Saturday, 5 September 2015

What are the PBCC doing for Syrian refugees?

Will they or won't they in accordance with Holy Scripture assist folk in trouble?


  1. I don't think Tesco's and other supermarkets will donate enough sausages for that. Please remember that RRT Rapid Relief Team is charity on the cheap, much of the time they don't even buy the food they provide. And they still ask for donations on their website!

    They'll stick at spraying coloured dyes on runners and cyclists no more than 15 miles away from home and feeding fire fighters who are often seen dying of starvation on the job.

    The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church and the Rapid Relief Team, who appear to be one and the same, are giving real charity a bad name.

  2. The Exclusive Brethren cult, re-branded Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in an attempt to dupe the authorities and public, have no notion or understanding of charity; quite simply they could not care less about anyone who is not a member of their cult. It is said that charity begins at home, yet the PBCC abandon family members and others who leave the cult; some wishing to discover Christianity, or the possibility of leading a moral life outside of this amoral group.

    The so called Rapid Relief Team, an initiative stolen from the Billy Graham organisation (The Rapid Response Team) is designed to maintain public funding and to operate for maximum publicity at minimum effort, unlike the Billy Graham organisation and others who work where humanitarian aid is really needed. Furthermore, the so called Rapid Relief Team allows young PBCC members a little bit of freedom, under controlled conditions, thereby helping to keep the lid on the pressure cooker of disenchantment with lack of education, career opportunities and other freedoms.

    "The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church - cynicism at the heart of everything we do."