Saturday, 21 February 2015

Preston Down Trust's last minute flurry


  1. And how is this charitable?

  2. Can someone explain?

  3. Announcing this event 24 hours before it happened merely highlights the motions the PBCC are going through in proving 'public benefit'. If it was genuinely for charitable purposes alone , wouldn't they have harangued neighbours, shoppers, worldly businesses for sponsorship? Invited non-PBCC members to join? Does genuine charity have anything to do with faith? Does genuine charity not surpass, creed, colour, nationality, wealth?

    It's simply more evidence of the PBCC's inability to integrate with general society and it's not pleasant, it's as exclusive as the name they tried to distance themselves from a couple of years ago.

    I bet the RRT weren't there dishing out burgers like they do at other people's events. No point in wasting money preaching to the converted, is there?

    The PBCC's latest veil of generosity is so thin, most people can see through it.

    1. "Does genuine charity have anything to do with faith? Does genuine charity not surpass, creed, colour, nationality, wealth?"

      Its possible that faith could sometimes even be a hindrance to compassion

    2. You whining kill joys on this blog would be better off if you did something to contribute to society instead of being a bunch of surly, sad, mean, inward looking and selfish turds!

      Get out there and do something positive for a change.

      Formerly opposed, but now full of hope..

    3. Formerly opposed, but now full of hope..

      Who says we don't? You have magic insight into our lives???

      Charity Trustee and volunteer.

    4. Hello "Formerly opposed, but now full of hope.."

      I don't believe you. We're all full of hope, but how can you not be opposed to what this awful 'church' does day in day out? I think you are a liar.

    5. 'You whining kill joys on this blog would be better off if you did something to contribute to society'

      I am contributing to society. I have complained both to HMRC and the Charity Commission about their shameless grabbing of ordinary tax payer's money. It looks as though it's bearing fruit too, HMRC are well onto them. Good show.

      Mean, inward-looking and selfish sound like very good descriptions of close family members still trapped within the confines of Plymouth Brethrenism.

      They promised to change a year or so ago with the following passage included in the Deed of Variation....'No action should be taken in any way to treat vindictively, maliciously or unfairly persons whether within or outside the community, including those who were within the community and who are leaving or have left the community'

      So far I have witnessed nothing but continuing unfairness, as perfectly articulated by Anonymous 26 February 2015 at 21;08 who calls us all 'turds'. Thanks, Anonymous.

      To any PBCC members thinking about sabotaging my vehicle (again) I will be topping up my tan for the next ten weeks in sunnier climes, but am willing at a moment's notice to return to Blighty should you feel like discussing compensation for a catalogue of harm and detriment suffered at the hands of the PBCC over many years.

      One day they will tumble to the realisation of what a good deal it would be for them.

      In the meantime, go HMRC!

  4. The writer above makes it appear that one must be either opposed or hopeful as if it were not possible to be both.

    I am opposed to the whole EB system, their edicts and their leaders. Hopefully, I will remain so as long as they are unchanged. I am a hopeful person and I hope that things will change. They are certainly being offered lots of help and being given lots of chances to turn their backs on detriment and harm. As time goes back they show less and less inclination to change. My hope is fading for that but I'm ever hopeful that increasing numbers will see the light.

  5. To formally opposed, but now full of hope.....I think you need to wash your mouth with soap! (As granny used to say) Very uncouth!

    Excuse relating the "bleedin' obvious" but it is possible to contribute to society and dash a comment off to Laurie's blog. I think it's called multi tasking. Incidentally, the PBCC are not renowned for their contribution to society since they are not qualified to do any of the "caring" jobs. They are in business, or employees of businessmen (yes...only men).

    You hardly have a mass of negative comments on this page; one asks what it's all about and another is interested in the philosophical concept of charity. However, the point here has been adequately explained by Anon 10.48. It is rather like a group of friends deciding to go for a walk over the weekend and donating some personal money to charity. An excellent activity, but surely not one that you would run around and publicise without the danger of being accused of attention seeking and advertising your "good works" in public.

    There is a tendency by the PBCC for the editorial team and video/photgraphers to go into action as soon as someone pops on a hi-viz, or a red T shirt to chase a fire engine. Let us remind ourselves that these activities would most likely not be happening, but for the possible risk of losing public funding related to charitable status.

    Opposed to hypocrisy and always full of hope.

  6. In the UK at the moment there's a lot of discussion about how exactly people become 'radicalised'. One proposition that's emerging is that it’s akin to being in a cult - that is, some young people become more and more isolated from normal society, cut off from contact with non-compliant family and friends, convinced the authorities are hostile to them and submissive to the narratives of extremist religion.

    The PBCC also isolate themselves. After J N Darby's appalling August 1848 statement about "the infection of the abominable evil" they developed a marked separatist ecclesiology, and until recently they were always known as 'Exclusive Brethren'. Their isolation was further defined in 1960 when James Taylor Jnr told them that if they ate or drank with non-Brethren people “invariably” uncleanness would come over the table.

    Is it because these Brethren are now so divorced from the accepted conventions, social obligations, higher educational opportunities and values of British society, that they've become prey to a nasty narrative and so are free to write of the "stink" of non-PBCC Christians and address non-Brethren people as "turds"?

    It's all very worrying.

  7. The obscenity is the lie. They don't give to charity for 50 years because charities only help 'unclean' people - but when they need to come up with something to make themselves look better in the eyes of a 'world' that doles out money for their schools and so called 'churches' ( by way of subsidising their rates) they try to make out they are a charitable people. They are liars. They are hypocrites. And they only immerse themselves in charitable things that involve no real contact with the 'world' or the scum in it. Which is why you will never ever see them do anything for people which involves real assistance or ongoing help. 'Here's the sandwich - here's the token money - now bugger off' - should be their motto. They rush about pretending to be great benefactors - publicising every cent and action - while they continue to ignore their own treatment of people - some of whom have been driven to suicide and years of life changing sadness. They wreck families - then crow about handing out a few sandwiches. The PBCC makes me sick! But what would you expect from people who lie so easily these days that they can no longer recognise the truth. You cannot deal normally with a religious body that deals in bullshit. Pure and simple.

  8. I think you are way too hard on these nice people.

    Formerly opposed, but now full of sandwich.

  9. I take it that sandwich was 'baloney'?