Tuesday, 4 August 2015

PBCC Charitable Status Under UK Government Spotlight

The PBCC's failure to comply with the Charity Commision directives is clearly under the spotlight;


  1. It may just be my personally unfortunate experience but over the years since the early 1960s I haven't found that people in this group of Exclusive Brethren have usually displayed a spontaneous "How can I help you?" and friendly attitude to non-members. Too often brethren have failed to smile or engage in any significant way with someone outside their own community - eye contact has sometimes been missing and body language and conversation have tended to be dismissive and unwelcoming.

    I've tried to discuss what constitutes good communication with a senior UK 'brother', but I don't have the impression that I've been understood - or perhaps good communication can never be a priority for people who believe they will be "contaminated" (James Taylor Jnr's word) or "defiled" (Bruce D Hales's opinion, quoting his father with approval) by close contact with non-members.

    The Charity Commission of England and Wales is currently monitoring how the various PBCC trusts fulfil their commitment to their guidance documents, and part of this involves finding out how brethren trustees and ordinary members communicate with and assist former members and the wider community.

  2. One has to ask why representatives of the PBCC continue to refuse to disclose addresses and telephone numbers of immediate family for contact. If I or my wife or family were to be taken very ill or, God forbid to die, how are we supposed to let our blood brothers, sisters, mother or father know?

    Maybe they simply don't care?

    Too busy cadging sausages from Tesco's to BBQ on their camping trailers for people who really don't need feeding anyway?

    More interested in spray painting charity runners in pink or yellow than bothering to enquire how close family members are, even though some rely on social benefits themselves to survive.

    I would say that the PBCC's perception of 'public benefit' is a million miles away from the general public's.

  3. The Exclusive Brethren claim to follow The Holy Scriptures

    Edward Leigh stated to Parliament in July 2013 "the Plymouth Brethren, who, frankly, treat life in literal accordance with the Bible"
    This is clearly very misleading. Has he ever put this matter right?

    Is there a list anywhere of Scriptures that the EB do not follow?


  4. It is entirely misleading and untrue. Its a falsehood, a work of the PBCC EB spin machine that is a straight lie.

    The PBCC EB do not follow the Holy Bible (Gods Word), they do not even follow it literally. They follow the words, edicts, whims and fancies of mere men in the flesh, such as James Taylor Senior, James Taylor Junior, Symington, Bruce Hales etc.

    For example,

    The PBCC EB do NOT follow the instructions in Gods Word for –

    - The One Body
    - Accepting other Christians
    - How to treat other Christians
    - Eating with others
    - Warning against false teaching
    - Warning against sectarianism
    - Warning against putting the words of men in the flesh on par with Scripture
    - Baptism
    - The real meaning of salvation (the ‘whosoever’ in John 3,v16)
    - Freedom of individual Christian conscience
    - Searching the scriptures
    - The real meaning of separation
    - The Lords Table
    - Fellowship
    - Freedom and operation of the Holy Spirit
    - Elders, and the qualifications for Elders
    - Warning against ‘disputing over words’
    - Dealing with immorality (JT Junior)
    - Dealing with discipline, error, false teaching
    - Discernment and spiritual intelligence
    - The whole of the biblical Apostle Pauls ministry !
    - Marriage
    - Warning against extra biblical rules, edicts, whims and fancies

    All of these things and many more in the Holy Bible, the PBCC Exclusive Brethren do NOT follow, not even literally.

    To suggest otherwise means there is no understanding of the reality of PBCC EB practices, beliefs and actions and no comparison of those aspects to what the Holy Bible actually instructs and teaches. If a true detailed comparison between PBCC EB and the Holy Bible is made, it becomes glaringly obvious there is a gaping chasm and a massive disconnect between the two.

    If any PBCC EB member would like to discuss this further please contact me