Monday, 9 March 2015

Focus Learning Trust have East Anglian free school status application rejected by DfE sect’s proposal for Breckland free school not approved by Government

Newsdesk: 01284 757857 ANL-140206-145723001

Newsdesk: 01284 757857 ANL-140206-145723001


A Christian sect hoping to open a free school in Breckland has not received approval from the Government.

The Focus Learning Trust, managed by traditionalist sect the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, applied to open a primary school near Thetford in the eighth wave of free school applications submitted to the Department for Education.

However, the East Anglian Primary Academy was not one of the six successful applications in the East of England.

Three Norfolk school were among the 49 approved applications - the Wherry School, a special all-through school for 4-18-year-olds with autism, Charles Darwin Primary School, and 11-18 school Trafalgar College.

Responding to the approvals Natalie Evans, director of the New Schools Network, saidd: “In just five years more than 400 free schools have been approved, which is an incredible achievement for the programme. 

“Free schools can only be set up where local parents want them, so it is a testament to the popularity of these new schools that so many have been opened.”Religious sect’s proposal for Breckland free school not approved by Government

Newsdesk: 01284 757857 ANL-140206-145723001

Newsdesk: 01284 757857 ANL-140206-145723001


A Christian sect hoping to open a free school in Breckland has not received approval from the Government.

The Focus Learning Trust, managed by traditionalist sect the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, applied to open a primary school near Thetford in the eighth wave of free school applications submitted to the Department for Education.

However, the East Anglian Primary Academy was not one of the six successful applications in the East of England.

Three Norfolk school were among the 49 approved applications - the Wherry School, a special all-through school for 4-18-year-olds with autism, Charles Darwin Primary School, and 11-18 school Trafalgar College.

Responding to the approvals Natalie Evans, director of the New Schools Network, saidd: “In just five years more than 400 free schools have been approved, which is an incredible achievement for the programme. 

“Free schools can only be set up where local parents want them, so it is a testament to the popularity of these new schools that so many have been opened.”


  1. Yesterday the UK Government announced successful applications for 49 new free schools, but did not say how many applications have been refused, so we don’t know whether the Focus Schools are exceptional, or whether they have plenty of company. I understand the Focus School near Thetford does not yet exist, whereas previous applications made by the Brethren have been for existing schools.

    The Royal School Wolverhampton is the latest of several private schools to scrap fees and take state funding via the free schools programme. Day pupils, whose parents currently pay fees of £13,230, will get a free education from September. Families of children who board will see their fees drop from almost £29,000 a year to a boarding charge of between £10,000 and £14,000 a year, as they too enjoy free tuition.

    School costs must be quite a heavy burden for the UK Brethren, since their schools are small and do not enjoy the economies of scale. Education is expensive, no matter who pays for it, but ignorance is more expensive. To some extent the Brethren suffer both kinds of expense. They provide education in some subjects while preserving ignorance in others. Only one of these shows up in spreadsheets, but both are expensive.

  2. Excellent news,

    This shows that at least some persons in UK Government departments are not being deceived by the deception, spin, sanctimonious platitudes & misinformation tactics used by Exclusive Brethren (PBCC) who apparently now claim to be a “traditionalist church” !

    For your information PBCC EB and your spokesman Rod Buckey a “traditionalist church” is one that follows the words & teachings of Christ as explained by the Christian Holy Bible, which is Gods Word.

    However, the dichotomy is, that you the PBCC Exclusive Brethren do NOT follow Gods Word, which is the Bible, so it is an impossibility for you to be called a “traditionalist church”. Such a claim made by you is in fact a lie.

    Vast amounts of what you teach & practice, under the umbrella heading of “the teachings of the recovery through these great men” and “the only place that has the light” is in fact directly contradictory & opposed to what the Bible teaches !

  3. I've found it strange that the Focus Learning Trust should persist with their application for Free School status, but I'm told that they do so because Bruce D Hales insists that they should.

    Bruce D Hales seems not to be aware that the Academy sponsors, teachers' or parents' groups, charities and established independent schools which have been successful in their applications for Free School status don't advocate or practise social or family separation. The government in England will never fund a school whose sponsors and governors believe that some children, staff and visitors in a school should eat and drink separately from everyone else because of their exclusivist religious affiliation.

    The PBCC/Focus Learning Trust's view about the subordination of girls and women and their refusal to allow university education away from home also make it impossible for them ever to achieve Free School status.

    1. Joan..
      What utter tosh coning from your lips.
      Lots of faiths practice various forms of separation. Futhermore, they are entitled to choice.Now go away and stop being so daft.

    2. Joan is well aware that lots of faiths practise various forms of separation, some of them just as extreme as the Brethren, but none of the faith schools that have been granted government funding practise extreme separation of the Brethren type, or any of the other forms of Brethren extremism. Joan is entirely right in suggesting that the Brethren will have to change radically if they want government funding. The Brethren could benefit greatly, both financially and spiritually, if they paid attention to her advice.

    3. Dear Anonymous11 March 2015 at 18:46 - was it really "tosh" that I wrote above?

      In my long teaching career I taught in non-faith and faith schools in Brighton and London and I never came across a school where, for example, children were expected to separate in any way from peers who didn't share their faith allegiance. On the contrary, as a school governor and a teacher I worked hard with colleagues to promote social cohesion and to instil values of tolerance and courtesy within each school community.

      Readers will decide for themselves whether your opinion that I am "daft" can be justified, but I certainly won't go away.

      It's perhaps difficult for you and PBCC members to grasp that my model of a decent Exclusive Brethren person is the young 'Taylorite' Exclusive Brethren teacher who taught me in a state grammar school between 1955-1957. She didn't separate from her colleagues or pupils. She was good-hearted, intelligent, kind and courteous, and I hold you and all PBCC members to her high professional and personal standards of conduct.

    4. Regarding the comment from "Tosh" at 18.46.

      I wonder if your dismissive and abusive comment has a foundation in your indoctrination that women are subject and should not be heard. Very worrying!

      As it happens, Joan is a primary source of intelligent and informative comment on this blog and has had some enlightened exchanges with at least one of your more enlightened members.

      I suggest you read comments with greater care and come up with some examples and debatable points to illustrate your response.

      Faiths may practise (verb) separation and have freedom of choice but not to the extent that they might wish in publicly funded schools.


    5. Dear Anon 11th March 18:46

      You mention – ‘Lots of faiths practice various forms of separation’

      That is typically for Exclusive Brethren PBCC only a half truth comment. You & the PBCC EB put lots of emphasis on your supposed ‘christian ethos’ schools & Rod Buckey even attempted to claim you were a ‘traditionalist church’ (which is a lie by the way). Therefore you & the PBCC EB will be compared to, & benchmarked against, the standards of other ‘christian ethos’ & ‘traditionalist church’ schools and NOT ‘other faiths’.

      To attempt to bring in ‘other faiths’ into the debate is a blatant confusion tactic to try to muddy the waters, because we are not talking about what ‘other faiths’ do or don’t do. We are talking about a supposed ‘christian ethos’ & ‘traditionalist church’ school which are labels used by the PBCC EB to describe themselves.

      However, No other ‘christian ethos’ or ‘traditionalist church’ school practices “separation” in the nonbiblical manner the Exclusive Brethren PBCC practice it !

      You shout “Christian” in applications for your schools, then when comparisons are made to other Christians & Christian schools, which results in your lies being exposed, you then shout ‘what about other faiths’ !

      The duplicity, falsehoods, misrepresentation, double mindedness, deceit, contradictions, lack of morals and barefaced lies of the PBCC EB are astonishing.

      You mention – ‘Futhermore, they are entitled to choice’

      That is typically for Exclusive Brethren PBCC only a half truth comment. Yes, choice is available, but in relation to claiming tax payers government money to fund schools the availability & exercise of those choices are of course limited !

      In other words, you cant claim tax payers government money to fund schools which promote social exclusion, social and society separation, extremist agendas, family division, inequality, sectarianism, etc.

      The trouble with Exclusive Brethrenism is that the system breeds a sense of arrogance & entitlement. These institutionalised character traits delude members & hierarchy into making funding claims to authorities for tax payers government money. During the course of such applications, if the relevant authorities discovered the real practices, doctrines, harm & detriment of the PBCC EB, those funding claims would be rejected. Hence why, the PBCC EB is engaged in a constant, pr, spin, misinformation, obfuscation, suppression of information & lying campaign to hoodwink authorities to try to obtain tax payer government funding by deception

      What an example of Christianity !, NOT !


  4. There is little point in the PBCC putting in these applications, unless they hope that one might fly under the radar and prepare the way for others. In the Norfolk applications, the successful schools represent a proven record of establishment and success and one is a special school catering for pupils with particular needs. Despite their glossy and misleading websites, the PBCC cannot compete with these professionals.


  5. Talk me through this, Leonardo. Will it help if I bring you a sandwich?


  6. Excellent news that our taxes are not paying for Focus schools as free schools. How did this application fail? Anyone know?

  7. Brethren readers may wonder why Joan is so sure that Brethren schools will not be granted Free School status. You can see some of her reasons if you look at the criteria by which an application for a Free School will be judged, as set out in the document at

    The document mentions several criteria that the Brethren could satisfy only by renouncing or at least disobeying a lot of past ministry.

    It says that if you are proposing a free school with a religious ethos your education plan must set out your high level strategies for ensuring inclusivity. But for more than 50 years the ministry has stressed exclusivity more than anything else.

    The document says you must offer a broad and balanced curriculum which places a suitable emphasis on English, mathematics and science. How will the Brethren square this with the scathing things that successive leaders have said about science?

    If you are proposing a free school with a religious ethos you are expected to provide a brief summary of the likely impact of school policies on pupils not of the faith or of no faith. I suppose your brief summary has to be truthful, and say that pupils not of the faith will feel socially excluded.

    The Government document says, “we will not approve any free school application where we have any concerns about creationism being taught as a valid scientific theory, or about schools failing to teach evolution adequately as part of their science curriculum.” To teach evolution adequately, you really need to explain the overwhelming weight of evidence for evolution in the form of concordant data from many independent sources. Would a Focus school really promise to do this? And if so, would it stick to its promise?

    Free schools with a faith will be rated more highly if you can show that a significant number of parents (or students if 16 to 19) not of the faith/world view have chosen the school as their first choice. I can’t imagine that being true of any Focus school.

    The document says you must set out any skills gaps on your board of trustees and how you intend to fill them. Well, probably few if any of the Focus School trustees has ever worked as a teacher, and they can’t do much to fill that gap, because they can’t have Brethren and non-Brethren trustees in the same Trust.

    Then apart from the official document I am quoting from, there are also the DfE documents that spell out the requirement for all schools actively to promote British values, such as promoting the principle of sexual equality and an understanding and respect for people of other faiths. How can Brethren promote anything of the sort when their ministry for more than 50 years has strenuously promoted exactly the opposite?

  8. Oh dear, Sydney, we seem to have a few problems over here! Any ideas beyond further evasiveness, disingenuousness and obfuscation of which we have some experience?

  9. Anon 13.47.... I really can't think why the PBCC failed yet again to mount a successful application. I believe PBCC spinner, Rod Buckey, once remarked the lack of success was a "puzzle".

    Do you think it might be anything to do with a restricted curriculum, two tier system of pupils, lack of social cohesion, failure to embrace other denominations, failure to embrace other faiths, failure to contribute resources to local communities etc etc? And that is just in primary schools; to this add inadequate sex education, inadequate careers advice and direction, failure to encourage university entrance etc and you just begin to get the picture. Puzzle solved !

  10. Heard that those schools run by the PBCC actually are really nice.

    These are not my words exactly, but rather the teachers. Just ask the teachers who work there, instead of being a bunch of pathetic and shameful losers.

    Thus there is there a distinct possibility, Ian and Joan are no more than old muck spreaders of discontent against these extremely nice people? Tosh is a little too gentle a description for such people who spend every waking hour actively seeking to discredit the PBCC. There is no shadow of doubt, the PBCC make a splendid efforts to uphold moral values and protect their children from the box ticking and worthless PC bullshit in today's UK school education system. Can't blame these people opening their own schools.

    What a lovely couple of miseries you are! Ian, have you ever read the junk you write and Joan dear, how about understanding the year is not 1957.
    Thanking you in advance..

    1. Anonymous of 13 March 2015 at 17:33,

      You say, “Just ask the teachers.”

      That is a wise suggestion, but we have already done as you suggest. While the teachers are generally impressed by the quality of the buildings and facilities and the small class sizes, several of them have indicated that they are very unhappy about serious gaps in the curriculum, the misguided censorship, the form of so-called “Bible studies” provided, the lack of preparation for life in the real world, the ban on attending university, the endemic racism, sexism, homophobia and bullying, and the poor prospects and sad waste of promising talent among the more able students, who could live more productive, virtuous and fulfilling lives if only they were allowed to.

      You say, “There is no shadow of doubt, the PBCC make a splendid efforts to uphold moral values and protect their children from the box ticking and worthless PC bullshit.” But everything I see tells me the opposite, including even the posts that appear here from Brethren supporters. These concerns that teachers have expressed about school policies ARE about moral values. The concerns that the Charity Commission has raised ARE about moral values. Neither lot is satisfied with the moral standards that prevail in the Brethren community. I sometimes point out the falsehood of some elements of Brethren ministry, not merely because they are false, irrational or unscriptural, but mainly because they are immoral as assessed by any respectable criteria.

      I applaud your wish to uphold moral values, but I wish I could see more evidence of success.

    2. Funny that, Anonymous 17:33. Until 12 months ago I lived next door to two ex-Focus Learning Trust school teachers ( husband and wife ) who told me horror stories about children with hangovers, children estranged from their parents, parents of pupils in rehab, school trustees interfering in course work, children asleep in lessons after travelling all night from special meetings etc etc. Does this make me a 'pathetic and shameful loser'?

      Don't shoot the messenger!

      Teaching underage children to drink alcohol to excess is NOT upholding moral values.

      Mr J Walker

    3. Dear Anonymous 13 March at 17.33,

      The best response I can make to your comments:

      "By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control." (The apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Galatians 5:22.)

      And when I consider my experience of an Exclusive Brethren teacher in 1957 :

      "quo semel est imbuta recens, servabit odorem testa diu." (The Latin poet Horace in his Epistles I:2 lines 69-70.)

    4. Very interesting comment from Mr J Walker regarding PBCC schools, I was going to comment along these lines as I read somewhere that this was the state of affairs in such schools, but I was not sure enough of my sources.

      Although it might seem an attractive proposition to some teachers to teach in what are apparently independent "Christian" schools, many must become very disillusioned, some horrified, at the reality; it could also be extremely disruptive to their careers as they could be at loggerheads with the trustees over various issues, especially aspects of the curriculum. I have read of reports where teachers have had to secretly teach a few keen pupils; in science, for example.

      I believe it would be disturbing for children of regular families, Christian, or otherwise, to be exposed to the peculiar "morality" of the PBCC. Under age drinking, hangovers...what next? I would imagine that Monday mornings would be a particularly bad experience in a PBCC school after the unhealthy Sunday regime of meetings and alcohol consumption. Little fresh air or healthy exercise (which doesn't necessarily exclude church).

      Indeed, every day in a PBCC school has a poor start since children often have to travel great distances that would not be allowed in the state sector or regular independent day schools.

      I do not suppose the DfE will ever grant free school status to the present regime of the PBCC; thus, the moral majority who lead healthy and regular lives, will not be tempted to send their children to such establishments.


    5. Anon 13th March 17:33 says – ‘There is no shadow of doubt, the PBCC make a splendid efforts to uphold moral values…..’

      This is the same PBCC Exclusive Brethren that –

      - Teaches alcoholism is acceptable for so called ‘leaders’
      - So called ‘leaders’ are allowed to drink whisky on stage at religious services
      - So called ‘leaders’ can remain in position despite being alcoholics
      - Immoral behaviour is acceptable for so called leaders
      - Leaders can remain in position despite being found in bed with another mans wife
      - Leaders can freely introduce false teaching contrary to the Bible
      - Enforces family division & separation if a members leaves
      - Does not allow attendance at ‘out’ family weddings or funerals
      - Enforces a ‘no eating or drinking’ rule with non members
      - Enforces a no fellowship / worship with any other Christian
      - Appears at ease with lying, deceit, half truths, misleading details & obfuscation
      - Venerates & glories ‘men’ rather than God & the Bible
      - etc

      Anon 13th March 17:33 or any other PBCC EB apologist, do you genuinely truly believe that the above details listed are ‘splendid moral values’ ?

      Anon 13th March 17:33 or any other PBCC EB apologist, does not the above list show that the PBCC EB have spectacularly ‘failed’ to uphold moral values ?

      A Bible following Christian & Christian Church (from whom PBCC EB separate, declaring such to be iniquitous) would regard an organisation practicing those things listed, as being totally immoral with no regard for Christian Biblical standards ! and therefore not part of the Christian faith !


  11. Anon 13 March at 17.33
    The inadequacy of your argument is demonstrated by the fact that you have to resort to personal abuse.
    Both Ian and Joan have put forward reasoned argument supported by quotation from a Government document. How would you describe that document. Do you accept the views expressed in that document. e.g. How do the Exclusive Brethren plan to fill the skills gap on the Boards of Trustees of Focus Schools given the narrow breadth of qualifications now available amongst the EB and the improbability of someone from outside being invited to become a Trustee.
    In my
    That is a very reasonable and perfectly valid question to ask.
    By the way I am old enough recall how the Exclusive Brethren behaved circa 1955-1957. At that time I was around 12 years old and growing up in the Exclusive Brethren. I put my trust in Christ at an Exclusive gospel meeting at that time a decision I have never regretted.
    Sadly a few years later the Exclusives came under the control of a man whose false teaching prohibited the friendship that Joan enjoyed with her EB teacher and indeed prevented young EBs like myself from pursuing a university education that would have enabled us to qualify as teachers or indeed other professions.
    It is self evident that the EB are the poorer today both spiritually and academically because of the wrong direction they took in 1959.

  12. There is government with a very small g, but of course we have a much higher authority to overrule them as need be, through the power of the Assembly on Earth. Essentially an extension of God's Government with a big G.

    The Focus Schools are really being a further extension or representation of that power and authority. Better sit up and pay attention to it. Indeed, a Christian influence which limits the scope of evil in our time. One dreads to think of the conditions about to be unleashed on our nation and elsewhere, once the Lord's work of gathering comes to a close. The UK has been so favoured, yet has turned its back on the core values which stood us in good stead over hundreds of years.

    Some here mock and attempt to paint the PBCC in a bad light, but we can see a
    way being made through for them. I wouldn't put my children in a UK school either.

    The anti Christian stance and hardness is becoming more and more blatant in most schools, hospitals and even the so called welfare state.
    This includes political correctness over truth and substance. So called "Equality and Gender rights have no place and is of no consequence to God's standard.
    Ever considered God's rights?
    Parents thus are given authority by God to decide what is best and the content of what is being taught to (their) children. I especially refer to the moral values many once respected in our land. The role of parents in clearly defined by God. The bible is clear cut about the role of men, women and children in the Bible.
    The shocking decline in UK schools, is a clear sign that our government no longer regards Christianity as a good principle to measure the difference between Right and Wrong. Broken Britain is still breaking up and especially more so since David Cameron betrayed the trust of Christians over what defines marriage. Now we can so clearly just how anti Christian the Equality and gender circus has become.
    However, The Assembly is equipped and has the authority to overrule in order to bring such a circus under control.

    On the contrary, there is nothing "Valid or Reasonable" about those who set themselves up against God and his Government.
    I would encourage such persons here to do a U turn and submit yourselves
    to God. Paul was smashed and he offered no excuses for being on the wrong road.

    Lastly, I think it's quite timely to also point out to Joan that -
    "Fruits of the Spirit" does not exclude the authority of
    submission to God's basic commandments.

    We don't care what you think Joan and even less so when you
    open your mouth and speak wrongly about those you once had respect for.

    Leonardo J Octavianus -
    A Sinner Saved by God's Grace

    1. Mr LJO

      Had you made the same testimonial (as above 14th March 13:06) before the UK Charity Commission, UK Parliamentary Committee, UK Politicians, UK Press & UK religious circles during the intensive PBCC Exclusive Brethren 2012 / 14 lobbying & PR spin campaign fronted by the likes of Garth Christie & Bruce Hazel, the PBCC EB would have been exposed as an extremist, sectarian, irrational, non christian group, harmful & detrimental to society, community and families.

      Instead, you and the PBCC Exclusive Brethren desperately tried to keep your real beliefs (as espoused by your 14th March 13:06 delusions), hidden, in order to deceitfully obtain favour, monetary gain and tax breaks.


    2. Oh dear, LJO. I am very surprised that being in the Assembly has not equipped you with much understanding of Scripture. Galatians 5:22 that Joan quoted makes it perfectly clear that there is only one 'fruit' of the Spirit. The word is in the singular. I do not see "authority of submission to God's basic commandments" listed among the nine facets of the fruit. Please don't add to scripture.

      Another sinner saved by God's Grace.

    3. LJO

      That's very attractive what you have pointed you see Demas coming into it in some way, perhaps?


    4. Leonardo,

      There are a few points I would like to make about your post of 14 March 2015 at 13:06.

      The idea of the PBCC Assembly having a God-given authority to overrule other governments or courts appears in Brethren ministry only twice as far as I know. I think the Brethren realised it was a bit of a gaffe, because on their Web site they have tried to explain it away as not meaning what it seems to mean. But you have now confirmed that to you at least it does mean what it says. You have shown that it is no misunderstanding, but a dangerous delusion.

      A few years ago I said in conversation that it would not surprise me if the Hales fellowship evolved into an overtly criminal organisation. Joan, always tending to see the best in people, said, “Surely not?” but it has happened before to other religious groups. At that time I regarded the Taylor/Symington/Hales group as merely an immoral organisation. Another ex-member not usually given to strong language wrote publicly that it is a wicked, evil organisation. But to evolve from either of these categories into an overtly criminal organisation would need some sort of rationale by which they could justify the transition. You have just provided that rationale, and it is worrying.

      There is a remarkable mirror-like quality about your view of the non-Brethren world. You depict it as having low moral standards and getting worse, on a path that can only lead to its own destruction. But that is exactly how the non-Brethren world views the Taylor/Symington/Hales fellowship, or at least that part of the non-Brethren world that knows or cares much about it. I know that leaders in the Hales fellowship often condemn some kinds of immorality, including kinds that don’t actually do much harm, but it teaches and practises other deeds that are seriously harmful and incompatible with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

      If you want a list of specific examples, read the documents from the Charity Commission about the Preston Down case. Or read some of the much longer lists that people have posted on this blog. Consider too the current concerns in UK Government circles about sectarianism, antisocial values and other facets of religious extremism, particularly in schools. If you are a school trustee, it makes your extreme views even more dangerous.

      Your extreme views are a danger to the welfare of your own people, not only in a spiritual sense, but also financially, because they rule out any chance of free school status, and they could put at risk the charitable status of any trust you are a member of.

  13. Leonardo J Octavianous

    If I read you correctly, it appears that you are suggesting that Focus Schools are part of the training in PBCC lawlessness such as might be the case in other political or religious organisations, for example, and indoctrination of the young. That is a very disturbing thought and I would ask you to reconsider your remarks very carefully.

    Of course parents have a right to be involved in what is taught to their children, nobody is suggesting that they should not. That is why we have democracy, PTAs , School Governors and so on. However, you cannot expect parents to have an exclusive right and also expect the Government, through the taxpayer, to finance their chosen schools.

    Criminal organisations and individuals consider that they have the right to overrule the law. Would you think that such a contentious spirit can be selectively applied? It is very difficult once you have embraced the spirit of lawlessness to know where to draw the line; this is why political or religious groups may start out with a mission and end up as terrorists committing appalling acts.

    You conclude by saying that "we don't care what you think, Joan....." Who do you represent? If the PBCC "Assembly", please remember you used to say that you were a not a member. If you have been untruthful, then that is an example of a contentious spirit and lawlessness. Lies are easily come by if they support your "mission". Joan once had respect for the former EB because there might have had something to respect, even if you did not agree with them. Unfortunately, the EB (PBCC) have spiritually and morally declined since those days. Are they a part of "broken Britain" too?

    Although your sentiments are unpalatable and born in darkness, it is good that you comment here so that the DfE and other authorities know that vigilance must be exercised to make sure that your insurrection is confined and does not breed further ill.


  14. LJO is 'A Sinner Saved'. Do us all a favour LJO and just use the acronym!

  15. Oh Leo,

    The mishmash of thoughts and ideas that come tumbling through your keyboard! Some of what you say resonates well in Christian ears, but then it's obliterated by the lifestyle of those who claim to promote such higher values.

    If we assume that God in His mysterious ways had chosen the EB PBCC as His special representatives on earth. What do you think He would now be thinking about the lack of Biblical knowledge, the dishonesty, the abuse of alcohol, the love of money, treating women as second class citizens and so on?

    But, thankfully the EB PBCC are no more His special representatives than the Moonies, or the Mormons, or the Jehovah's Witnesses are. All these believe they have some special revelation, but none of them can evidence it either.

    Sadly, you have allowed yourselves to move away from the clear truths of the Bible and rather follow the doctrines of man. This legalism will not bring you salvation.

    Romans 3
    19 Now we know that whatever the law says, it says to those who are under the law, so that every mouth may be silenced and the whole world held accountable to God.
    20 Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin.
    21 But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify.
    22 This righteousness is given through faith in[h] Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile,
    23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
    24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.
    25 God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of his blood-to be received by faith. He did this to demonstrate his righteousness, because in his forbearance he had left the sins committed beforehand unpunished-
    26 he did it to demonstrate his righteousness at the present time, so as to be just and the one who justifies those who have faith in Jesus.

  16. LJO
    It is wrong to generalise about UK schools. Our grandchildren attend a school with a Christian Headmaster that I had the privilege of listening too at prize giving. The school has also several Christian teachers whose influence is evident. Of course our grandchildren also benefit from attending Sunday school where they are taught the scriptures and Christian values, something that EB children are denied. Sadly we have evidence on film that some EB young people use foul language. Such language would not be tolerated in the school I have referred to. Where did the EB young folk learn such language? If they are being preserved from the world by attending Focus schools then I suggest they are not doing a very good job!!
    Gal 5.1

  17. I agree with Mr LJO that parents have the right to choose their children's education.

    Unfortunately, that right doesn't extend the parents within the PBCC who have to send their children to a Focus school.

  18. Anonymous says "There is no shadow of doubt, the PBCC make a splendid efforts to uphold moral values and protect their children from the box ticking and worthless PC bullshit in today's UK school education system". Unfortunately Anonymous is shielded from the truth. There is no shadow of doubt, the PBCC make a splendid effort to hide abuse of their children, and having their own schools gives the poor kids less avenues to tell their teacher about what has befallen them - at least in my day (at school 50 years ago) we had someone to tell when the priests (i.e. those favoured by the leader, currently Bruce David Hales) were abusing us.

  19. I still don't understand why you all take so much time replying to LJO. I don't believe such a tosser could exist in real life and still believe his is the work of a spoofer.