Thursday, 5 February 2015

Have HMRC finally tumbled the Hales Exclusive Brethren/PBCC?

Blog comment received today;

A letter has been read out in some (all?) UK localities in past days, apparently chastising the EB/PBCC flock for the way they have been administering/financing their schools. I gather the letter comes from the top brass, though copies of it are strictly guarded... so the information in this post is on a 'to the best of my knowledge' basis.

I gather the main driver behind the letter is that HMRC have begun some level of investigation into EB/PBCC charities and schools-funding, and/or fee payments thereof by Brethren.

However it appears BDH is doing his utmost to muddy the waters of his own dodgy leadership, by telling the saints that they have transgressed in not following JSH's ideology about school set-ups, right from the off. Apparently they should have pushed much harder in the UK for government funding for the schools for the past up to 20 years they've been running, rather than going so heavily down the private/independent route. (The fact that Focus Schools haven't had a hope in hell of attaining Free School status appears to be neither here nor there, in the back-pedalling Halesian hindsight calculations of what went wrong.)

From what I gather, UK school trustees and local congregations are mystified as to where they have not complied fully in the past with instructions as handed down by the hierarchy. I talked with someone today who'd had the letter read to her, and she was baffled as to where they'd erred, saying they had all tried so hard to follow the spirit of what JSH had described as his vision for EB schools, right back as far as the mid-90s. They seem to have no idea what they are supposed to do to fix the problem of how to more legally and ethically fund their schools.

There just seems to be much bewilderment and the beginnings of a kind of illogical contrition amongst the flock, a bit like a frightened child who knows they have to be sorry but doesn't quite know for what or how to fix the situation without incurring further wrath. BDH of course is taking no responsibility whatsoever I gather, for any of his or his father's faulty leadership decisions (or in the best-case scenario, failure to ensure the troops were properly informed).

All special meetings, fellowship meeting plans etc are now off limits in the UK for the foreseeable - this appears to be one of BDH's tactics when a locality or nation (or entire lower ranks of the EB/PBCC worldwide) has erred in his eyes. "Being disloyal to Our Brother" is a currently favoured catch-all term I gather. Oddly, BDH hasn't yet worked out that there is a certain sense of relief among some of the congregation, when they don't have to pretend to be all enthusiastic about going to special meetings! His 'punishment' and 'withdrawal of privileges' technique seems to work in the opposite direction intended, for some of the saints lol.

Ethically sound charitable PBCC trusts are probably the one thing that BDH most fears having to implement, as they will get him in the PBCC pocket. I am not sure how much more some of the lower socio-economic families in the EB can afford to give though, for their children's education... What a Halesian mess.


  1. When leadership decisions fail we'll blame the little flock!

  2. Nope - All is splendid and above board.
    They have our vote of confidence

  3. We wait to see the fallout from the HMRC Charity Commission investigations, meanwhile –

    This reminds me of the Al Capone capture in the 1930’s, the law finally caught up and jailed him, not because of all the murder and robbery he and his gang had committed, but because of tax evasion.

    How typical of a leader of a sectarian cult to blame the membership for any failings and being ‘found out’, when it was the leader ‘Bruce Hales’ and his cronies who started the whole UBT and school funding charity wheeze in the first place.

    Not only that, but how cultish for a leader ‘Bruce Hales’ to impose “removal of privileges” on a whole country membership for carrying out the actions that you the leader ‘Bruce Hales’ initiated and demanded the congregations follow

    That behaviour is not ‘Man of God’ like is it, that’s the behaviour of a coward. How silly, pretentious and self important does the self appointed title “Minister of the Lord in the Recovery” appear now ?

    "Being disloyal to Our Brother" - what about being disloyal to Christ and the Word of God in the Bible ?

    Whats more important to follow a mere man in the flesh ‘Bruce Hales’ who has now been proven to be an ungodly coward, or to follow Christ’s Word in the Bible

    Even if the HMRC / Charity Commission investigation comes to nothing, the leader of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Exclusive Brethren ‘Bruce Hales’ has now been proven to be unworthy of his position and an ungodly coward by his actions in blaming the membership. He and his cronies cant be trusted

    On another blog someone made the following comment -

    “As I understand it, government funding was obtained in Australia by Halesian lies and duplicity; the falsification of the credentials of an EB(PBCC) negotiator, for example.”

    Here is the relevant information

    BDH Vol. 125 pages 233-234

    B.D.H….We've been pretty — what's the word? — we've been pretty softly treated in Australia for our schools, haven't we, John?
    D.C.B i..Is it confirmation the Lord is with us? . . .
    B.D.H. . . . See, we've been pretty softly treated. I don't know. What helped us in the schooling matter in Australia, or where we live, whatever you call it, whatever you call the place, was that we went by J.S.H.'s counsel to the letter, to the letter. That right, John?
    J.K.A….Yes, that's true. Your father had a vision.
    B.D.H…Yes, he did.
    J.K.A….And I often wonder whether the government in one sense is, it's a reward for his dedication and vision...
    J.K.A….on behalf of the people of, of the saints.
    B.D.H….Yes. We can't take it for granted, we have to be watchful, we have to be on our guard; we know that, I think. You learn from experience that you can take nothing for granted. But I've never seen doors opened so well as in that early period of the time when we went. We didn't really know what we were doing, specially — l’m not just trying to personalise it, but basically it was John and myself. And Phil McNaughton was there, he's always been a pretty important man. He's always had some sort of a title. Me and John, we didn't have titles too much, but we gave Phil a title. We had cards, we used them when we needed them, and we threw them away after that. But you can always give yourself a title. When you need a card, just make it up, just get it printed off. You can call yourself anything, basically, whatever you need, whatever is required for the interview, just to impress the people that need to be impressed.

    End Quote

    So there we have it, your leader of the PBCC ‘Bruce Hales’ agrees with lying and ‘making it up’ to get what he wants with the authorities.

    Is that Christian ? Is that how a Christian leader should act ?, Is that a Man of God ? Is that “the personification of the Holy Spirit” ?


    1. BDH 'We didn't really know what we were doing'

      No and nothing much has changed in the meantime. There in his words of 'Christian Ministry' he owns his responsibility, but like a true Hales and a true coward when the going gets tough he tries to blame others. His own congregation.

      How low can you go?

    2. Wow, that's damning!

    3. I also used to be an uncouth, disgruntled, vengeful, unhappy, opposed, vindictive and unreasonable turd towards the PBCC,
      but now I have to admit I've been completely wrong and wicked.
      These days, I'm full of love, joy, peace and hope because Jesus has forgiven and released me from the terrible guilt and burden of
      all my sins. I have come to know his wondrous grace afresh.
      My hope is in heavenly things which are for eternity.

      Formally contentious and nasty ex member now enjoying
      complete freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    4. Well, I see that you are still using nasty, uncouth language; so that part hasn't changed. I hope you are also forgiven for this. Did you leave family behind in the PBCC? Or is your status a work of fiction?

    5. Anon 7 Feb 22:36

      It is a common response to those who expose the ugly truth about Exclusive Brethrenism, or even so much as question its unchristian doctrines, to then be labelled by members of Exclusive Brethrenism as - disgruntled, vengeful, unhappy, opposed, vindictive, unreasonable and a troublemaker.

      This endemic trait is common to all extremist sectarian cultish groups. They attempt to (by whatever means is available to them), attack the persons exposing the truth. The Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, LDS all use the same tactics. Its how others begin to realise they are dealing with aberrant extremist sectarianism and not a normal mainstream Christian church which follows the Bible.

      There is however one element of truth about Anon 7 Feb 22:36 post and that is the claim “ex member now enjoying complete freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ” !!

      Hallelujah, Yes I am one of those ex members now enjoying complete freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ, yet rather than that drive me to agree with and support the pbcc eb, it drives me to expose their departure from biblical truth and rebuke their false teachings.

      Once Christians do enjoy complete freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ, you realise the pbcc eb dont have that freedom, that they are in fact chained to a system invented by “men in the flesh” which has no biblical support.

      The whole basis of Exclusive Brethrenism –

      (Division from & separation from the rest of the Church of Christ & a declaration of intent in its doctrines that says all other Christian Churches & the Christians them are wrong, come to us instead because you can only have salvation with us)

      Is a position that is fundamentally biblically wrong & opposed to everything that Christ and the biblical apostle Paul taught


    6. John

      They don't even say,"Come unto us" because they don't want outsiders infiltrating their state financed, private members' social club. After all, for this exclusive gathering, your name has to be entered at birth. If there was a genuine wish to attract others, they would do so coupled with the street preaching. This activity is a feeble attempt to calm a collective guilty conscience and, of course, helps maintain claim for public funding.

  4. Thanks, R., for taking the time to provide the transcript evidence for my comment. Just to reiterate, now we are on a new page, it isn't clear how the UK PBCC were supposed to obtain public funding for their schools over the past 20 years since the availability of such is a fairly recent innovation, being part of the government's free schools initiative.
    Private schools have normally had to survive on their fees and tax breaks.

    The UK government, unlike the Australian,, hasn't been a walk over in this respect and is unlikely to be in the future. Sentiment is now moving away from the dangers of such schools being run by extremist groups, and that would include the PBCC, on present form.

    The UK is not for conning, BDH. I think the UK PBCC would be wise to distance themselves from the antics of the Oz street market trader.

  5. The account given by Trevor is now only one of three concordant accounts from three different Brethren members. That is convincing enough for me. Even the surprising moratorium on fellowship meetings seems well confirmed.

    The fact that the leadership assumes the right to impose such a ban is one of the many indications of how extremely cultish the organisation has become. That is a danger sign. Any cult that can be dictated to about such things without question by a fundamentalist and extremist leader is in danger of being talked into disaster.

    Several of the daft ideas that he has talked them into in the past have been financially harmful (doing without computers, doing without mobile phones, setting up the UK schools with no realistic hope of Government money). Other daft ideas have been morally damaging (extreme sectarianism, extreme separation, spoiling the Egyptians, cruelty towards dissenters, adulation of a drunkard and philanderer) or intellectually damaging (no universities, no independent opinions, restricted reading, restricted internet access, restricted school curriculum, contradiction of scientific knowledge).

    How much more damage can the hierarchy inflict before someone comes to the rescue of the poor souls?

  6. All splendid and above board? Nope....I don't think so.

  7. Some - perhaps many - of the rank and file will appreciate the moratorium on fellowship meetings in the UK. It will give them more free time to perhaps enjoy something of normality. Possibly even have have some family recreation time.

  8. In the real context clearly intended -

    1 "Making it up = To have cards made
    2 "Call yourself anything = A name chosen to present a service / product
    3 "A title = A card heading / Mr / Dr etc
    4 "Impress the people" = Present your abilities / skills etc
    5 "Call yourself anything" = Super Shine Services = A window cleaner

    Ahhhh yes - I wouldn't get too excited just yet Ian dear.
    Better check what's written on yours in case
    you need to throw it away :)


    1. Dot

      Pull the other one !

      Only someone really desperate and twisted could invent such nonsense, but then your ability to wriggle, squirm, twist and deny factual evidenced reality has already been proven on the other blog when you said –

      “There is a bitterness welling-up with some here who are not prepared to move and are STILL stuck at Aberdeen. They can't move on because they have not got the gain of those meetings 45 years ago”

      That quote refers to the meetings that James Taylor Junior took in 1970 at which he demonstrated – Alcoholism, drinking whisky at a so called Christian service and being inebriated with slurred words on stage, using foul, base and course language at a so called Christian service, abusing members of the congregation, toying, mocking and disrespecting the Word of God which is the Bible, found in bed with another mans wife, stroking sisters hair and making them sit on his knee as he fondled them.

      All of which directly contradicts the Bible which is the Word of God and above all else its immoral.

      Yet you support that and think its Christian and attached the Lords name to it !

      James Taylor Junior's actions in 1970 are all evidenced via written ministry, recordings, personal testimony from his relatives, letters, documents, court reports, media reports, published books, testimony from those who were there in 1970. Yet, you are so deeply indoctrinated in unchristian unbiblical immoral sordid rubbish that you continue to deny factual reality

      Do you believe that God can introduce rules, doctrines, behaviours and actions which contradict and oppose His own written Word which is the Bible ! ?


  9. Ahhhh.....Dotty dear, are you in or out of the PBCC at this juncture? Last time you commented you appeared to be spinning (if you get my drift).

  10. Fear not, bitter ones. All is good. All is under control. Leo will explain, and Granny will back him up.

  11. Here is the relevant information, revised by Laurie Marsh!

    BDH Vol. 125 pages 233-234

    B.D.H….I am a rambling buffoon
    D.C.B i..Is it confirmation the Lord is with us? . . .
    B.D.H. . . . I am a rambling buffoon
    J.K.A….Yes, that's true. Your father had a vision.
    B.D.H…I am a rambling buffoon
    J.K.A….And I often wonder whether the government in one sense is, it's a reward for his dedication and vision...
    B.D.H…I am a rambling buffoon
    J.K.A….on behalf of the people of, of the saints.
    B.D.H….I am a rambling buffoon

  12. How long before we hear that Mr Hales never proposed brethren schools and never suggested the PBCC get into a fight with the CC? How long before Mr Christie gets the push for misrepresentation? He'd have a few stories to tell, I guess!

  13. How long before Messrs Christie, Reiner and Hazell take another look at my claim for compensation for a catalogue of harm and detriment suffered at the hand of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church?

    Was palming me off with a pathetic excuse about 'spurning their advances during the 2002 review' an idea from BDH? Or was it UK leaders getting it all wrong?............Again!

    Mark R Elliott

    1. Mark, you are so sad - why don't you go back to selling coffee to EB's again - probably when you made the most money in life!!

  14. I get the impression the PBCC are really good people.
    Just look at the positives they have and try to admit they are worth keeping -

    1 Street preaching all over the country
    2 Giving out free tracts and bibles
    3 Always ready to help people
    4 Honest, humble and sincere
    5 Very welcoming to visitors
    6 Pay taxes in full and on time
    7 Stand for Family values
    8 Love the truth not a lie
    9 Good schools which get results
    10 Hard working and productive
    11 Full of faith and love
    12 Ethical and generous employers
    13 Care well for their elderly
    14 Show goodness and kindness
    15 God fearing and obedient
    16 Happy and positive
    17 Make lovely pies and cakes
    18 Raise money for charity
    19 Fair and balanced
    20 Not proud or hard
    21 Full of Love, hope and joy
    22 Trustworthy beyond doubt
    23 Resourceful, industrious and creative
    24 Good at most things
    25 Willing and available
    26 Pleasant and approachable

    Just a smattering of their wonderful qualities to be considered
    The PBCC make a huge contribution to UK society and the whole world.

    1. Just a quick reality check 7th Feb 22:09

      You mention a mix of personal character traits and corporate actions, yet you cant possibly know those characteristics and corporate actions fit all the members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church because there are 44,000 of them. Its beyond the bounds of sensibility and reasonableness to be certain of the personal character of all 44,000 members, or even most of them.

      For one person to know all (or even most) of the character traits and corporate actions of 44,000 people is frankly ridiculous.

      Your post is a reminder of the spin tastic nonsense propaganda of the pbcc and how divorced from reality, sensibility and reasonableness that it is

    2. And here come the negatives
      1.They renege on promises made to former members
      2. They stop former members seeing their families
      3. They threaten former members personally and professionally with lawyers' letters
      4. They lie to us.
      5. They may make pies and cakes but they don't eat them with us
      6. They may appear and approachable now but go back a few years
      7. They are not authentic - their pleasantness hides a nastiness
      8. They are not trustworthy - see number 1
      9. They are not God fearing for they now believe that they do not sin
      10. They are arrogant - believe they are the only ones with The Truth
      11. They do not stand for family values since they separate families up if one family member leaves
      12. There is no street preaching going on where I live and even if there was - what would happen if someone was interested. Could they just walk into a meeting room for any meeting and stay?NO

      Others will I am sure add to this list


    3. To PBCC spokesperson 22.09.. Nobody is suggesting that the anyone wants to get rid of PBCC members. How on earth would one do that!?

      Your points briefly:

      1. Street preaching to ensure tax relief without any follow up or invitations to a PBCC "church".
      2. Many organisations give out bibles; they are found in hotel rooms.
      3. Ready to help; in what way? Certainly not if you are family and not in the
      4. Some are arrogant.
      5. Visitors not normally welcome; only as an aid to proving public benefit.
      6. Taxes that are left over after as much as possible has been recycled
      within the "church".
      7. Possibly the greatest family wreckers of any so called religious group.
      8. Persistent half truths, misrepresentation and lies in seeking tax relief.
      9. Schools with restricted education, not realising the pupil's potential.
      10. Materialism and love of wealth.
      11. Full of love for themselves, but despise "worldlies".
      12. Let the employees answer.
      13. Elderly care is a given with most civilised folk.
      14. To whom? Certainly not to family who are not members.
      15. Obedient to the whims of "Men of Straw".
      16. ??
      17. Ridiculous!
      18. A tiny amount compared to vast wealth but only to prove public benefit.
      19. Little balance observed in most PBCC commentators on here.
      20. It takes a hard man to take children away from their parents or v.v.
      21. Repetition.
      22. Not according to the misinformation, half truths and spin.
      23. Repetition.
      24. But not health and safety considerations, apparently.
      25. Realistically, members only, unless for publicity.
      26. Have been known to be arrogant to, and dismissive of, "worldlies".

      Just a smattering of the dubious qualities to be considered. There is no evidence for any serious contribution the PBCC make to UK society apart from that engendered in self publicity to obtain public money. The jury is out on the PBCC contribution to the world (with apologies, of course the PBCC do not recognise the rule of law and trial by jury).

    4. Part 1

      Anon 7 Feb 22:09

      Your list ignores & contradicts factual evidence, is that deliberate ?

      Lets go through some of your points in a more rational factual manner

      1 & 2 (Street preaching, tracts etc). This is a hypocritical deception. If persons show interest in becoming Christians then pbcc eb would need to admit they require such persons to separate from family, friends & other Christians, not to eat or drink with them, get rid of tv/radio, agree with JT Jnr, etc, in order to join pbcc eb, something which Biblical Christianity does not teach. If pbcc eb direct persons to other Christian Churches that is also a disingenuous con, because pbcc eb doctrine teaches that all other Christians & churches outside of pbcc are iniquitous, not fit to have Christian fellowship, worship or communion with & salvation is only found in the pbcc eb

      3 & 4 & 5 (Ready to help, honest, humble, sincere, welcoming) This is a massive half truth, assumption & hypocritical deception. The UK Charity Commissions 7th June 2012 letter to pbcc eb raised concern that pbcc eb helped those inside the group, but, were not involved in the wider community & separated themselves from all outside it. This kick started a flurry of supposed Charitable acts not been done before 2012 & a dishonest disingenuous pr propaganda program still ongoing, evidenced on these & other blogs, & even in Parliamentary documents. The pbcc eb meeting rooms are the opposite of welcoming with large sometimes 6ft plus high fences & gates, security cameras, keypad entry, purposefully complicated public access. The pbcc are obsessed with money especially if they can sponge it off the authorities, which is the opposite of humble.

      6 (Pay taxes). We don’t know that yet, there are ongoing investigations by HMRC and pbcc eb appear to excel at tax avoidance through a complex network of trusts

      7 (Stand for Family values) This is a hypocritical deception. If a pbcc eb member exercises their God given and allowed by law, freedom to choose to leave pbcc eb, they are separated from the rest of their family. There are hundreds of persons outside of pbcc eb who have had no meaningful contact with family inside for decades, husbands wives separated, children, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents separated & not even able to eat or drink together, go on holiday together, meet for birthdays, weddings, funerals etc

      9 (Good schools which get results) This is a half truth deception. Pbcc schools do not allow children to go to university, no matter how good their results. Many careers are banned such as doctor, lawyer, police, nurse, solicitor, fireman. Schools have a much restricted social & cultural curriculum. Pupils do not mix with outsiders or eat or drink with them.

      10 (Hard working, productive) This is a half truth deception. In many ways they are hardworking but they seem to have an unhealthy & rather unchristian obsession for amassing wealth. The Christian Bible explains this is not a redeeming feature. Many are productive in supporting & defending a dishonest disingenuous pr propaganda program, especially since 2012.

      11 (Full of faith, love) This is a half truth deception. Full of faith in whom & in what ?. It isn’t Christ & the Holy Bible, because that explains pbcc eb doctrines & practices are wrong & the opposite of what Christ teaches. So it must be faith in ‘these great men’ such as JN Darby, James Taylor, Bruce Hales, because they expound Exclusive Brethrenism, Christ & the Bible does not. Pbcc love is only conditional on being a member of the organisation, once persons leave that love stops as separation kicks in


    5. Part 2

      Anon 7 Feb 22:09

      12 (Ethical, generous employers) This is a half truth & hypocritical deception. Non pbcc employees have to eat & drink separately & there have been cases of unfair dismissal & religious discrimination & unequal pay. There was a Northern Irish case in 2013/14, the court ruled against the pbcc eb business. I have the court documents.

      13 (Care well for their elderly) This is a half truth. Caring well for elderly is not unique to pbcc eb, or did you think it was ?. Maybe most pbcc do care well for the their elderly but then we have cases of elderly being deceitfully removed from care homes & even countries just to keep them away from any non member ‘out’ relatives. Look at the case of Marion Evans family. Why is it care for ‘their’ elderly, what about the elderly who are not members ?

      14 & 15 (Goodness, kindness, god fearing, obedient) This is a half truth & assumption about 44,000 persons. Maybe some are good & kind, taking children away from parents or dividing a family is not good nor kind. Nor is it good or kind to enforce non biblical rules invented on a whim by ‘men’. Nor is it good or kind to deceive members into believing James Taylor Junior was ‘pure’ man, when in fact he was an alcoholic found in bed with another mans wife. As for God fearing, pbcc eb don’t follow Gods Word the Bible instead they are obedient to their leaders ‘these great men’

      16 & 17 (Happy, positive, pies & cakes) This is a half truth. Pbcc eb are full of doom & fearmongering about the world around them, an unhealthy state of mind which has no basis in fact & a fearful of anyone outside the group. Pbcc eb repeatedly denigrate & criticise all other Christians & Christian Churches declaring them to be iniquitous & contaminating. Most of the pies & cakes are bought in (or donated) from outside suppliers, so have nothing to do with pbcc eb at all

      18 (Raise money for charity) This is a half truth & deception. There was no charitable activity prior to 2012. The UK Charity Commission forced the pbcc eb to become more charitable, although its all very superficial

      19 & 20 (Fair, balanced, not proud or hard) This is a hypocritical deception. Readers on these & other blogs will have read the irrational fearmongering of pbcc eb commentators, which is neither fair nor balanced. A quick look at the so called ‘Christian ministry’ produced by pbcc eb shows a proud arrogant group that thinks it is superior to all other Christians (even the rest of the human race) Separating, withdrawing from & cutting persons away from family & friends just because they leave pbcc eb to go to another church is neither fair, balanced, nor Christian but shows a deep sectarian extremist pride & all members must submit to & obey those rules


    6. Part 3

      Anon 7 Feb 22:09

      21 (Love, hope, joy) A half truth. Love is conditional as long as you remain in the pbcc eb, If you leave that love ends & they divide your family, refuse to eat or drink with you, or have fellowship, worship or communion with you & in some cases never speak to you or physically see you again. That’s not love taught by Christ in the Bible. There is no joy or hope in the edicts & whimsical teachings of ‘men’ like James Taylor & Bruce Hales. Maybe some do have those qualities but being a member inside such an extremist sect & having to obey & submit to all the non-biblical sectarian rules of ‘men’ (not Christ), saps the love, hope & joy from persons

      23 (Resourceful, industrious, creative) Pbcc eb are quick to use the resources of lawyers to try to prevent truth being known. In particular since 2012, they have been very resourceful, industrious & creative in establishing a dishonest disingenuous pr propaganda program, full of spin, misinformation, half truths, misdirection & gloss & trying to escape responsibility for (or even acknowledge) the decades of harm & detriment that pbcc eb have caused

      24 & 25 (Good at most things, willing, available), pbcc eb are very good at being separate to all other humans, evading, wriggling & twisting to avoid responsibility for decades of harm & detriment. They are very good at being deceptive (see these blogs & the 2012 -2015 Charity Commission campaign for evidence) . They are not willing or available to eat or drink with any relatives who are not in the group & they are certainly not willing or available to implement the requirements of the Jan 2014 Charity Commission agreement, which the pbcc eb signed

      26 (Pleasant & approachable) This is a deception. Whenever Ive seen pbcc eb on TV they have scurried away from the camera & refused to answer questions, they swore at the camera crew in one TV documentary & when Ive seen them in the street they look glum & sullen even when street false preaching Pbcc eb cant be approachable or pleasant if they refuse to eat or drink with non members as that demonstrates pbcc eb think they are superior & haughty. If pbcc eb refuse to have physical contact with non member relatives how is that pleasant or approachable

      Now back to numbers 8 & 22

      8 & 22 (Trustworthy beyond doubt, love the truth not a lie) these two are such monstrous hypocritical deceptions that I left them till last.

      Take former leader James Taylor Junior & the 1970 matter. JT jnr was an alcoholic from 1959 to 1970, found in bed with another mans wife, introduced masses of non-biblical false teaching, was drunk on stage in a supposed Christian service, was abusive to the congregation, used foul, base & abusive language, mocked & belittled the Word of God & was immoral, YET, pbcc eb (even the lowest member), still maintain the lie that he was a ‘pure’ man and a ‘man of god’.

      Then the lies & deception tactics especially since 2012 in the Charity Commission matter, even to the point of misleading & propagating misinformation & falsehoods to authorities & UK Parliament.

      Then the fact they call themselves Christians but don’t follow what Christ & the Holy Bible teaches but practice doctrines utterly opposed to the Word of God the Bible.

      Then the fact they say they ‘stand for the family’ but then divide, separate & rip apart families if any member leaves

      Then the fact their new website says ‘their will be other Christians in heaven’ yet pbcc eb practice doctrines resulting in refusing to eat or drink, or worship, or fellowship, or even have communion with any other Christians, a position which is utterly opposite to Gods Word in the Bible.

      Then the fact they signed up to the Charity Commission agreement of Jan 2014 but so far completely failed to implement its requirements

      The pbcc eb are a hypocritical deceitful sham, nothing to do with Christianity as taught in the Holy Bible


    7. Anonymous7 February 2015 at 22:09
      what an excellent post,i can now only presume the PBCC are now dishing out drugs? Im in for that and that alone.
      The Verger.

  15. Anonymous 7 February 2015 at 22:09

    Yes it's designed to give an good impression. But you do realise that God judges the heart, not the outward appearance?

    Apart from that mist of its baloney anyway!

    1. I really worry about John because he doesn't know he's being used as bait by former members who remain loyal.
      Give it a rest John before you are hooked good and proper.

    2. So sweet of you to worry about John, he certainly does put in a lot of work to outline the truth. I am actually a bit worried about all these "former" members who remain loyal and yet, apparently, dwell in the darkness.. Are they now between a rock and a hard place? Can't help but wonder why they left in the first place. Do tell us more.

      Hear from you soon!


    3. Do you notice it's when money is mentioned that the PBCC/EB followers start making silly comments. It's as though they can reverse the tide of the legal process regarding tax investigations by their 'The PBCC are lovely' comments. Let me assure you PBCC: "You cannot!"
      There is a higher court in the land and if you have been found to be breaking the law, you will be found out and you will be prosecuted.

      Have a nice day!

    4. Anon 9th Feb 21:27

      There are no such persons as ‘former members who remain loyal’

      That’s a deception cover used by real PBCC Exclusive Brethren members to confuse & muddy the waters in a deluded attempt to give a veneer of legitimacy to PBCC Exclusive Brethren practices & doctrines. You yourself have been hooked good & proper if you believe these so called ‘former members who remain loyal’ are actually genuine !

      Any former member will have experienced the following when leaving –

      - Told they have left Christ, left the light, left the only right place
      - Told they are no longer fit to eat or drink with
      - Told they cant be Christians if they leave
      - Told ‘the assembly’ withdraws from iniquity even if they are Christians
      - Separated from any remaining family who are still ‘in’
      - Separated from any friends still ‘in’
      - Possibly lose job & house as often both are tied to PBCC EB
      - Told that if they go to another Christian Church they are associating with Evil
      - Told they are no longer fit to have fellowship, worship, or communion with
      - Emotional, psychological & coercion tactics to try to prevent you leaving
      - Often have to endure repeated ‘priestly’ visits often unannounced
      - Told you have left your inheritance, left the assembly, left the truth
      - In many cases no physical contact with family members ever again
      - No meaningful contact from ‘in’ family at weddings, birthdays, funerals
      - Possibly experience the ‘divide & conquer’ tactic used by Brethren to pitch husband against wife to try to prevent them leaving

      There is more that could be added to that list, however, the clear point is –

      No sane person in control of all their thinking capabilities, who has even a basic understanding of the Christian Holy Bible, who appreciates there are thousands & millions of genuine Christians outside the walls of PBCC EB, who experiences the PBCC EB leaving process, could ever remain supportive of such a harmful, cultish, detrimental, unchristian, extremist, sectarian group


  16. 22:09

    Your 26 points remind me of Philippians 4 v 8. Well done.

    Most of my experience with most of my brethren most of the time would confirm most of the positive attributes that I assume you have observed with most of them near to yourself.
    All of the positives and all of the people are certainly worth keeping, Since you and I seem to agree about that, can we start at the bottom?
    I assume you are pleasant and approachable and that if you are not, you will work on that straight away. Now that I also assume you are willing and available, good at listening and responding, resourceful industrious and creative, neither proud nor hard but rather fair, balanced, God fearing, obedient, a lover of truth honest humble and sincere, I hope you will consider and respond to the following:
    1. Would it be reasonable to think one could these days insert "Plymouth Brethren Christian Church" among the churches named in the following excerpt from "Churches and the Church" authored by J N Darby without damaging the authors original intent?

    Excerpt: "Most Christians would immediately think of what are called churches in the religious world, perhaps in Christendom at large. They would think of the Presbyterian church, or Congregational and Baptist churches, or else of the church of Rome, or the like"

    2. Why did the brethren used to eschew any sort of corporate church name?

    3. Would a good positive item for your list, say # 27, be "Saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" or do you believe you will have to answer to these great men at the judgment seat?

    1 2 Mini