Friday, 18 September 2015

Evil Hardliner Hales Hits UK Press

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Defectors may as well commit suicide, says leader of sect 

Bruce Hales’s every utterance is treated as gospel by members of Exclusive Brethren
  • Bruce Hales
    Bruce Hales’s every utterance is treated as gospel by members of Exclusive Brethren

The leader of a hardline Christian sect which runs 34 schools in Britain has suggested that followers considering leaving the group should kill themselves with rat poison or arsenic.

Bruce Hales was meeting members of Exclusive Brethren, also known as Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, when he was asked how to help a man aged 25 who was thinking of leaving. Mr Hales’s word is treated as gospel by the 45,000 members of the church worldwide. A leaked transcript of the meeting in Surrey in June obtained by The Times reveals the Australian saying that “having links with persons under discipline

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  1. Quotation of the week. “I farted so long and loud that my voice recognition software turned it into a page of Brethren ministry.”

  2. When you have the whole White Book, I'm wondering how comments can be deemed to have been 'taken out of context' ? I wonder who the 'spokesman' was this time?

  3. When anything like this happens, the bastards always go to ground and lay low. Nothing updated on RRT website or PBCC website today, Monday. Almost unheard of.

    I guess RRT activities could have been put on ice till this dies down. You don't need people asking embarrassing questions when you're ramming sausages and burgers down their throats, do you?

    Not even any sign of LJO in here.

  4. Nor any sign of those who allege to be former members but still sympathise/support the Exclusive Brethren.
    I find that quite surprising.

  5. They must all be too scared about spending an eternity burning in hell for just looking. Always remember, Mr Brash just wants your cash.

  6. LJO and his brethren are doing a heroic job of keeping quiet and not exposing the disquiet within their fellowship. Some of the Brethren I hear are disappointed at Mr Hales for saying such stupid things, while others are indignant at the press for the way they have obtained his ministry and interpreted his words. “It’s an attack on the Testimony, you see, and that all goes to prove that the Brethren’s testimony is right: otherwise the Devil would not bother to attack it.”

    So don’t worry, LJO. We can guess what you would want to say, even if you can’t say it. Correct me if I am wrong.

  7. If it is an attack on their testimony - then so be it. It needs to be attacked - because it is so patently wrong. There is no get out for Hales on this matter - he is wrong, insensitive and really very ignorant if he thinks such a line of commentary (ministry) is justified or valid. It was a stupid thing to say in the circumstances- why can't they just admit that? A. Because it exposes the man for what he is. An insensitive prick when it comes to anyone Else's family except his.

  8. I note with interest that the original Times newspaper article last week by Alexi and Billy has not been rebutted on the PBCC website.

  9. J. H. Symington occasionally commented on the Brethren suicides that occurred during his reign but he never seemed to consider the possibility that the brutality of his practices might have been a contributory cause. His prime concern every time seemed to be to deflect blame away from the Brethren.

    For details of his comments see

    In Neche on 6 April 1980 he also seemed to express alarm at the cases of suicide, but still blamed them on the Devil. “The measure of his [the enemy’s] success amongst us is frightening. Oh well, then I’ll commit suicide. We’ve had that in the last couple of days.”