Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Mr. Bruce says.......


  1. For a man with his amazing intellect ( in his own opinion) this is a crass comment and demonstrates the limitations of his knowledge.
    Every year thousands of young people go on camps organised by real Christian churches. Besides enjoying physical activity they have the companionship of their peers and the spiritual influence and bible teaching from leaders. Many Christians can look back to attending a Christian camp as a turning point in their spiritual journey.
    However I suppose it is difficult for a closed sect to appreciate that young people can enjoy camping and the spiritual benefits that can be gained during such a time.

  2. Mr Bruce also tells the flock that everything he tells the brethren comes straight from heaven. He also tells the flock that they should prepare to make a quick decision, they will all be called upon soon to make the right choice. He may be, just may be, preparing them for an exit from the UK. It is certainly true that the EB have found it difficult to convince the CC that they are legitimately charitable. This difficulty may be a problem that is simply to much for them. It may make financial sense to place all EB profitable businesses under the UBT banner (make migration less problematic) and then export them down under. They pulled out of South Africa by using business gymnastics, they could do it again.

  3. Oooh Mister Bwooooce! All those televisions that your flock have are dangerous and unnecessary too - I mean they could go from watching you - Big Brother - to their hidden telly at home to watch Big Brother.

    They have banned this because of the death of the young man in NSW Australia. Because Scouting is evil - Brethren children have no bush-craft to call upon and so - do silly things. It's not the camping that is dangerous Mister Bruce- its the fact that you closet your young so that they can't do anything -NORMAL. Hence when they do arrive in the bush for some R&R - they don't know what to do.

  4. Genesis 24:67 'And Isaac led her into his mother Sarah's tent; and he took Rebecca, and she became his wife, and he loved her'

    You be careful now Isaac. Camping is unnecessary and dangerous.

    Remind me what the Apostle Paul's vocation was?

    Now, now Paul. You'll never make any money at that game. Far too dangerous.

    Did Paul's tents come with a chemical toilet facility?

  5. After further deep study of the ministry I have come to the conclusion that BDH's concern does not relate to camping or tents but rather to the activities the young might indulge in whilst camping.
    Obviously with the role models that young people have within the Exclusive Brethren and lets face it they don't have the opportunity to have role models outside the sect. So what sort of example do older brethren set to the young? What is their chief leisure time occupation? Well from my observation outside supermarkets they frequent it must involve the use of significant quantities of alcoholic beverages. No prizes therefore for guessing how young campers are likely to pass the time. Even BDH must realise that consumption of alcohol lowers self-control ( James Taylor junior demonstrated that perfectly and we know the shenanigans he engaged in with sisters). Might I suggest therefore that BDH is more than a little worried about the activities of young campers. After all many of these young folk are not Christians and may not know or care what the bible says about drunkenness or immorality.
    Obviously BDH cannot condemn the drinking of alcohol since it is an essential and long standing component of EB culture so he has to condemn a pastime which millions across the world enjoy without considering it in any way unnecessary or dangerous.
    Does anyone agree with my reasoning?

  6. Replies
    1. It may be difficult for The Divinely Appointed Minister of The Lord in the Recovery (aka furniture salesman, Bruce Hales) to appreciate the lowering of self-control through alcohol consumption since, apparently, he functions with Divine Governance that does not permit him to being extreme in any way; this includes drinking beyond his capacity for divinely accredited spiritual illumination.

      Regarding the use of alcohol. may I direct you to the list of rebuttals from the PBCC that informs The Divinely Appointed One is not an alcoholic, nor is excessive alcohol a part of Brethren culture; furthermore, to suggest such is insulting in view of the possible exposure that Mr Hales' young followers might have to such a spurious suggestion.

      I do not think camping is quite so dangerous to man or beast as being anywhere in the vicinity when the Brethren are driving at speed from one assignment to another. Unfortunately, the governing angel flying with The Elect Vessel's blacked out Audi (non polluting) does not seem to have influence over those lower down the food chain.

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