Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Times exposure of The Hales Exclusive Brethren who recently rebranded to The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church



  1. Wish I'd known yesterday. I'd have bought a copy! (Maybe the chippy has it?)

    1. Wow,

      Well done to all who worked hard to get this expose in The Times

      Its all very sordid stuff, especially if persons are not fully aware of what the Exclusive Brethren PBCC are.

      It includes details of –

      - a clear focus on money

      - extremist non biblical sectarianism

      - rules invented by man, not authorised from the Bible

      - shocking unchristian family division

      - focus on squeezing as much tax break money from government as possible, using deceit, misinformation, half truths to achieve it

      - that deceit, misinformation, cover ups, lies, are acceptable for a supposed 'christian' group

      - webs of trusts purely designed to confuse authorities, evade investigation, serving the groups own needs while purporting to be 'charitable' for public benefit' to obtain tax breaks & gift aid

      - collusion from Westminster MP’s inc Peter Bone (Robert Halfon did the same). Halfon's letter to a former PBCC EB member (I have a copy) was appalling

      - harm & detriment

      - despotic extremist leaders with the current MOG sat on multi millions

      and much more

      Overall, the article shows that the supposed ‘Christian’ banner of the PBCC Exclusive Brethren is nothing but a thin veneer, a cover to deceitfully hoodwink authorities and unsuspecting public !

      The PBCC Exclusive Brethren - a dangerous extremist sectarian group, harmful to general society and deeply detrimental to its trapped members

      The Bible says -

      Matthew 10 : 26 Fear them not therefore; for there is nothing covered which shall not be revealed, and secret which shall not be known.

      Luke 8 : 17 For there is nothing hid which shall not become manifest, nor secret which shall not be known and come to light.

  2. I hadn't spotted the two different links at the top of the article. The Times themselves leads to a paywall, but the other to the investigation:


    It's interesting to see the flunky MPs got free leafleting support from the EB PBCC minions. Maybe now they will realise that all is not as it seems on the surface?

  3. Among the topics covered by this series of articles are
    • The money trail, including estimates of the amounts that come from Gift-Aid and the amounts that go to B. D. Hales.
    • Extreme separation.
    • Political campaigning in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Sweden, including illegal cash support.
    • The massive campaign of lobbying and other activities in an attempt to hold on to
    • The politicians who became involved.
    • The Voucher scheme.
    • The behaviour of Jim Taylor in 1970.
    • A history of Brethren.
    • The geographical distribution of Brethren meeting rooms and schools.
    • Various forms of public detriment and harm.
    • The culture of secrecy.
    • Extreme control exerted over members’ lives by Mr Hales.
    • Oppressive and restrictive rules.
    • Hatred of the World.
    • Exploitation of members by UBT.
    • Personal histories of ex-members, including Dario Silcock, Emma Hewitt, Craig Hoyle, Mark Ghinn and Mark Elliott.

    I may provide some illustrative quotations in due course.

    Compared with average journalistic standards, the articles are extremely thorough, accurate and well researched, as far as I can judge from the parts I have direct knowledge of. A great many people have been interviewed and quoted, including members, ex-members, members of Parliament and public officials.

    The material is presented in a factual, objective manner, avoiding emotive, judgmental or pejorative language, and yet it leaves the impression of a self-serving sect marked by oppression, deceit, ignorance, secrecy, cruelty, antisocial attitudes, pretentious claims and greed.

    Despite the huge amount of information disclosed in these articles, I suspect there is a lot more still to come out. This subject could run and run, especially if other journalists catch the whiff of scandal and join in the chase.

    The main on-line article in The Times has attracted many comments by readers, some of whom speak from experience, and all of them so far are hostile. Many think the sect is a disgrace, some describe it as evil, and many think it should not enjoy any kind of tax concessions at all.

  4. Congratulations to The Times (their on line subscription has just increased!) and to all those who worked so hard to make this exposure possible; no mean feat to interest and involve a publication of this size. I particularly like the exposure of the involvement of some MPs and the fact that they had electioneering support from the non voting PBCC. Hypocrisy rules the day, as always, with this cult.

    Well done to Laurie and all concerned!

  5. Does anyone have a copy of the PowerPoint presentation refered to ?

  6. This article should be brought to the attention of major media journalists in every city worldwide where there is a brethren meeting. Can hard copies be purchased?

    1. You can buy a temporary access to The Times Website for £1, and then you could easily print your own hard copy. Any media journalist could do the same.

  7. It's today's paper, Tuesday 17th £1.20

    Every Christian Church should have a copy displayed prominently

    It would be good to leave a copy open at the Page 10 in every newsagents, so the public can be alerted, and all Christians called to expose the EB


  8. What article? I didn't see any article! As peebs we only buy the Daily Telegraph!

    Leo J Octopus

    1. 'As peebs we only buy the Daily Telegraph!'

      Ah! So complete freedom of choice then! Do you all only shop in conglomerates that accept vouchers as well?

      Let's all wear a fascinator and high heels and call ourselves 'sisters'.