Friday, 20 February 2015

Traditionalist church applies to open new free school in Thetford


I do hope the Eastern Daily Press know the foibles of the Hales Exclusive Brethren/PBCC;

Previous Norfolk free school applications

The four free school applications for Norfolk currently being considered by the Department for Education are part of the eighth wave of applications since the government launched its flagship policy in 2010.

Previous applications, and their success, or otherwise, are listed below:

Wave one:

Free School Norwich (successful)

Norwich Steiner School

OPEN Youth Trust - ‘Open Highway’

Thetford Free School

Wave two:

Alternative Provision Free Schools Thetford

Breckland Park School

Wave three:

Benjamin’s School

Future Free School

Sir Isaac Newton Free School (successful)

Thetford Alternative Provision Free School (successful)

Wave four:

Benjamin’s School

Eton Hall Specialist Academy

Jane Austen College (successful)

The Compass Free School

The Free School Norwich (High School)

Wave five:

Kett Primary

Wave six:

No Norfolk applications

Wave seven:

No Norfolk applications 

Wave eight (decision to be determined):

Charles Darwin Primary School

East Anglian Primary Academy

The Wherry School

Trafalgar College

The Department for Education is expected to announce soon the fate of 148 applications for free schools - new state-funded schools independent of the local authority.

A Freedom of Information request by the British Humanist Association has revealed the Focus Learning Trust, which is run and controlled by the Plymouth Brethen Christian Church (PBCC), has applied to set up the East Anglian Primary Academy as part of the eighth wave of free schools.

Three other Norfolk free school applications were already in the public domain.

The trust already runs the private Focus School in Swaffham, but all its previous applications to open free schools across England have been rejected.

PBCC spokesman Rod Buckey said it had received an “overwhelmingly positive response”, and added: “It was designed to support the new 5,000 house development in Thetford, there was no fixed site but we were in communication with a number of developers. It is an area of basic need, Thetford already has a dearth of primary school places and this new housing development will only add to the issue.”

He said the school would not teach creationism as science, and would “teach evolution as a scientific theory”.

The Focus Learning Trust is a registered charity, but, in 2012, the Charity Commission rejected an application by Preston Down Trust (PDT), a meeting hall of the church, to be registered as a charity, before changing its mind last year.

Last year’s decision said that originally it was “not satisfied the access to religious services was sufficiently open to the public and thought the religious doctrines and practices of PBCC limited the engagement of PDT with the community beyond the Brethren themselves and had a limited beneficial impact on the wider community”.


  1. I bet this school will help with the dearth of primary school places in Thetford and the extra places that the new housing development will require! Unless of course all the Norfolk and Suffolk peebs are planning to move there. Another reason to avoid Thetford.


    1. The following is an extract from the Jan 2014 Charity Commission report into PBCC Exclusive Brethren. The PBCC Exclusive Brethren operate schools under the guise of ‘Focus Schools’ or ‘Focus Learning Trust’ or ‘Focus Education’

      Should this group who practice the things listed be allowed to operate schools & ‘educate’ children ?


      87. The Commission now had a substantial body of evidence from ex-members of the PBCC and others which highlighted the problems they experienced in particular, on leaving the community and continuing family relationships. The Commission was particularly keen to ensure these issues were addressed by the PBCC.

      89. In summary the allegations received by the Commission and put to the PBCC related to:

      - The nature of the doctrines and practices of the PBCC generally;
      - The imposition and control of strict codes of behaviour pervading all aspects of life restricting freedom of choice through a centralised and authoritative system
      - the nature and impact of the Disciplinary Practices31;
      - Variations in the practice of disciplinary action of an arbitrary nature subject to the judgment of leaders and the assembly;
      - Harsh disciplinary action taken in relation to often minor deviation or transgression;
      - Physical separation of family members during disciplinary processes with family members living separate lives with little or no contact often leading to permanent divisions within families;
      - Detrimental impact on health and well-being of those subject to discipline and their family members; and
      - Lack of support and isolation from friends within the Brethren community.
      - the impact of the doctrines and practices on those who leave PBCC;
      - The exclusory effect on family life and relationships when members leave as a result of a complete severing of ties;
      - Where contact is made this is infrequent, the quality of any contact and relationship is impoverished;
      - Absence of assistance and support to those who leave including vulnerable children and young people;
      - Those who leave are ostracised and consequently treated differently from other members of the public;
      - Loss of social network; social isolation;
      - Impact on finances where persons have been dependant upon the Brethren for employment and mortgage;
      - Loss of inheritance where relatives remain and leave their property to the Brethren which is encouraged;
      - Inability to participate in funeral arrangements and services of Brethren relatives;
      - Threats of legal action against those who speak out against the Brethren; and
      - Fear and anxiety of repercussions for themselves and family members who remain in the Brethren.
      - the impact of the doctrines and practices on children within the PBCC.
      - Limitation on educational activities for children (e.g. limitations on the use of technology and censorship of materials within Brethren schools);
      - Limitation on social interaction with non-Brethren children within and outside of the school environment;
      - Inability to attend university as the lifestyle conflicts with Brethren principles and practices; and
      - Limited career opportunities due to restrictions on education and for girls who are expected to marry and have children.

      End Quote

      Should this group who practice the things listed be allowed to operate schools & ‘educate’ children ?

      (Note - There has been no change in line with the Charity Commission requirements & the practices detailed above are still maintained despite PBCC EB claims to have ‘addressed’ them)

      From a Christian person opposed to PBCC EB

    2. 20:05 Five words will be enough -
      Being Opposed results in being Frustrated

      Mr PBCC EB

    3. Harming people is unrighteous.

      4 words!

    4. Dear Mr PBCC EB

      Do you mean six? You could have said the same, with greater impact, in four (not that I necessarily agree with your sentiments, however).


  2. In the unlikely event of The Department of Education losing focus, as it were, and passing this application, will it lead to friendly sporting fixtures (non contact/single sex, of course) between the flat earthists and creationists of the "Academy" and The Charles Darwin Primary School? My money is on the latter to win, in any event.

  3. I presume the Focus Trust proposes catering for a mixture of Brethren children and non-Brethren children in the East Anglian Primary Academy. There are a number of obvious difficulties that this will raise. Will the two lots be allowed to eat together, socialise together and share ideas in free and open discussion? Will the restricted curriculum be acceptable to non-Brethren parents? How will the Brethren cope with the recently clarified regulations that require all schools actively to promote British values? In particular, how can the Brethren teach their children to respect and understand other faiths when their ministry for more than 50 years has vociferously taught the exact opposite?

    In our attempts to make the Brethren change their ways, it is disappointing that they have hardly been moved at all by argument, scripture, facts, evidence, ethical considerations, law, family bonds or principles. But maybe the Department for Education has something more appealing: money. I would be happy to see the Brethren radically reform their system, even if it were only for money.

  4. Parents thinking of joining the queue to enrol their children in this non existing school may not want to consult On this gushing site, with model children, including the obligatory non caucasian, they will not find any references to segregation of children at meal times, nor will they discover that offers of friendship will be repulsed. They probably won't notice that evolution is a footnote in history and that creationism, although not taught as a "science", is a core belief of the indoctrinated children. If they look at the website they might be tempted to think that an inclusive school is planned, albeit with a Christian foundation, but not so extreme that anyone need be afraid of parting with their cash.

  5. P.S Anyone who does take a look at the website will be amused by the "survey" -something along the lines of "do you agree that literacy and numeracy are good things" emphasis on the "global economy" (starting them young!) - and "global links"...Yes, you've guessed it, video links with PBCC schools In Australia et al.

  6. Amazing. They spend years separating their children in school then when money appears on their horizon they forget that. They will also have to agree with evolution and that creationism is not science.

  7. The school will be inclusive and open to applications from families of the Christian faith, other faiths or no faith. In line with the Admissions code, in the event of the school being oversubscribed, 50% of the places will be offered without reference to the family’s faith.

    As is usual with the slippery PBCC, the devil is in the detail here.......Applying for entrance is all very well but doesn't mean you'll be accepted in. Why the hell would people of 'no faith' send their kids to a 'Christian ethos' school anyway? And what are the chances of this establishment being 'over subscribed'?

    Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors, why can only a few people in authority see through them? Smoke and mirrors is not confusing MP Paul Flynn, let's be thankful for that.

    Let's hope hell freezes over before they get free school status. You want private clubs and schools, then pay for them yourself. Don't have what you can't afford.

    BDH's Senior Advisor

  8. This group of Exclusive Brethren has difficulties in the matter of gender. They have an exclusively male leadership and they believe that women must be subordinate to men.

    Any school funded by the Department for Education at Westminster has to provide parity of opportunity to girls alongside the boy pupils. In Primary schools in England (usually ages 5-11, though sometimes with Nursery provision as well) both girls and boys play football and other sports and they all take part in cookery and needlework lessons where they are offered as part of the curriculum.

    I don't know any Focus Primary School teachers, but some teachers in Brethren Secondary Schools have expressed concern for their girl pupils. The worry has been that sometimes Brethren girls have been anxious because their future is limited to working in their father's or another 'brother's' business and then being married. They are not allowed to consider going away to university and having a career of their own. The current Secretary for Education in the UK is a woman. If this application for Free School status is referred to her she will not accept the PBCC/Focus Learning Trust's approach to the status and education of their girl pupils.

  9. Ah - You are all wrong of course!
    Again we have the classic - "The Word is too Hard, Who can Hear it" situation.

    Supporting and up-holding Christian Traditions such as Family values and Marriage is right and true. The PBCC therefore, in this respect, can be thought of as "Traditionalists" because these principles were widely recognised in our society and churches not so many years ago. There are a few groups and persons, including the PBCC, who still hold fast to what is true and right. Alas, the "Churches" by and large have fallen away from these principles.
    Something JND foresaw by the grace of God. It's so clear why he obeyed and followed Christ and led us away from the world's demise.

    Regarding gender, Men, Women and Children, this would also come under the
    same values and standard which God is still insisting on and maintaining amongst all those who love and obey him. Will you continue to confront God's law and be contentious or will you
    accept the Lord fully in your life?

    Joan, you can't claim Christ, if you reject the place God has set men and women in. That Divine Order has not been made by the PBCC or by anyone else, but is of God. Paul's teachings cannot be thrown out just because you find it hard to accept. You clearly want to water down moral values and follow political correctness to suit the world. Don't think for a moment it is acceptable to REAL Christians or to God. He demands our life and our all to be surrendered to him.
    Being a REAL Christian WILL involve being persecuted and not being popular in the workplace, on the street and in the schools. Many children now come home from school knowing that they have been attacked by an Anti-christian stance in our UK schools. A so called Christian country (UK) who once protected Jews is also now beginning to turn a blind eye to persecution after 70 years of safety.

    Being a Christian demands a whole lot more than sitting in the Vicar's country garden, eating cucumber sandwiches, sipping Earl Grey and exchanging pleasantries. Not much salt, suffering or conviction taking place in such places. Such a thing stinks and makes a mockery of the sufferings of Christ and those who risked their lives to get the bible to us in ages past. It also makes a thorough mockery of all those millions of people, including Christians in The Middle East who are still going through terrible suffering on a daily basis!

    When one just stops for a moment and considers for those who are standing by their faith and trying to protect their families, it would stop the spiteful barbs and contentions from coming out.

    Former member Saved by Grace

    1. To “Former member Saved by Grace”,

      You say, “you can't claim Christ, if you reject the place God has set men and women in.”

      Here are three things to think about.

      1. Do you realise that people professing to be Christians said similar things about black and white races, at least up to the time of J.T. and J.T.Jr.? Just like you, they had no difficulty in finding scriptures that they said supported their view. They probably regarded the principle of racial equality as mere political correctness, just as you appear to regard the principle of sexual equality. If they were wrong, would you not consider the possibility that you could be wrong too?

      2. If you wanted to take on board the principle of sexual equality, you could easily find plenty of scriptures to justify your decision.

      3. Did you know that all the passages in which Paul allegedly tells women to be subject or silent are of disputed authorship, and for good reason? Some of them are full of hapax legomena (i.e. words that are not part of Paul’s vocabulary in any of his undisputed writings) and/or they interrupt the subject he is talking about, so they look as if someone has crudely inserted them after he had written his epistle, and/or they contradict what he writes elsewhere.

      I think very few people would share your view about sitting in a Vicar's country garden, eating cucumber sandwiches, sipping Earl Grey and exchanging pleasantries. You say such a thing stinks.

      How does it compare with sitting in a meeting room sipping whisky and listening to J.T.Jr. bragging about the women he has had, asserting his right to beat them, saying their value depends on whether a man wants them, calling the men boobs, bums and bastards, ridiculing other denominations, claiming that only we are the church, saying how beautiful the brothers were when they kissed each other and rubbed each other, claiming he had the authority to send people to Hell, and getting cheap laughs with lavatorial humour, based on the assumption that excretory functions are amusing. Was that better than what you assume the conversation would be in a vicar’s garden?

    2. Hello 'Saved by Grace'

      Would you be kind enough to explain to me why the PBCC attended the burial of my ex-member father en masse, grabbed the coffin from the undertakers car and chased ex-member family and friends away from the graveside? I thought they weren't interested in people who had turned their back on 'the testimony'.

      Is this the reason PBCC often don't let us know about the death of 'still-in' members, fearing that we would behave in a similar manner?

      The behaviour of members of the PBCC disgusted me, as well as members of the public, who up to that point had no idea of their existence. Any acknowledgement of wrong-doing?

      Not a chance. PBCC will not even discuss it. I've asked Christie. He ignores me. Thankfully my MP is supporting me in my complaints to the Charity Commission.

      Mark R Elliott

    3. “Former member saved by grace”

      Oh that that had made you gracious too, but sadly it has not.

      None-the-less if you understand that you are saved by grace and not by law why do you remind me of Galatians 5: 1-12?

      Christ has set us free in freedom; stand fast therefore, and be not held again in a yoke of bondage. Behold, I, Paul, say to you, that if ye are circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing. And I witness again to every man [who is] circumcised, that he is debtor to do the whole law. Ye are deprived of all profit from the Christ as separated [from him], as many as are justified by law; ye have fallen from grace. For we, by [the] Spirit, on the principle of faith, await the hope of righteousness. For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision has any force, nor uncircumcision; but faith working through love. Ye ran well; who has stopped you that ye should not obey the truth? The persuasibleness [is] not of him that calls you. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. I have confidence as to you in [the] Lord, that ye will have no other mind; and he that is troubling you shall bear the guilt [of it], whosoever he may be. But I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision, why am I yet persecuted? Then the scandal of the cross has been done away. I would that they would even cut themselves off who throw you into confusion. For ye have been called to liberty, brethren; only [do] not [turn] liberty into an opportunity to the flesh, but by love serve one another.

      I mean why do you berate Joan as though law was meaningful? It’s simply not! Whether you agree with Joan, agree with Ian or agree with BDH does not make God love you any more or any less. Your diatribe on Joan’s salvation is ridiculous! “You cannot claim Christ ….” Salvation is by grace alone on the basis of faith towards God and repentance from sin. Not on secondary or tertiary doctrine. Such views do not Biblically affect your salvation. I can understand in a cult that such fears might be used to ensure uniformity by scaring people thus. But this is not what the Bible teaches!

      If you are a parent, do you love your children less when they disagree with you? Is that how the prodigal son’s father behaved? No! Rather he looked out for his son to return to the family and when his did, was he castigated? Was he given a hard time? No he was loved and accepted because Ephesians 2:8-9 For ye are saved by grace, through faith; and this not of yourselves; it is God's gift: not on the principle of works, that no one might boast.

      While not an Anglican, I find your pastiche quite offensive, especially when great men of God like the so called ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ are doing such sterling work in The Middle East. That is not to say any one denomination or group has it all right, or all wrong. Many churches support traditional marriage for example and would not agree with Ian’s ‘Hapax Legomena’ theory as the New Testament has nearly 1700 Greek words only used once which are not ‘crudely inserted’. That does not stop me from accepting Ian as a Brother in Christ though.

      Time to think Former Member.

    4. To the "former" member

      There doesn't seem to be an awful lot of "salt, suffering or conviction" working for your own, or another's PBCC Ltd business, nor going to an exclusive Focus Learning Trust school. Apart from the possibility of too much salt in the sausage rolls, you aren't under too much pressure as you down the drinks on "The Lord's Day" are you??

      It is the REAL Christians in the REAL world who bear witness, not those who scurry away to the safety of locked "churches", detached houses and members only businesses and schools.

      Quite frankly, you talk a lot of tosh (to put it politely)

      Not a former member (despite the indoctrination, cruelty and pressure)

    5. Anon 21 Feb 12:40 - I read your post with incredulity & sadness

      What you say has NO connection to Christian church practice, teaching & operation & NO connection to the Christian faith as taught in the Holy Bible !. What you say has NO connection to the reality of what your sectarian group (the Exclusive Brethren PBCC) practices and teaches !.

      In short, your comments are a figment of your own deluded imagination & are so deceitful I am left with the impression you are unregenerate because no real genuine Christian could have possibly written what you have.

      1st Para
      You speak of ‘family values’ & ‘marriage’ & PBCC ‘upholding Christian traditions’

      Yet it is you the PBCC Exclusive Brethren who ‘Divide’ families !. The hypocrisy & deceit of your comments is shocking. If persons want to leave the group to go to another Christian Church you the PBCC EB cut that person off from family inside the group !. This has left a wreckage of divided families for over 40 years. Husbands & wives split apart, children from parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, etc all divided. Those inside cant even share a meal or a drink with those relatives outside the group, that’s not upholding family values is it ? Why are you lying about these facts ?

      1st Para
      You speak of the ‘churches’ have fallen away from these ‘family values’

      What utter nonsense. The ’churches’ as you call them certainly don’t divide families if a person leaves to go to another Christian Church & they respect the marriage bond

      1st Para
      You speak of JND & him following Christ & leading you away from the ‘world’

      But you don’t follow JND’s example ! JND ate & drank with non members & Christians were welcomed to the Lords Table as biblically taught. You the PBCC EB don’t do either of these things !

      3rd Para
      You mention the UK turning a blind eye to persecution of Jews !

      What utter unsubstantiated tosh !. Show your evidence for such an outrageous comment ?

      4th Para
      You mention about the ‘vicars garden’ etc

      Your imagined portrayal is a figment of your deluded mind. You have NO knowledge of what goes on with a ‘Vicar’ because PBCC EB are not allowed to associate with, or fellowship with any other Christians or any other Churches, because you practice separation from the rest of the Body of Christ !. Your making wild assumptive statements with NO supportive knowledge or evidence, which is typical of how PBCC EB behave.

      4th Para
      You mention ‘Not much salt, suffering or conviction taking place’

      Again, you have NO knowledge. Your comments are a figment of your deluded mind. The local & international missionary work, assistance with medical needs, poor, hungry, spreading the gospel, distributing bibles, working with multi denominational groups, pastoral care, etc all has NO connection to PBCC EB because you practice “Separation from Evil” from it all !

      PBCC EB ‘withdrew from’ China in 1934 when your former leader James Taylor said “there is nothing for us there” and you ‘withdrew from’ India in the 1980’s

      4th Para
      You mention ‘Christians in the Middle East’

      Again, you have NO knowledge. You don’t even accept Christians in the Middle East as your brothers & sisters in Christ !, as PBCC EB practice “Separation from Evil” from any Christians “Not with us” ! PBCC EB would not accept Christians in the Middle East at the Lords Table, you would not worship, fellowship, or have communion with them. You wont even eat or drink with them !!, because you separate from all Christians not part of your group, on the basis of “Separation from Evil” !!

      Anon 21 Feb 12:40
      Claming to be “Former member Saved by Grace”

      You give the impression you are Christian yet you freely act & write in a manner opposite to the Christian faith.

      Whichever way you wriggle & try to deceive, lie or tell half truths, or spread your poisonous misinformation & bible twisting nonsense, you will be exposed.

      From a Christian person opposed to PBCC EB

    6. To the now outed "former" member

      Regarding "salt and suffering", there isn't very much of that on the agenda for the PBCC. Cocooned in detached houses, driving to "church", locking the doors against all others, working as employers, or employees for, PBCC Ltd companies, attending exclusive schools. Where is the REAL Christianity in the REAL world?

      Not a former member saved by courage, conviction and a motorbike.

    7. I feel you are wasting your breath Anon 21 Feb 12:40, or at the least, merely exercising your fingers. While furniture salesman guru (and part-time Man of God) Bruce D Hales is alive and breathing, your words are but gobbledegook to one of his disciples.

  10. PBCC Ltd Focus Learning Trust schools already have financial public support through their charitable status. Anyone who is concerned about applications to receive further financial support, through direct government (tax payer) funding, might consider expressing their concerns to:
    Lord Nash
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
    Department for Education
    Sanctuary Building
    20 Great Smith Street
    London SW1P 3BT

    Reference might be made to the current application in favour of the East Anglian Primary Academy, and also to the possibility of increased applications from PBCC Focus Learning Trust schools.

  11. Dear former member Saved by Grace.

    Was interested to hear your point of view.

    Former member Fucked by Bruce.

  12. Dear "former" member

    Your intervention has been very timely and should help focus (no pun intended) the need to be vigilant concerning PBCC Ltd applications related to tax payers' funding for "schools". You have adequately put across their point of view. Thank you!

    I don't know anybody who sits on vicarage lawns eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking Earl Grey (no sugar in mine, please) Do you remember this image from an Enid Blyton book from when you were little, do you think? My local vicar is far too busy for such pleasantries. You say it stinks.....I don't think this can be true, the fresh air in the garden would be most pleasant; far better than the stale whisky stink people I knew suffered at PBCC three day meetings some years ago. It was said, at the time, that if someone had lit a match (one of the secret smokers) the whole place would have exploded in a rapture of fire. Give me the wholesome scent of vicarage garden flowers, any time! Fortunately, the people of whom I spoke were saved by grace, decency and morality from continuing along that pathway of sin.

    You mention the Christians in the Middle a matter of interest are the PBCC doing anything to help, or perhaps you are involved? It is possible that a meeting on the vicarage lawn might just be a precursor to helping a missionary in the field, or the sending of practical aid; this would be more constructive than self obsessed meetings, business planning and naval gazing "ministry" washed down with bottles of Johnnie Red, don't you feel?

    By the way, I thought you previously said that an attack on Christians would be judged by God? I am just wondering if your negative comments regarding the clergy and others, might be so construed?

    Not a former member, saved by courage and patience.

  13. A note to 'Former member Saved by Grace' 21 February 2015 at 12:40.

    I'm told by your brethren that you are a trustee of a UK Focus Learning Trust school. If that is so, you have a responsibility to provide the best educational opportunities for all your pupils, whether they are girls or boys. This will be taken into account if you ever apply for Free School status.

    As far as I know, the trustees of Focus schools are all men. Primary and Secondary schools in the state-funded sector in the UK have both women and men on their governing bodies. I've been a parent, a teacher and a school governor and I know from experience that the insight and care of women in these rĂ´les is vital to the well-being of both girl and boy pupils. In the case of the Focus schools, it would be worrying if issues that particularly effect girl students were decided by trustees who were all men.

  14. I was thinking that it would be unfortunate if the extremist "former" PBCC member had the care of the young or vulnerable, but now I am flabbergasted to see that he is probably a trustee of a PBCC Focus Learning Trust School! Furthermore, if this is correct, he has been lying concerning his status ( lying is an abomination, is it not?)

    If such a person is considered to be a fit person to be a trustee, then he must reflect the views and morality of the other trustees, not only in his school but also the views and morality of exclusively male trustees of other PBCC Focus Learning Trust Schools.

    Such little tolerance for equality of opportunity, coupled with an appalling lack of tolerance for Christian churches, can only lead one to assume that recognition of other faith groups might be entirely off the scale. This, coupled with the PBCC dislike of democracy, the rule of law (by way of the justice system) not to mention aspects of racialism and vehement homophobia, would seem to suggest that this organisation should not be wasting DfE time by submitting doomed applications to obtain further public funding over and above that already received, under dubious circumstances, for charitable status.


  15. I have often wondered if the PBCC were really another faith since there is some uncertainty regarding their being Christian.

    1. I would not presume to pronounce on anyone’s eternal destiny, but perhaps it would be fair to say that Taylor/Symington/Hales Brethrenism is in the process of becoming another faith distinct from Christianity. Just as Christianity began as a sect of Judaism and gradually became distinct, and Islam began as a sect of Christianity and gradually became distinct, a similar process has probably occurred many times and is now occurring before our eyes. Hales Brethrenism still clings to some of the terms and rituals of Christianity, but the core of it has been replaced by something completely different, and its leaders have led their flock far away from their Christian roots.

      The Great Commandment is to obey the Universal Leader without question.
      The Great Commission is to go out into all the world and spoil the Egyptians.
      And now abide submission, obedience and separation, and the greatest of these is separation.

  16. My comment was more than tongue in cheek, as was, I believe, yours, Ian. The PBCC still appear to hold to some orthodox Christian beliefs. They are, for example, Trinitarian. But some changes beggar belief. They make them up as they go along, ditching long held sacred cows as suits their needs (especially where it is useful financially to do so) and just as capriciously invent new ideas. I suspect that bringing in Jewish rabbis to their schools on occasion, or even imams or humanists, will present less of a problem than having a Christian minister to speak. So the question is, just what faith do the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church really belong to? Their claims to some doctrines might just about include them as Christians; their practices, including their ease in so rapidly selling out to the highest bidder says otherwise.

    1. I agree it would be easier to bring in a person from another faith as the pupils could be totally distanced from the speaker's beliefs. It could be treated as a history or geography lesson, for example.

  17. The dropping of a head covering for sisters goes right against the very root of traditional Brethrenism. If, as alleged, this was to make sisters less noticeable in airports, it has failed miserably. Without the scarf and sporting tight short skirts, big heels and fascinators, they look like prostitutes, which is rather apt as the current outlook of the PBCC is to do almost anything for financial gain.

  18. Why was it necessary to make sisters less noticeable at airports? I thought the brethren were supposed to be proud of their demeanour and appearance at airports, or anywhere else.

  19. As I understand it, it was because it was embarrassing for sisters to try and reply to reporters who accosted them.

  20. 'As I understand it, it was because it was embarrassing for sisters to try and reply to reporters who accosted them.'

    Ah, I see. I hadn't realised that sisters were being accosted by the press at the shops, in the park and on the beach too.

    With their present look of heels, short skirts and fascinators I imagine they'll be accosted for other reasons, like 'how much for a quickie'?!

  21. One of the two so-called Christian Free Schools in the NE of England recently officially criticised is to close by Easter as its funding is withdrawn. Hopefully we'll hear similar stories elsewhere and the PBCC project will never get of the starting block after consuming cast amounts of their ill-gotten money to no avail.

  22. "Off" and "vast"!

  23. Re the head scarf issue, it was somewhat bizarre that the EB(PBCC) naively adopted an emblem that portrayed subject females on many films depicting cults (along with the long hair). Such adherents often depicted living in communal compounds under the control of perverse, money orientated, male hypocrites. So, I can understand the press becoming interested. This is the problem of fashion within cults, there are only so many ways to make a woman appear subservient.

  24. The PBCC's Focus Learning Trust continues to draw attention to their failure to be granted Free School status in England. You'd have thought by now they'd have worked out that a group which insists on the social separation of its members will never be successful in an application of this kind.

    Why do they bother?

    Why do they want to be known as failures?

    Ah! Got It! They have to obey Bruce D Hales and he wants Free School status.

  25. "Ah! Got It! They have to obey Bruce D Hales and he wants Free School status."

    But he's a furniture salesman in Australia. What does he have to do with free schools in England? Does he make desks for them, maybe?

    1. Selling furniture is not the reason for BDH’s interest in Free Schools (nothing so trivial!) but if the brethren in England were to get government funding for their schools, they would have a lot more spare cash to send to BDH.

  26. To "BDH's Senior Advisor" (21 February)

    You're fired!


  27. More Mark Elliott - still the sad disillusioned character he was when he left the Peebs 30 years ago.....!!

    1. Surely life within the Exclusive Brethren has some bearing on the way those who choose to leave feel. Some who have left are totally disillusioned with anything to do with Christianity and the leaders of the EB cult (past and present) will one day have to answer for.
      A relevant article has been posted (not by me) in the last 24 hours in the Discussion forum of Wikipeebia. I recommend that all onlooking EBs and indeed anyone who has knowledge of that cult read that posting. So anonymous 02.34 please read that posting and see if it rings any bells!!

    2. At least when Mark Elliott posts here, he has the balls to say who he is. Very easy to attempt character assassination anonymously. At least you admit that he left and wasn't booted out. He may yet have the last this space.

      ps. Get your facts straight, I think you'll find that in 1985 Mark Elliott was still in the EB, but getting no support from his wife's family for her very serious condition, one of the reasons he quit.

      One of Mark's friends.