Tuesday, 10 February 2015

UBT (EU) Ltd (with sole shareholder The Grace Trading Group Ltd)


UBT EU Ltd (The UK arm of Universal Biscuit Tin) produced;
In the financial year ended 30 June 2014 a turnover of £71,371,754.
The gross profit was £25,466,705.
The net profit pre-tax was £13,621,482
The net profit post-tax was £13,621,482
The retained profits were £00,000,000
The amount of tax paid was £00,000,000
In the financial year ended 30 June 2013 the turnover was £57,784,582
The gross profit was £25,141,109
The net profit pre-tax was £15,413,536
The net profit post-tax was £15,413,536
The retained profits were £00,000,000
The amount of tax paid was £00,000,000
23.5% higher turnover, similar profits.  Maybe that’s what BDH has got annoyed?


  1. Just a thought,

    UBT owned by PBCC EB
    Grace Trust owned by PBCC EB
    Schools owned by PBCC EB Trusts
    Many Businesses owned by PBCC EB members
    All managed by UBT

    Do UBT and various other PBCC EB owned businesses ‘donate’ money to Grace Trust, (as in told by UBT to give a % of their profits to Grace Trust) and in the process disingenuously claim these ‘donations’ as ‘charitable’, so claiming tax relief or gift aid on the back of them, further adding to Grace Trust account coffers

    Then when Grace Trust ‘donates’ (as in instructed by UBT to give a % of its income) to PBCC EB owned interests inside the group, such as schools etc, in that process then also disingenuously claims its ‘donations’ as ‘charitable’, so claiming tax relief or gift aid on the back of that also, which further adds to the money swilling around PBCC EB

    The whole process creaming income from the government

    Or have I got it wrong

    Or are the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Exclusive Brethren spin master generals propagandists going to denounce me as a ‘contentious turd’ as one of them said to a commentator recently

  2. Yes, that is it exactly, almost everything is kept " in house", it takes recycling to new levels. Just another thought, whilst depriving the government of money for hospitals, infrastructure, and the like, are irresponsibly large PB Commercial Church families obtaining money from the government by way of child allowances, working credits, and other benefits, or is that all kept "in house" too? Perhaps "former members" could put the record straight.

  3. I think the businesses buy services from The Universal Biscuit Tin - IT, IT training, internet provision, websites, software licences, mobile phones, mobile airtime, landlines, Supermarket vouchers etc. This is one revenue stream. Any donations from businesses to any charity obviate the business having to pay corporation tax on that portion of profit. Then UBT gives all it profits away, and pays no corporation tax.

  4. Maybe the addition of Gift Aid at 25% is the way some PBCC businesses apparently survive selling goods at under cost price?

    The other thing that strikes me is the almost continual changing of business names, directors, liquidations, strikings off etc. I mean McDonalds and Marks & Spencer don't keep changing their names, do they? A good name is essential for most kosher businesses.

    Do they liquidate before the auditor's services are required?

    Duedil is a very good resource for keeping tabs on the shenanigans and it's free.

  5. To be fair, the businesses cannot claim Gift Aid on the donations. They balance it against Corporation Tax, so they pay less tax than other businesses, but the money is still gone - usually to an EB/PBCC charity.


    But I agree it is worrying the way the PBCC/EB Member owned businesses frequently change their company status. Simple partnerships, LLPs owned by members, LLPs owned by Ltd companies which in turn are owned by the members, Ltds owned by members, and then the roller coaster ride of changing from one to the other, and then to another.

    1. ' They balance it against Corporation Tax, so they pay less tax than other businesses, but the money is still gone - usually to an EB/PBCC charity'.

      Correct, and therein lies the scam. PBCC get money that would normally be the general public's (HMRC's) then round and round it goes. The labyrinth of businesses, trust funds, trusts and charities, which in themselves keep changing names, directors and trustees surely have to be set up to make this system as confusing and difficult to follow as possible?

      This whole thing could only be achieved by a dictatorship which enforces it's devotees to follow every order. The 'directors' have no share holders to answer to, nor apparently do they make any major business decisions.

      When the wheels come of this ( a useful analogy, as it's a scare tactic they allegedly use) the fallout will be disastrous. Without a MOG's direction, they really don't have a clue. Lawyers must be looking at this and rubbing their hands in anticipation!

      BDH has already made his own personal fortune, what does he care?

  6. John Dallow, who set up the Grace Trust as a proper charity albeit for EB, would turn in his grave at the current manipulation of resources.

  7. "BDH has already made his own personal fortune, what does he care?"

    Don't be rediculus. Our brother toils selflessly in his quest to serve God whoo has appointed him. Look at the munny he gives away to the young peeple. And to the skules. He is so full of grace. Praise Dog.

  8. All looks fair and square.
    Only the Brits really get jealous and strange when
    people do well.

  9. Doing well? Off the backs of their followers and at the expense of the despised, unclean and worldly taxpayer. I fear you're in for a rude awakening from your complacent and rather arrogant sleep, Feb 11 @ 23:56.

  10. What is the Grace Trading Group Ltd? It seems a holding company:

    Grace Trading Group Ltd – A non trading company


    Aller Brook Ltd and Scribefort Ltd


    Laurence Edward Buckley
    Timothy John Dallow
    Robert James Freeman
    Charles William Hathorn
    Douglas Norman Smart

    Aller Brook Ltd – A non-trading company

    Shareholders and Directors.
    Andrew James Smith
    Charles William Hathorn
    Douglas Norman Smart
    Gordon Malcolm Stevens
    Jens Brusius
    John Kenneth Anderson
    Laurence Edward Buckley
    Stephen James Boyt
    Timothy John Dallow
    Yves Edmond Chastagnier

    Scribefort Ltd - A non-trading company

    Identical set up to Aller Brook Ltd

  11. 23.56

    Isn't it usually "above board"?

    It maybe just about "legal" but is immoral for a so called "church" to devote so much energy and organisation to the avoidance of taxes when they still expect to use public services and receive government benefits for individuals and, worst of all, tax relief as a quasi religious organisation fronting a private business club, of which, maybe, you are a member?

  12. Will my purchase help the school?

    Choice card - a pre-paid MasterCard via UBT (EU) Ltd


    "Using this card will provide you with the ability to purchase products and services at any of the retailers listed who have a rebate agreement with UBT."

    1. The web address you provided of http://www.choicecard.co/Choicecard is interesting as it has contact detail of ©2014 UBT (EU) Ltd ChoiceCard, PO Box 3753, Chester, CH1 9UH

      Yet when searching for that PO box and postcode it comes up with the following

      Please send postal correspondance to: eccount money, PO BOX 3753, Chester. CH1 9UH. Registered Office: Lakewood, Heronsway, Chester Business Park. Eccount money also has a website http://www.eccount.com/ It appears all of this is part of
      IDT Financial Services Limited, or Tuxedo Money Solutions.

      From Choice Card Website

      5. Who are Tuxedo?
      Tuxedo are one of the leading prepaid card providers in the UK, and have been operating since 2006. Tuxedo run UBT’s ChoiceCard Programme as well as many other programmes for blue chip companies such as the AA, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s.

      At no time do any UBT personnel have any access to individuals’ transaction data.

      UBT know how much money has been spent with each retailer, but not who has spent it.

  13. No wonder BDH has shingles. I wonder if he's plagued with insomnia as well? He has created himself an ethically obscene nightmare. They say lots of people go through life wondering when they'll be exposed as a fraud... what is it like to feel that way about one's worldwide business empire masquerading as a church? Oh I forgot, a self-described Charitable Mainstream church, to boot.

    Sweet dreams BDH, and may the ghosts of all the families you and your predecessors have torn apart haunt your restless slumbers. (I don't say that to be mean; I say it in the hope that it will cause him to rethink the activities of the personality cult he runs. Taxable, educational, familial, and at a stretch, spiritual.)

  14. It is good the PB Commercial Church have all these meetings: one every week day and four on CEO Days, plus the fellies every now and then (apparently, now temporarily withdrawn from) these times provide a quiet time of reflection for business planning, marketing and tax efficiency schemes, plus a bit if business networking, of course.


  15. PB Commercial Church? Oh, I thought it stood for Pseudo Brethren Control Cult!