posts on this thread I am unable to identify where I mentioned the events that took place there.
    First of all I can assure BS that I am not trapped in the events that took place all those years ago. Please re-read Galations 5 verse 1.
    Secondly I am well aware my career will pass into oblivion (It probably already has!). The point I was making, which you chose to ignore, was that I was able to pursue a career outside the Exclusive Brethren which I would not have been permitted to continue in had I remained. Why are career opportunities so limited for many intelligent able people in the EB. Where are your teachers, lawyers doctors and public servants? There are young people within the EB capable of pursuing such careers but such opportunities are forbidden. Why?
    Finally BS I find your final sentence unbecoming for a believer in Christ if indeed you are.
    Kizzy If you are interested you will find a full account of the events that took place in Aberdeen in 1970 elsewhere on this website. I can assure you that those events are no longer a topic for conversation in this home. 45 years ago they might have been.

  7. How Aberdeen gets a look in here is beyond me. Must be those pesky Peebs trying to put up an argument for their fatally flawed brand of religion. I personally don't care less about Aberdeen - but more about 1959 when this mob decided to become a sect and to ignore the history and message of Christianity. And to start -might I add- worshiping a man and letting Christ slip into the background. There's you issue right there. Stick that in your pipe Anonymous!

  8. Wriggle if you may, but you see dear friends - Aberdeen was the stumbling block to many who severed their link with the light over forty years ago. It was a test of obedience and faith which caused some to turn away back to Egypt. The word is too hard, who can hear it they said.
    So we conclude that such persons are 'Stuck fast' rather than standing fast in the liberty and way the Lord would have us. What is 'Success in my career' to do with the unsearchable riches? The 'Nom de plume' so beautifully put by Gal, must surely be the Fart of God which blows away the vanity of 'Success' to those who have loved this present age. Demas having loved the present age left Paul. He hankered after the world you see and chose an easier way. Likewise, those who were not prepared for Aberdeen, gave-up the light for the pleasures of this world which is going to be judged.
    So dear friends, what's it to be?

    1. Same again for me, please, and leave the bottle this time.

      Pestilent Peeb

    2. Would there be a link with being 'stuck fast' and the late belubbed Mr Ker's lubrication expertise?


  9. I am a little concerned about Mr BS and a state of mind that can dream up such peculiar imagery. Is this normal within the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) these days? I haven't heard ribald comments from even the most militant of atheists.

    I was interested to note this profanity served to illustrate this benighted commentator's contempt for careers.This begs the question why the Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) proudly dredged up every possible career they could discover, among past members, to publish in one of their misleading publications to prove how "normal" they were.

    Ironically, it is doubtful whether any of those so recorded would be a member of the present day Hales Exclusives, if they were still alive; secondly, all the boasted careers and work achievements would be denied the current crop of Brethren who are more preoccupied with business schemes, selling, making money and tax avoidance; all of which will be as inconsequential as the emphemeral careers to which the profane BS alludes.


  10. Please note: Due to the great lack of interest, this anti-Christian web-site will be closed and consigned to the dust bin of history by the end of this month.
    The devil is a deceiver and his demons are active in these last days, busily writing novels and stories which mislead the poor unwitting and ill-taught souls who read them.

    'How often I would have gathered your children together,
    even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings -
    and ye would not'

    Pesky Peeb Outreach

    1. BDH said there are demons in novels, but this is the first time I have heard of demons actually writing novels. These demon creatures must be more creative than I gave them credit for. Do they write books of ministry too?

  11. GOB: Mr Bruce, does the Sweet Odour filling the Assembly refer to what is spiritual and incorruptible?

    BDH: Oh certainly, without a doubt it all comes back to the fart of God in our midst and then accepting we are are better than all other men. Would you like to add anything here to this fine meeting?

    GOB: Well, would it be right then to all start farting?
    After all, does it not say 'Be ye therefore imitators of God, as beloved children, and walk in love, even as the Christ loved us, and delivered himself up for us, an offering and sacrifice to God as a sweet smelling savour' Does that fit, or am I way off the pathway Mr Bruce?

    BDH: Well of course that would link in a fine way, but then God is looking for a pure assembly isn't he.
    See here - A worldly man might call it 'The Wind of Change Of Our Times' then decide it might be a good title for a wicked novel, but we have all to come to it that God changes not in these changing times. Ahhh, the Devil is so active and increasingly desperate to confuse us all.

    GOB: That's very fine Mr Bruce, the brethren are so very thankful you are here to clarify what the Lord is saying.
    Is it right that ABC has lost his way because he came to the meeting in a Gas Mask?

    BDH: Yes, you see we have those among us who have sadly refused to be adjusted by the current word. The fart of God would allow us to appreciate and accept the fact the Lord has turned a corner again. We must follow like sheep you see, no matter how daft it gets. It's such fine ministry. Do you 100% agree with what I'm saying here?

    GOB: Oh yes of course. Well, thank you so much for such a rebuke today Mr Bruce. The dear brethren can see everything so clearly now even though a stinking yellow mist has formed over the front row. A sweet savour in our midst do you think?

    BDH: Ahh, so glad we are getting help here. See the Devil wants us to think for ourselves and use common sense, but that's clearly not right. Shall we close now or would anyone else like to contribute something fine and nonsensical?

    GOB: No we are much humbled further and ready for the fart of God in our midst Mr Bruce. Who do you think should preach after the break?

    BDH: Well I think that should wait until we've had a few tumblers of whiskey each. Effective preaching requires one to be totally legless. The foolishness of the preaching and all that.

    All rights reserved.

    1. Thank you, Your Eminence. The cash has been tucked behind the toilet on your private jet.Is there a link here, would you say?

      IBL (I.B.Legless)

  12. Closed or unclosed this website is not anti-Christian - it is of course very definitely anti-Peeb; which is a significant distinction. Say hello from me to the devil and his demons when you meet them.


  13. Sad to say most of the information on this blog is all too true. The Exclusive Brethren are still not living up to the commitments they gave to the Charity Commission, they are still holding people in bondage through the means of finance, fear and families.
    The scripture you quote are words spoken by the Lord Jesus himself whose ministry and values are rarely demonstrated in the ministry of your leader. His line seems to be control, subjugation, authority etc (his of course).
    Personally I prefer the words and ministry of Jesus. "Come unto me all ye who labour and are burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me ;for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest to your souls; for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11 verses 28-30.

  14. A PeeB saying used to be "Another way, to another Man, in another world"

    I've been thinking for the EB, it's "a way of finance, to their leader, in a materialistic world." Also, with a large helping of Apartheid"


  15. I can only assume that the old fella is going to make use of the "telephone to glory" that he is standing in front of.

    Bruce H.