Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Real Reason why the Brethren are Setting up New Assemblies.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The PBCC are not about saving souls - but all about extending the tentacles of a business empire. Better make that the Hales business empire. Why you ask? Well in Australia - and I'm sure elsewhere in the world - they have taken up residence (and churches) in new towns and cities -not previously occupied by Brethren. They don't actively encourage people to walk in off the street to be 'saved'. In fact they discourage it. Sure - they street preach but that is a ruse to give the impression that they are a mainstream church. They are not. They are a closed sect. 


To get in the door to all their church services is an impossibility. A physical impossibility. Indeed you cannot even attend one of their so called 'gospel' sessions unless you are interviewed by several people to ensure you are a 'suitable' person. But go there for communion? Get outa here! It's never going to happen. So 'spreading the gospel' is a myth. The reason the Church of England or the Baptists or any other mainstream church don't street preach is that their doors are open at all times. You can enter them any time you like for worship or whatever care and succour they can provide.  


Now they will poo poo this. But I counter their rejection of such 'opposer' comment by asking them - name me one person who has walked in off the street into one of your churches - anywhere in the world - and been 'saved' and has become a full time member of the group. Just one.  The person does not exist. Trust me. I'll go as far as to say that not one soul has been brought into the church from outside- apart from the spouse of a once shut up or withdrawn from member- for over 50 years. 


So why infiltrate a town with no Brethren history today? Simple. To set up the various UBT businesses and expand the empire. You see it everywhere. They arrive - they pepper councils for approvals for meeting halls - buy their houses and then set up their businesses. Councils don't care. They love growth in their towns. Any growth.


Well I met a bloke this week who started talking about the Peebs - and he had no idea that I was one once. I didn't tell him - I just listened to him rave about his dislike for the PBCC. He is suddenly surrounded by them in his street. And he's not happy. Apart from the loss of amenity on Sunday mornings and every night of the week - he is not happy with their attitudes. "They are incredibly rude bastards" he said. They wanted part of the property he has occupied for decades - an easement between them - to be the Peebs new boundary as they 'have kids who like to play".  And they got nasty asking for it. With threats of contacts in high places. 



This bloke happens to be an electrician and has had many dealings with the Brethren in this country town. Guess what he has been busy doing on a number of their homes. Computer connections and TV aerials. Yup - you heard me right. He said -"I know for a fact that they are not allowed to have televisions. So they get me to hide them in roofs or round the back. " He recounted a memo from Bruce Hales himself on usage rules of the internet pasted on walls above their computers too. So he wasn't making it up. He couldn't make up such a thing. 


I'm pretty sure that Hales has given up the fight on this subject. This is not the first time this issue has been raised - I have seen the flickering blue light of a telly myself inside a Peeb home. But apparently -they have them in greater numbers than once previously thought. 


This is what happens when you give people the internet Bruce. The pipeline of filth will be the thing that brings the whole thing down. Not filth - but the opportunity to learn and dream of a world outside of your own closeted empire. Having said that - apart from David Attenborough and the news- there's not much I would have wanted my own mother to see on TV these days. Normal people filter it- but the Brethren cannot - they are not officially allowed. Or according to their leader - able to make that judgment. But they are making some judgments these days that even Bruce has no control over -it would seem.



  1. The brethren may be installing television sets for various purposes, including news and entertainment, but one of the consequences, whether intended or not, is that they will encounter some educational programmes. That gives me grounds for hope. Education has the potential to solve a lot of the problems of Exclusive Brethrenism. Almost any source of accurate, factual, objective information about almost any subject has the potential to erode their carefully constructed system of ignorance, misinformation, propaganda, prejudice, folklore and deception.

  2. Recently I've realised the Peebs have 3 favourite words -

    Separation, Purity, Righteousness

    However they have a twisted view of these words

    Sometimes we are told to separate, sometimes not to
    Peebs ignore the latter

    Righteousness is always about money with the Peebs
    In fact it is simply doing right in all areas and not lawlessness
    What is ignored, 'our righteousness is in Christ'